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Danmachi: Honored One


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One day I died. It was by Truck-kun as how many fan fictions start. I met ROB and he gave me 3 wishes as do most fan fictions do. My three wishes were simple really. One, is to be reborn as Saturo Gojo with his memories and abilities. Second, to be be born in Danmachi with a family that has connections to adventure’s and Familias Third, I wish to have the split soul katana that Toji from JJK held. With these wishes I will become a power house in Danmachi if not the strongest. __________ I have little writing experience and barely seen danmachi and haven’t read the the novel, so bare with me if something are wrong and I’ll try my best researching. As for JJK I have very basic or no understanding of how the powers work and have only seen season 1 Of JJK. I will also try to research it to the best of my abilities. I wrote this for fun, so if there are timeline or even powers mistakes just bare with it. It not meant to be correct, it is meant for entertainment and enjoyment. I don’t have the best grammar either so if you find a mistake please try your best to understand it. This fan fic was thought on the spot and I enjoyed the idea so I’m writing about it. The event do start before bell arrives and he is the Loki Familia. This will not be a harem but will have a lover. He is going to be OP but that after the time skip. Bell will appear in the story after the time skip but at that time the MC will be Level Six. Just try and enjoy even if it isn’t right time wise or factual. Updates will be irregular. Some days you might get 3 chapters and on the other hand you might not get a chapter for a few days, but I’ll try my best


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