Danmachi: I'm Getting Skills In The Dungeon!

Forcefully transmigrated to the world of "Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?" in the body of the protagonist, Bell Cranel, I discovered the 'Type-Moon System,' that lets me acquire items, skills, and magic in exchange for money earned in the Dungeon. Starting off as a low-key adventurer, I began exploring this world. Little did I know, I was inadvertently captivating the hearts of countless beauties around me. Have I done something wrong? It seems not! ........................................................................................................................................................ For more advance chapters or you want to support me: https://patreon.com/heavenlydawn Please Note: I do not own anything in this fanfiction. The copyright belongs to their respective creators. original: https://b . faloo.com/1186871.html

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The One Wearing "The Mystic Code"

Chapter 1 - The One Wearing "The Mystic Code"

[Welcome to the Type-Moon System!]

[We offer our sincerest blessings to you as a new user.]

[As a beginner, we will provide you with initial care: a single free pull with a guaranteed five-star item.]

[Additionally, you will receive special treatment as a beginner, ensuring a minimum of three-star item until your beginner period ends.]

[If you decide to become a player now, you will receive a Spatial Pocket to store your items.]

[You will also gain special time-travel abilities, allowing you to experience the feeling of being the protagonist.]

[How about it? Are you interested in joining?]

The boy sitting in front of the computer was intrigued and pressed the "OK" button.

Immediately, his consciousness paused, and a black hole appeared in front of him, completely engulfing him.

A line of unsettling text appeared on the screen, which still glowed in the dimly lit room, as if it had been waiting for this moment:

[Thanks for joining us!]


[Hello, everyone. My name is Bell Cranel, but people who know me well call me Bell.]

[As you all know, I am a transmigrator. Instead of being hit by a truck, I was forcefully transmigrated by a system and found myself in this world.]

A fourteen-year-old boy named Bell Cranel, with white hair and red eyes, was writing a diary on the second day after transmigrating into this world.

Indeed, serious people don't keep diaries, as they can reveal much personal information. Once they are seen by others, it can be socially embarrassing. But Bell is not a serious person.

He was alone in an unfamiliar magical world that significantly impacted his worldview. To relieve the pressure in his heart, he needed to find a way to vent things he couldn't say out loud.

Keeping a diary was the best solution.

His home had very little furniture: two beds, a table and chairs, and a fireplace. Bell sat by the warm fireplace, the flickering flames casting dancing shadows on the walls.

[The most valuable pull is destined to be five stars. I thought I could pull a heroic spirit, but it was a Mystic Code. Fortunately, it is a five-star Mystic Code that is very useful for my current situation and fully upgraded. Oh, this should be the biggest benefit of the system for me.]

Bell paused his writing and stared into the fire, a deep sigh escaping his lips. The glow of the flames reflected in his red eyes, revealing a mix of determination and sorrow.

["Combat Judgement": As long as I gain battle experience, I can become strong.]

[As long as I have this five-star Mystic Code, I can grow quickly even if I don't join a familia.]

Writing this, Bell's bright red eyes revealed only depression and pain.

[Pulling items is my biggest headache right now.]

[Currently, I am a beginner, and the upper limit of pulling items is 3 stars, with the maximum being 3 stars, and all of them are newbie items. Only after breaking through the beginner stage will the restrictions be unlocked, and I will have the possibility of pulling Heroic Spirits.]

[What does this mean?]

[It means that in the short term, I have to be prepared for a situation where I can only pull one-star and two-star Mystic Codes.]

[Fortunately, the Mystic Codes pulled by the Type-Moon system can all be carried, and there is no limit on the number.]

[This is my advantage. I can quickly become stronger as long as I have enough Valis.]

[One pull is for 1,000 Valis, which is still discounted under limitation. After the limitation is lifted, one pull will be for 10,000 Valis, and the funding gap is a bit big.]

[So, becoming an adventurer is my only choice.]

After writing this, Bell put down the pen and carefully placed the notebook into the spatial pocket provided by the Type-Moon system, ensuring that no one could see his innermost thoughts.

He stretched and stood up, walking to the window. The wind howled outside, but the night sky was bright, with stars. The sight gave him a small measure of comfort.

"The next step is to go to Orario," he muttered, feeling a mix of anticipation and apprehension.

Bell still felt uneasy. "Hopefully, this is the right choice," he whispered, looking at the distant horizon.

"I should go for a sleep."

"Anyway, I have to go out early tomorrow."

With anticipation and apprehension, Bell soon fell asleep. Although it was only a rough quilt, it was very comfortable to cover, and it provided the only time when his mind could be free from thinking.

When he slept until dawn, he woke up feeling mentally refreshed, even better than expected.

"Physical recovery is very good, and my mental state is also very good."

Bell got up and went to the window of the wooden house. Although the wind whistled outside, the weather was pretty good today—or, to be precise, it had been pretty good these days.

Because it hadn't rained recently, the ground looked very dry. Bell believed walking through the forest for dozens of kilometers on non-muddy ground would be much easier.

Knowing that today was the best day to leave, Bell quickly stuffed all the necessary items into the spatial pocket provided by the Type-Moon system. One of Bell's advantages was that he didn't need to carry any extra weight on his body, making him more capable of action.

Early in the morning, Bell was ready to go out.

He wore a heavy sweater coat, as it was still very cold in the forest in the early morning, and it was not suitable to expose too much skin in the wild.

Encountering some poisonous mosquito bites could be very fatal.

Because Bell was in a small village on the edge, and no adventurers had walked this road, getting some effective potions to relieve poisoning was impossible. So, poisoning was also a problem that Bell needed to face in the wild.

After making enough preparations, Bell glanced back at the cabin.

"I won't see you again for a while. I hope to come back in the future."


When a man decides to do something, he shouldn't hesitate because hesitation will make him doubt his judgment.

At the crossroads of life, you need a single choice, and too many choices only add to your trouble.

Don't hesitate to move forward after making the decision. If you hesitate, you will be confused.

Extra thinking is just a stumbling block on the way forward.

Forget the extra options and focus on the path you first chose.

Bell didn't look back and set off on the road with anticipation and apprehension for the future.

The Tower of Babel was also the target in the distance at the end.

There was no need to think about other things now, just keep working hard and move forward.

If there were a horse, it would at least take less than half a day to cross the forest. Bell didn't know how long it would take to walk through the forest like he did now.

But no matter what, camping in the forest at night was seeking death.

Anyway, he had to go through the forest and find a place to camp.


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