Danmachi: Blood Mage

Noctis a Vampire from another world gets reincarnated by an all-mighty God to the world of Danmachi. He is tasked with clearing the dungeon or else he will only know pain and misery. In his first world he did not have much to live for but what will happen in this new world. By JokerHighJack

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31 Chs

Chapter 6: Meeting the Rest

Noctis was sound asleep in his bed still in his clothes. After he had taken a bath he put his clothes back on and just laid on the bed. He ended up passing out more tired then he thought he would be.

Noctis then heard a loud knock on his door that startled him awake. He quickly got up to the door and looked forward not seeing anyone so he had to look down a bit to see Finn.

Finn smiled "Come on its time for you too meet the rest of the team and then we can go to the Hostess of Fertility."

Noctis yawned and stretched a bit "Alright let's go."

Finn and Noctis then made their way to the same meeting room where Noctis got his Falna. Noctis walked in to the room after Finn. Noctis then saw the rest of the main force. Noctis used his soul search. He knew them all and had a general idea of how they were but he wanted to be sure. Any changes would be good to know.

Noctis looked at Riveria first the vice captain. A high elf with jade color hair and eyes. Noctis could tell she was very elegant, beautiful and composed. Someone fit to be the next Queen of the elves. Right now she is level 6.

Noctis then looked at the Hyrute twins. Tiona and Tione. Both Amazons with really nice bodies even though Tiona is a bit flatter then Tione. Tione is also the one in love with the captain. Both twins have black hair with brown eyes. They both seemed a bit too energetic but Tione was definitely more mature. Both level 6.

Noctis then saw Gareth. A muscular man taller then Finn but still short. The dwarf was teeming with muscle. He was rocking a full beard with brown hair and eyes. He was level 6 as well.

Noctis then looked at Ais and Lefiya. Ais being human and Lefiya being an elf. Ais had golden hair and golden eyes. He could tell while she was just blankly staring at him she was not thinking much other then the sword. Noctis could see her soul only had the passion to get stronger. Lefiya however was quite timid. Noctis could even see a slight blush caused from Lefiya seeing Noctis. Lefiya had golden hair as well but seemed a bit more on the orange side compared to Ais. She also had dark blue eyes. Ais is level 5 and Lefiya is level 3 but both were close to getting a higher level.

Noctis then finally landed his eyes on Bete who seemed more annoyed then everyone else. Bete was a werewolf with the ears and tail. His hair was grey and his eyes were an amber color. He was just shorter then Noctis at six foot. He was also level 6.

While Noctis was analyzing them. They were analyzing him as well.

Riveria's thoughts 'I looked at the new comer who would join our advance team. My first thought was that he was incredible handsome. That thought went away as soon as it came. I realized he was an elf. I believed so at least. He was unlike any other elf I had ever seen. I need to figure out what kind of elf he is then I will learn more. We will see if he is any benefit to the team in the future I suppose.'

Tione's thoughts 'Well he is good looking. Not as good looking as the captain though. No way he is stronger then the captain either.'

Tiona's thoughts 'He looks so cool and strong. I wonder how strong he is I should ask him for a duel. Even if he just joined at level one I want to see. This is going to be fun.'

Gareth's thoughts 'Well from what Finn already told me he will be a valuable asset. Hopefully in the future he gets stronger.'

Ais's thoughts 'Can't we just go back to the dungeon already. I need to train more. Maybe the new guy wants to train too. I need to get deeper in the dungeon.'

Lefiya's thoughts 'Handsome….. wait is he an elf too?!? Oh he looked at me I need to stop staring. Focus you need to catch up to Ais he doesn't matter yet. Wait, yet?!?!'

Bete's thoughts 'Hmph some nobody joining are group. What has he proved. I don't care what kind of magic or skills he has. He is going to hold us back. He looks like just another weakling strolling through.'

Noctis decided to be nice and cordial at the start "Hello everyone i am Noctis I hope we can all get along in the future as I just joined the Familia today."

Tiona ran up to him "Are you an elf? Do you want to spar?"

Riveria kept a stoic expression "I was also wondering if you are an elf?"

Lefiya nodded her head also wanting to know the answer. Noctis took a couple steps back from Tiona. He smiled "I am an Elf a blood elf to be exact."

Lefiya had stars in her eyes "Really what area are you from?"

Riveria then said "Calm down Lefiya from what I understand blood elves are really secluded since their numbers have dwindled a lot due to Ares blood elves were known for their vicious combat and magic."

Noctis smiled "She is right we try to keep to ourselves due to the huge losses. I just left because I wanted to clear the dungeon."

Ais face was neutral but she beamed over "You what to clear the dungeon as well?"

Noctis gave a wry smile "Yeah."

Bete groaned "That's a lot of talk coming from a level one."

Noctis just smiled not bothered by the comment "I think I can catch up fast."

Bete had an amused face "Ha we'll see."

Finn rolled his eyes "Bete don't scare the new member. We are a Familia and he will be with us on our next expedition whether he levels up a lot or not. One of his magic abilities in particular is extremely valuable."

Riveria nodded her head "Storage magic is incredibly important."

Tiona had stars in her eyes this time "Storage magic that means we don't have to carry are luggage everywhere and the drops we get can be stored as well."

Noctis gave a scared laugh "I rather not be a mule but I'm happy to help. Eventually I will be able to fight with you guys as well. Finn how long until your next big expedition that I have to go on."

Finn thought for a moment "Well we just recently got back from one a couple weeks ago. So not for another six months."

Noctis smiled "So I got time to catch up then."

Finn had a wry smile "I suppose so. Just do not expect to all of a sudden wake up one day and get strong it takes time to level up."

Noctis thought for a moment "How much are potions and mana potions by the way?"

Finn kept a neutral expression "A regular potion 500 valis. A mana potion 1,000 valis. That reminds me Loki wanted me to give you some start up money. I have your guild and adventure card right here. The adventure card is to let you in the dungeon and the guild card holds your money. Loki put 10,000 valis in there for you as well."

Noctis grabbed the cards "Thanks where is Loki by the way."

The door to the room then swung open to reveal Loki "Who is ready to party."

Noctis then leaned down towards Finn "Is she using me as an excuse to throw a party at a bar."

Finn sighed "No she is genuinely happy you joined but she will find any reason to throw a party."

Noctis nodded his head "Oh."

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