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Ais: You Are Strong!

Chapter 86: Ais: You Are Strong!


While Ethan was talking with Tiona and Tione, Ais, who was standing beside them, kept her gaze fixed on the boy.

Her eyes were filled with curiosity and a hint of 'expectation'.

"Oh right, this is Ais, also from our Loki Familia. By the way, she is also a Lv5 adventurer~"

Tiona suddenly remembered Ais and hurriedly introduced her to Ethan.

"I know the name of the Sword Princess. Nice to meet you."

Ethan looked at Ais curiously.

Indeed, she had a cute face like a porcelain doll and possessed beauty comparable to a 'goddess'.

Kuudere with blond hair, she was full of moe points, hitting the cute points of countless otakus.

In his previous life, she was also one of the most popular characters in "DanMachi".

"You are strong~" However, staring at Ethan, Ais blurted out this sentence.

"Huh?" Ethan was taken aback.

What did she mean? Did they know each other?

"Ais-san~" Lefiya, the honey-colored-haired elf, also looked at Ais in confusion.

At this moment, neither Ethan nor the three people with Ais understood what was going on with her.

"Ais-san, do we know each other?"

Under the puzzled looks of Tione and Tiona, Ethan asked the question everyone wanted to know.

Especially Lefiya, being Ais' number one fan, couldn't understand why the person she admired would speak in such a manner to a man she had just met.

"Previously, on the 17th floor, when you defeated the Goliath. I saw it."

"What?" Ethan was surprised.

Ais was actually present during his battle with the Goliath before?

However, the others around were also shocked when they heard Ais' words and looked at Ethan in amazement.

The Goliath was a famous Floor Boss, a monster with the strength of Lv4, and a boss-level monster, different from ordinary monsters.

And Ethan, just a Lv2 adventurer, had defeated such a powerful monster.

'No wonder Ais-san said he was strong,' Lefiya glanced at Ethan and thought to herself.

As a fellow member of Loki Familia, Lefiya knew very well about Ais' obsession with strength.

Although she was already Lv5, the kuudere girl still trained very hard every day.

"Ethan-sama actually defeated the Floor Boss?"

Not only the members of Loki Familia but Haruhime beside the boy was also surprised.

It could be said that with Ais revealing this matter, Ethan suddenly became the focus of everyone's attention.

"It's just good luck~"

"It's not just luck. You are strong. Your combat skills are not high, but your strength is very strong."


Looking at the straightforward girl in front of him, Ethan didn't know how to respond for a moment.

"Can you tell me why you are so strong? Is it because of that 'sword'? Or other reasons?"


Seeing Ais persistently digging into the matter, Tione pulled her back.

What the blond-haired girl was asking was someone's privacy.

How could such things be casually told to members of other Familia?

Tione's intervention also made the boy breathe a sigh of relief.

Being questioned like this by a kuudere girl, Ethan also felt a bit unsure of how to respond.

He knew it wasn't appropriate to say it, but not saying it under her gaze made him feel a bit guilty.

"Sorry, Ais didn't mean any harm. She's just too obsessed with strength."

"I understand~"

Ethan glanced at Ais, still feeling a bit uneasy.

Though she was very attractive, when it came to his secrets, he wouldn't reveal anything as much as possible.

After all, no matter how beautiful Ais is, she wasn't his to care for.


While they were talking, a group of monsters had gathered around them at some point.

"Ais, there are monsters."



Seeing these monsters, Ais' eyes instantly changed.

From the expressionless girl just now, she instantly transformed into a powerful female swordsman.

The 'Desperate' sword at her waist was unsheathed in an instant, and then her whole body danced like an elf in the forest among the trees.

And in this 'graceful' scene, the sword in her hand quickly eliminated all the nearby monsters.

The whole process was natural and smooth, even with a different kind of beauty.

Compared to her, Ethan was far behind in terms of skills, even after receiving Finn's teachings for a while.

But after all, they weren't from the same Familia, and Finn only instructed Ethan on how to fight properly.

The pallum captain only taught basic fighting skills.

"So strong~" Haruhime looked at the Sword Princess with a hint of envy in her heart.

If she were this strong, would she be able to fight alongside the person she cared about instead of being protected by him?

In just a few dozen seconds, more than a dozen monsters were all killed, leaving only a mess of dropped magic stones on the ground.

"Ah~ Ais, sigh~" Tiona sighed.

It was difficult to 'cooperate' with Ais when they came to the dungeon together.

This wasn't to say that the blond-haired girl was unwilling to cooperate, but that she always charged at the front during battles.

Often, before others could even make a move, she would have already solved everything by herself.

Let alone going to the dungeon in a team, even during expeditions, Ais often fought alone.

Although her achievements were remarkable, she was also often reprimanded by Riveria.

After all, expeditions were mainly about cooperation between teams, not individual actions.

"Roar—" At this time, snow wolves emerged from the bushes.

Ais' eyes narrowed, and she subconsciously wanted to swing her sword to kill these supposed 'monsters'.

"Don't attack yet~" This scene also startled Ethan, and he hurriedly said.

His words immediately stopped Ais' movement.

However, she cutely tilted her head and looked at the boy with a 'puzzled' expression.

"These are my Cursed Corpses, not monsters."

He then controlled all the snow wolves to gather around and had them spread out to scout the route and avoid being ambushed by monsters.

After all, in this Large Tree Labyrinth, there were too many dangers hidden, and many of them were highly poisonous.

"Cursed Corpses? What's that?" Tiona asked curiously, looking at the snow wolves surrounding Ethan.

"Well, they're like puppets. This is my Cursed Technique. I can manipulate these guys to fight."

"Puppets? Cursed Technique? This should be your skill, right?"

"You can also understand it that way."

"A manipulation-type skill, huh? That's amazing. But these little guys look just like the real thing."

Hearing that they were 'puppets', Tiona curiously leaned closer and grabbed the head of a snow wolf, fiddling with it up and down.

Upon touching it, the amazoness girl also discovered that the wolf had no temperature and its eyes were very stiff, so she could confirm that it was indeed a puppet.


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