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Forcefully transmigrated to the world of "Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?" in the body of the protagonist, Bell Cranel, I discovered the 'Type-Moon System,' that lets me acquire items, skills, and magic in exchange for money earned in the Dungeon. Starting off as a low-key adventurer, I began exploring this world. Little did I know, I was inadvertently captivating the hearts of countless beauties around me. Have I done something wrong? It seems not! ........................................................................................................................................................ For more advance chapters or you want to support me: https://patreon.com/heavenlydawn Please Note: I do not own anything in this fanfiction. The copyright belongs to their respective creators. original: https://b . faloo.com/1186871.html

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The Very First Adventure!

Chapter 2 - The Very First Adventure!

As the sun was almost setting, Bell emerged from the forest and stepped onto the roadside.

"I thought I was really going to spend the night in the forest," he sighed.

To be honest, Bell would never have chosen to spend the night in the forest if he had any other choice.

Camping might have been common in his previous life, but it was based on the relative safety of camping locations. That couldn't be compared to this magical world where swords and magic were commonplace.

No one could truly guarantee what kind of monsters were hidden in the forest.

There could be an ant that spits out acid or a lizard that excels at camouflage.

In short, the forest is a place to avoid unless you are strong. If you are unlucky and wander into the territory of some monsters, you may be directly targeted by them.

This made Bell prefer to take some risks on the road.

If the greatest danger in the forest lies in the monsters hiding in the shadows, then the danger here comes from human nature.

After all, some people hide a monster in their hearts.

But Bell was not really afraid of those people. After all, he had nothing of value on him, and if even a robber saw him, they probably wouldn't even bother.

Even including the things stored in the Spacial Pocket, Bell's entire property wouldn't exceed 12,000 valis, of which 10,000 valis were the living expenses left by his grandfather, and the remaining 2,000 valis consisted of some clothes, camping props, cutlery, food, three short knives, and three sharpening stones.

Bell looked around and chose to camp by the roadside.

This is the roadside where people often pass by. Although there is a risk of being seen by passing adventurers, Bell was sure no one would rob him, and even if there were adventurers, they wouldn't attack him either.

And do the adventurers who camp by the roadside have any spare money?

It is obvious that all adventurers understand this truth.

If there is no interest, there is no threat.

In addition, Bell is a fourteen-year-old child who has just come out of the village. He poses no threat, so it is safest to camp by the roadside.

This also provides an opportunity to observe how many people are walking on the road.

After making his decision, Bell looked around and carefully took out a simple tent from the Spacial Pocket.

The tent can only let one person sleep in. It is not very big, but it's still good to go.

Although Bell had stuffed the wooden bed from the house into the Spacial Pocket, it is best not to take it out when camping outside. Especially when there is no transportation, it raises questions about how these things are carried.

He simply used the flint to start a fire, poured the water he had filled earlier into the pot, and took out the prepared meat from the Spacial Pocket while the water was boiling.

"Fortunately, grandfather hunted a bear before he left."

Bell was grateful to the grandfather who concealed his identity.

The flesh from a bear was plentiful, enough to support him for at least a month.

There is no concept of time in the Spacial Pocket, so once things are stored, there is no need to worry about spoilage.

He continued to carefully cut the bear meat into small pieces. After cleaning the knife, he put it back into the Spacial Pocket.

By this time, the water had boiled. He carefully put the meat into the pot.

The meat in the boiling water quickly turned from scarlet to pale white, and the surface of the water formed a layer of impurities.

He took the meat out of the boiling water, poured out the water in the pot, wiped it a little, and put it back into the Spacial Pocket.

Once again, he took out a frying pan and added a very small amount of oil.

Oil, salt, sauce, and vinegar are scarce and expensive, so Bell used them carefully.

He didn't know when he would next be able to replenish these supplies. It might be impossible before reaching Orario. He needed to save as much as he could now.

After the meat was fried, he turned it over and continued until all the meat was fried until brown. Then he sprinkled a little salt on the meat, continued turning it until the salt melted, and then removed the pan from the fire.

By the time Bell was cooking, it had changed from dusk to night. The sky seemed covered by a dark curtain. Without stars, the whole world might have lost its light.

At the junction of the forest and the road, a fire could be seen.

The blue smoke curling up indicated that someone was there.

But everything around was very quiet, and the chirping of mosquitoes could be heard, which was a good sign in the wild.

If you couldn't even hear the sound of mosquitoes, it would be the most dangerous situation.

Bell looked around to ensure everything was all right. He poured himself a glass of water, then took out his fork and started eating his dinner, pan-fried bear meat.

He took a bite.

"This tastes a little different from beef."

As soon as he bit into the meat, Bell noticed the difference in texture from beef. It was more tender and more elastic.

"The taste is too good. It's only seasoned with salt, but it tastes amazingly good."

Bell unconsciously quickened his eating pace.

In a while, the plate was completely empty.


After eating, he drank a glass of water. The cool water brought his satisfaction to a higher level.

"Now, I'm satisfied!"

After eating and drinking, Bell, sitting on the grass, felt much more relaxed.

A whole day of non-stop running had exhausted him physically and mentally. This time to eat and rest was the most precious thing in the world for him.

"Next, I need to speed up my journey and try to reach Orario within a month."

Bell knew his adventure would only truly begin when he entered Orario.

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