Danmachi: Captured by Freya at the Beginning!

In the world of "Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?," I've become the target of the goddess of beauty, Freya, right from the start. Bearing the burden of 'All the Evil of the World,' I've become an interesting 'anomaly' in Freya's eyes. Gods, seeking entertainment in the mortal world, naturally find it intriguing to discover this unique 'individual.' My name is Ethan Starfall, a transmigrator, and now I find myself captured by Freya. What should I do? It's an emergency!!! --- Support Me: patreon.com/U22 youtube.com/@animexfirst --- Please Note: I do not own anything in this fanfiction. The copyright belongs to their respective creators.

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Black Mud + Xenos = ?

Chapter 95: Black Mud + Xenos = ?

There were quite a few Xenos locked up here, of all different types.

There were humanoid Goblins and Kobolds, as well as beast-like Needle Rabbits, Silverbacks, Battle Boars, and more.

Their gazes were all fixed on Sarah and Ethan.

"That's not necessarily the case. A single failure isn't what I want. Maybe I'll just choose the next 'lucky one'!"

Ethan said with a smile, but his words sparked anger among the Xenos.





Some of the Xenos roared at Ethan, while others pounded on their iron cages with their claws.

Clearly, his words had crossed a line.

However, Ethan simply ignored the Xenos' anger.

He wasn't the 'yasashii' protagonist Bell Cranel, and he didn't have that much kindness to spare.

To Ethan, these rational monsters in front of him were no different from any other monsters.

After killing them, he could also obtain magic stones.

So, whether they had intelligence or not didn't matter.

He didn't hate them, but that didn't mean that he had to take care of them.

He wouldn't go out of his way to help them.

After all, there were too many pitiful people in this world.

The reason he proposed this deal to Sarah, the Lamia-type Xenos, was because of a conjecture and curiosity in his heart.

Previously, when the magic stones of monsters came into contact with the black mud, they would immediately collapse, like two incompatible systems installed on the same hardware, causing the computer to crash.

However, these Xenos were different from ordinary monsters.

So, Ethan was curious if there would be any difference with them.

Would they self-destruct upon contact with the black mud like other monsters, or would something interesting happen?

This point made Ethan very curious.

Staring at him, Sarah was certain that this human in front of her, even though he had no malice toward her or the Xenos, was still a different existence from them.

Having no malice didn't mean he had good intentions!

At this moment, Sarah somewhat understood the complexity of human nature.

"So, do you want to gamble? Bet on whether you can survive. If you succeed, you can save all your companions."

His words in Sarah's ears were like the whispers of a demon, making her hesitate.

Haruhime watched all this from the side, looking at Ethan with a strange expression.

Ethan-sama, whom she had always regarded as a 'hero', actually had such a 'wicked' side.

However, this didn't make him lose points in Haruhime's heart.

On the contrary, it made him appear more humane.

He wasn't a good person, but at least he had saved her from despair and was her 'hero'.

However, he treated others completely differently.

Did this mean that he was her own exclusive hero?

For a woman, it was natural to hope that the man she cared about only cared about her.

Even though Haruhime had never considered herself to be his 'wife', she still had such possessive emotions.

"I agree!"

After some internal struggle, Sarah looked directly into Ethan's eyes and made her decision.

If she succeeded, sacrificing herself to save many of her compatriots would definitely be a worthy deal.




The other Xenos, upon hearing this, started pounding on the iron cages and roaring.

To Ethan, these were meaningless cries, but to Sarah, they were the calls of her companions, each one urging her to refuse, not to trust this hypocritical and cruel human.

In the eyes of these mistreated Xenos, humans had long been equated with hypocrisy and cruelty.

"Willing to sacrifice yourself for the wellbeing of your companions, I'm starting to like you. If you can survive this, I think you'll become my right-hand man."

"Let's begin."

Sarah didn't listen to a word of his compliment.

After all, he had said the experiment was dangerous, and whether she could survive or not was still unknown.

Ethan smiled upon hearing this and stretched out one of his hands.

The next second, the malice known as 'All the Evil of the World' began to surge.

At this moment, all the Xenos' roars stopped abruptly.

They were Xenos, intelligent monsters, and as beasts, their perception of danger was extremely keen.

In the eyes of these Xenos, Ethan had now become the embodiment of an 'evil god'.


The black mud surged instantly, engulfing Sarah's figure completely.

The whole scene looked very eerie and strange.

Haruhime also widened her eyes in disbelief, looking at the black mud, not knowing how to describe it.

"'All the Evil of the World', this is what I bear on my back." Ethan suddenly said.

"'All the Evil of the World'?"

Haruhime looked at him in confusion, not understanding what it meant.

"Simply put, it's the 'sins and malice of the entire world'. Now, I bear them all alone. I'm a villain who 'carries' 'evil', not some 'righteous' hero, Haruhime."

"No, no matter what Ethan-sama is like, he is still Haruhime's 'hero'."

"Haruhime's 'hero', huh? Alright, then I'll be your exclusive 'hero' then, Haruhime."

Looking at the Renard's serious and earnest expression, Ethan suddenly smiled and said these words.

And it was these words that directly touched Haruhime's heartstrings, leaving her momentarily at a loss.

As a somewhat lewd-minded Renard, her mind had already started playing out an erotic drama.

"'Hero' that belongs only to Haruhime—"

At this moment, Haruhime's eyes were a little hazy, clearly she was very moved.


However, at this time, Sarah, who was covered in black mud, let out a painful roar.

And it was this sound that made the corners of Ethan's mouth curl up slightly.

For ordinary monsters, after the black mud entered their bodies and had contact with their magic stones, they would instantly collapse.

However, Sarah's magic stone didn't collapse, but instead she let out a roar.

Moreover, he could feel that his black mud was being gradually absorbed by her.

This also meant that his conjecture was on point.

The black mud could touch the 'soul', and the souls of all monsters belonged to the 'dungeon'.

Anyone except the dungeon who tried to touch these souls would be 'rejected', and the way of rejection was the monster's self-destruction.

However, these Xenos were like loopholes in the system.

They weren't controlled by the dungeon, which is why they are attacked by other monsters and possess self-awareness and rationality.


Suddenly, a terrifying magical power erupted, and the iron cage imprisoning Sarah was instantly shattered.

A moment later, everything calmed down, and a figure with a purple upper human body and a snake tail appeared, shrouded in black magic power. 


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