Danmachi: Captured by Freya at the Beginning!

In the world of "Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?," I've become the target of the goddess of beauty, Freya, right from the start. Bearing the burden of 'All the Evil of the World,' I've become an interesting 'anomaly' in Freya's eyes. Gods, seeking entertainment in the mortal world, naturally find it intriguing to discover this unique 'individual.' My name is Ethan Starfall, a transmigrator, and now I find myself captured by Freya. What should I do? It's an emergency!!! --- Support Me: patreon.com/U22 youtube.com/@animexfirst --- Please Note: I do not own anything in this fanfiction. The copyright belongs to their respective creators.

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Freya: "What do you mean by 'Sacrificing 10,000 years of Freya's lifespan'?"

Chapter 90: Freya: "What do you mean by 'Sacrificing 10,000 years of Freya's lifespan'?"


"A bunch of idiots!"

Within the 'Man-Made Dungeon Knossos,' Dix Perdix, the captain of the Ikelos Familia, was currently in a fit of rage.

He was dressed in a full set of leather armor, with goggles on his face and a magic spear in his hand.

An aura of 'violence' faintly emanated from his body.

"A Level 3 and three Level 2 adventurers went to capture two Level 1 rookies, and they still failed? What's more, they even went missing! What use are you all?!"

Looking at these 'underlings' in front of him, Dix was almost pissed off.

Their target was in the open, and they were in the dark; they also had the advantage in numbers, and their levels were even higher.

Yet, they still failed.

Those guys were simply idiots, good-for-nothing fools!

However, what angered Dix wasn't their failure but the possibility of them exposing information about him.

That would be a real problem.

Their target was from Freya Familia, the strongest Familia in Orario, having the only Level 7 adventurer, not to mention several Level 6 and Level 5 members.

With his meager strength, he would be nothing but cannon fodder.

He almost hated these bastards to death now.

"Dix, they shouldn't have found out anything. After all, in the Dungeon, killing and looting are commonplace. Besides, at the scene, except for Gran, everyone else was dead."

"What about Gran?"

"Uh... maybe a monster ate his body..."


Hearing his underling's words, Dix's veins bulged slightly.

He stepped forward and kicked the idiot away, sending him flying.

"He could have been captured alive! And that idiot had a 'key'!!!"

This was the point that worried him the most.

The key, the only thing that could allow entry into the 'Knossos.'

The gates connecting the 'Dungeon' and the 'Knossos' were all made of 'Orichalcum', which had an extremely high resistance to magic.

It was almost impossible to break them with magic.

Not only that, but 'Orichalcum' itself was also an extremely hard metal, difficult to break with ordinary methods.

The only way to open them was through the direct descendants of the 'Daedalus Family'.

The curse in their bloodline was also the 'key' to open the gates.

Dix Perdix, however, had found another way.

He extracted the eyeballs from the corpses of deceased members of the Daedalus family and crafted them into 'keys', which could also be used to open the gates.

And now, one key was lost.

If someone discovers its secrets, the 'Man-Made Dungeon Knossos' would no longer be safe.

"Go to Orario immediately and keep an eye on this Ethan. If he shows any signs of approaching the 'Man-Made Dungeon Knossos,' report back immediately!"

"Yes, Boss!"

No one dared to disobey Dix in his current state of anger.

He was a cruel and violent person, and his underlings knew this very well.

He also had occasional bouts of craziness and madness.

At such times, anyone who dared to say an extra word might be killed.

'Swish swish swish——'

Everyone quickly left to carry out Dix's orders.

Although the 'Evilus' seemed dangerous, there are not many of them in Orario now.

After all, the crackdown on Evilus many years ago had dealt them a heavy blow.

In addition, Gale's massacre of the suspected members of Evilus further reduced their numbers.

In recent years, although they had recovered slightly and even started causing trouble again, they still had to operate in the shadows.

Once exposed, they were doomed.

[Name: Ethan Starfall]

[Current Card Pool: Fate]

[Diamonds: 110]

"Let's begin, another ten-consecutive-draw!"

In his room at the top of the Tower of Babel, Ethan took a deep breath as he prepared for his gacha ritual.

Knowing that he was being targeted by the Ikelos Familia in the Dungeon, Ethan felt the pressure increase significantly.

Although his current strength was already quite strong, it was still not enough.


The gacha interface appeared, and he didn't hesitate to spend 100 diamonds, starting this round of ten-consecutive-draw.

"Sacrificing 10,000 years of Freya's lifespan..."


Before he could finish speaking, a voice filled with both 'curiosity' and 'anger' sounded from behind.

Not only that, but this voice was so familiar to Ethan.

At this moment, his body stiffened slightly, and then he turned his head with 'disbelief' on his face.

He then saw a graceful figure standing at the entrance of his workshop, clearly having just heard what he said.


However, at this time, the gacha had already begun.

A virtual pack of cards appeared, and then cards flew out one after another.

[Black Tights] [Lace Black Tights] [Pantyhose] .....

However, at this moment, he no longer had the mood to look at the result of his ten-consecutive-draw.

His brain was in an overclocked state.

Question: What to do when you're caught offering to sacrifice 10,000 years of a goddess's lifespan right in front of her?

Waiting online, need urgent advice!!!


Looking at Freya, who was wearing a pure white long dress, especially the patterned edges on her wrists and skirt, Ethan had to admit that his goddess's charm was truly unparalleled.

However, it's a bit awkward and embarrassing to be caught red-handed offering to sacrifice her lifespan.

"What do you mean by 'Sacrificing 10,000 years of Freya's lifespan'?"

Freya's mood wasn't the best at the moment.

She had originally intended to ask the boy for some new black stockings, but he wasn't around earlier, so she took a little stroll around.

She was particularly surprised by the box full of completed 'Space Rings' in his workshop.

Ethan had somehow managed to create so much in just a few days.

And now, as soon as she opened the door, she was greeted with this bizarre statement.

"Uh... Freya-sama, would you believe me if I said you misheard?"

Ethan cautiously tried to brush it off, but Freya's 'Do you think I'm stupid?' look told him he wasn't getting away that easily.


[Perfect Form]

At this moment, the gacha also ended.

Not only that, but this time he even got a rare prize.

[Unique Skill: Perfect Form]

This skill belonged to 'Enkidu' and allowed him to restore his body to its original form using the land's magic energy.

Since Enkidu's body was made of clay from the Age of Gods, as long as he had access to the land's magic, he could regenerate and recover from any damage.

It was an unparalleled skill for regeneration and restoration.

Moreover, [Perfect Form] was the foundation for Enkidu's second Noble Phantasm, [Age of Babylon / Wisdom of the People].


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