4 Chapter 4 - Upgrade reward

"Ding!! Kobold was killed, get 5 Experience Points!!!"

"Ding!! Lizard was killed, get 5 Experience Points!!!"

"Ding!! Small Goblin was killed, get 5 Experience Points!!!"

"Ding!! Frog Shooter was killed, get 5 Experience Points!!!"

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All morning, Aston has been killing monsters on the Second Floor.

These monsters include not only Goblins, but also new monsters; however, the Experience Points provided are the same as Goblins.

Until the time reached noon, Aston's experience points were once again full, and he leveled up.

"Ding!! The Experience Bar is full. Host level has been improved. Host level is 3!!!"

"Ding!! Congratulations to the Host for upgrading. Rewarding the Host with Sharingan Pupil Art!!!"

"All aspects of my body have been strengthened again. It seems that, for now, each time I level up, my physical attributes will increase by 0.5 times the base value."

"However, there are rewards not only for the first upgrade, but for every upgrade?" Recalling the System Prompt just now, Aston was stunned for a moment and guessed in his heart.

"Sharingan, an ability of Naruto World!!!" Feeling the warm feeling from his eyes, Aston murmured inwardly.

He couldn't wait to use the Sharingan just obtained according to the familiarity in his heart.

The next moment, Aston's azure eyes rapidly spun. In the rotation, the azure light quickly changed to red, gradually stopped spinning, revealing the new pupil.

Now Aston's eyes had already become Sharingans, but only at the first level, 1 tomoe Sharingan.

In this state, Aston felt an enormous change in the world before him. The entire world seemed to instantly become several times clearer, as if there was a magnifying glass in front of him, magnifying everything. Even the faintest dust in corners more than ten meters away could be seen clearly. 

Aston knows that this is the ability of Sharingan.

Sharingan has very powerful insight, replication, and hypnotic abilities.

However, the single tomoe Sharingan did not have the abilities of replication and hypnotism. Its most intuitive manifestation was its powerful insight.

Just like Aston is experiencing now.

By the way, Aston's appearance inherited from his elven mother is exceptionally handsome. With azure eyes, an exquisitely crafted face, and a golden ponytail cascading down his back, it's not an exaggeration to say it's comparable to the appearance of a god.

Even Aston himself was shocked when he noticed his appearance while growing up. Looking at himself in the mirror, he felt like he was looking at an anime protagonist.

"I wonder if my Sharingan is different from the Sharingan in the Naruto world."

"Do I need a strong mental stimulus to unlock Mangekyo Sharingan? Will I go blind after unlocking Mangekyo Sharingan, and does Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan require an eye transplant?"

"If my Sharingan is not different from the Sharingan in the Naruto world, then half of my Sharingan abilities are useless."

"After all, even if I receive strong mental stimulation and activate the Mangekyou Sharingan, I don't dare to use the ability casually. If it's used too much, my eyes will go blind."

"I don't want to be blind."

"As for the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan, stop making trouble. I don't have any brothers or sisters in this life. Even if I did, my brothers and sisters don't have Sharingan." Muttering in his heart, Aston opened the attribute panel and looked at the changes.


Host: Aston Glycias

Level: 3

Abilities: [Meditation]: Void Furnace, [Magic]: Fire Ring, [Skill]: Instant Kill, [Pupil technique]: Lv. 1 Sharingan [0/100]

Items: [Junior Blacksmith's Forge] Practical Long Sword, Practical Light Armor.

Experience Bar: 0/300


"The three abilities obtained in the first upgrade don't have levels, but the Sharingan obtained in this upgrade has the same bar as the Experience Bar."

"Does this mean that my Sharingan can continue to evolve as long as the experience is full, without the troublesome restrictions like the Sharingan in the Naruto world?"

"If so, how do you get the Experience Points for this upgrade?"

"Is it like me, gaining experience by killing monsters, or do I gain experience for using the Sharingan frequently?" Looking at the attribute panel, Aston silently speculated.

"Try it, and you'll find out." 

Walking back in the direction he came, Aston prepared to return and, on the way back, test his speculations.

There's no choice; after killing nearly dozens of goblins, he has exhausted all the recovery potions he brought, and the weapons given by the guild, obtained from Eina, which every new adventurer can get, are now a bit dull and need sharpening.

Without the recovery potions, excessive physical consumption in the dungeon is troublesome.

Although he can use Fire Ring to fight as the magic power consumption will be quickly replenished under Void Furnace's passive ability.

But his current magic power is still too weak, who knows if there will be any sinister moves in the dungeon.

For the sake of caution, Aston didn't intend to continue wandering in the dungeon unless he had no other choice.

Ryuu Lion told Bell.

"Dungeons are very cunning opponents. Even if there are some insignificant things, when they continue to accumulate, they will turn into an unbearable burden in the end, revealing their hideousness to you."

"Thus, you, who are not on a firm footing, will be easily crushed, much like a sandcastle."

"You won't be able to regroup immediately. When the prey starts to breathe rapidly, gasping in pain, revealing an extremely vulnerable side, the dungeon will seize the opportunity, show its fangs, and deliver a fatal blow while you are exhausted, physically and mentally, engaged in a bitter battle."

Even if he has the passive ability of Void Furnace and can use Fire Ring, and it is only the Second Floor, with a cautious character, Aston still doesn't want to put himself in danger at will.

After all, he can smoothly grow step by step on his own without needing to risk his life like the adventurers in this world.

On the way back, Aston encountered more monsters. 

"Ding!! Lizard was killed, get 5 Experience Points!!!"


After the upgrade, the Experience Points obtained will decrease again.

Killing two waves of monsters in a row, Aston didn't get the notification he wanted.

Just when Aston thought his guess was wrong, a voice sounded, confirming Aston's guess.

"Ding!! Sharingan used continuously, Host gets 5 Sharingan Experience Points!!!"

"I'll get Sharingan Points by using it in battles, not by killing monsters." Picking up the fallen magic stones, Aston didn't hide the smile in his eyes.

"However, why do I feel that using Sharingan doesn't cost me anything?"

"The Uchiha clan needs to consume Chakra to use Sharingan."

"There is no chakra in this world, and there is no chakra in me."

"The only things that can be consumed are stamina and magic power."

"Using Sharingan, my stamina hasn't shown any signs of depletion."

"This way, the consumption should be magic power."

"The reason I can't perceive the depletion of magic power is probably due to the passive ability of Void Furnace." Aston whispered softly as he walked towards the Upper Floor.


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