Danmachi: A Little Fox {Completed}

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Unto a New Era

Sayuri hummed softly, her tail swayed to the tune as she maneuvered her cart into its parking spot, she carried herself over to the house before unlocking the door and making her way in, where she was immediately hit with a wave of surprise when—

[Status Updated! Stats Gained!

Name: Sayuri Shizuka

Titles - Little Fox, Otherworldly Being

Physical Vessel: {Expand}

Race: Kitsune (Humelf)

Class: Priestess - Magic Stat Growth +200%

Level: 1

Stats -

• Strength: I-2

• Endurance: I-2

• Dexterity: I-2

• Agility: I-2

• Magic: I-3

• Spirit Pleasure (Ignes Lumen) - Automatic mind regeneration. Begins regenerating mind at a moderate rate after magic use. I

• Hastened Regeneration (Ignes Lumen) - Automatic wound mending. Slows blood loss, and slowly seals wounds. I

• Composure (Ignes Lumen) - Forcibly induces the state or feeling of being calm and in control of oneself. I

Skills -

• Ignes Lumen - When Imprisoned, Enslaved, Intimidated, and/or Inflicted with Debilitating Fear, applies Spirit Pleasure, +60% Magic Stat & +60% Physical Stats. When Vital Signs/Mental State is perceived as dangerous to Hosts continued health applies Hastened Regeneration, Composure, +120% Physical Stats & +120% Magic Stat

All Stat Balance

To Become the Brightest Star - Limitless Potential

Magic -

• Magic Bestowal - Short Chant Intent—Comprehension Based Magic

Traits -

• Positive: Soft Skin, Pliant Flesh, Greater Athleticism, Otherworldly Feline Dexterity, Adaptive, Adorable Feline Ears, Elegant Feline Tail, Fast Learner, Magically Gifted, Survivor, Otherworldly Vulpine Priestess' Grace, Otherworldly Vulpine Priestess' Charm, Otherworldly Natural-Born Chef, Otherworldly Devout Priestess, Otherworldly, Divine Vessel (Sealed)

(A/N: Feline -> Vulpine — Totally overlooked this — [ShadeofZero])

• Negative: Insensitive, Infertile, Former Slave, Minor Exhibitionist


Quickly blinking away her status, Sayuri took off her hoodie and headed towards the kitchen, Ottar had said he would be in the dungeon for nearly a week on a escort quest, and Sayuri wanted to make sure that he wouldn't have to worry about found while he was in the dungeon. She planned to make a few extra meals for the members of the Hephaestus Familia he would be escorting down to the 30th floor, so she quickly got to work.

It was only a few hours later that she had 30 meals packed into a bag, all the meals were larger than her normal meal boxes, but only Ottar's were wrapped in her personal clothes and bestowed the strongest magic.

Sayuri may have experimented with what she could Imbue into the meals… but she was sure it wouldn't affect Ottar's work!

Perhaps, Sayuri had imbued her affection into the meals… Perhaps, her scent… Perhaps, her taste…

Her head fell into her hands as heat rose to her face, cursing her traits for giving her the idea, internally screaming at the depths of her mind for driving her to do such a thing…

However, Sayuri soon recovered and fixed her hair, trying to forget what she had imbued in a few of the meals.

The Little Fox was slowly becoming a naughty fox, and she only had herself to blame…


[Somewhere Else]

Hermes hid himself in a bright corner of a boarded up room, muttering incoherently about doing better, having learned, and something about a Fox…

Over the past month, the terrors that have clung to his mind began to fade, the pain that constantly assaulted his body was nowhere to be found…

That woman had taken pity on him. Maybe, maybe Hermes could redeem himself.

Or so he told himself, over and over. A never ending cycle.

A Little Fox, had broken a God, instilled her 'justice' upon his very existence. Even if he had shattered his mortal coil, and returned to Genkai, Hermes wouldn't have been able to escape, because he could never escape that which gave him his power…

That which birthed him, that which made him a God…


Ottar and two others stood in front of a small, modest stall, as a young Kitsune rose to her feet and gave a light bow, "I wish your travels be productive, your lives be protected, and your return be bountiful. May you, Ottar, find everlasting strength in the midst of danger."

Ottar returned the light bow, while the two blacksmiths stood there awkwardly, as the Little Fox passed over a large heavy looking pack that Ottar hooked onto his shoulder. As the Little Fox returned to her seat, Ottar guided them away from the stall, one of the Blacksmiths spoke, "That's why you had us wake up before the sun rose? To hear some words from—"

He was silenced as Ottar sent him a look, while the other Blacksmith showed a toothy smile, "This is why you need to step away from the forge, I can't believe you haven't even heard about the Priestess! Hell, even Tsubaki visits Little Fox Meal Stall occasionally. Rumors say that when she wishes you safe travels, you never have to worry! One of my regulars visits her stall everyday, and I haven't had to worry about resources since! Every day he brings me Minotaur Horns! Everyday!"

Ottar nodded along, "It's true, it's a type of magic, but it's truly a Blessing manifested through her faith. You'll do well to treat her with respect."

The ignorant blacksmith stiffened at Ottar's poorly veiled threat, as the large man continued while searching through the pack he had been handed, "It seems she has cooked you both a few meals, feel joyous as you'll be able to experience a true delicacy that will leave you understanding that everything you've tasted until now has been utter garbage."

Silence fell upon the trio after the boaz's words, none dared refute the man, as he pulled out a simply wrapped box that carried a faint vanilla scent. A smile grew onto Ottar's face as he placed it back into the bag…

The trio steamrolled through the first 20 floors in only a few hours. With both the blacksmith's being relatively new Level 3s, they had little to worry about until then. The Goliath had been absolutely demolished under the 'King's might, and Amphisbaena the boss of the 27th Floor would experience much the same.

As they reached the 24th Floor, Ottar led them through an unbeaten path and soon a treasure tree came into view. The Green Dragon that protected it couldn't even let out a roar as Ottar's interlocked hands slammed down on its skull, turning it into a paste of pinkish-red paste.

The large man settled down again the corpse, and pulled three meals from his pack gesturing for the two blacksmiths to sit down, "It will take a while for monsters to migrate this way, the Green Dragons and Treasure Trees are similar to temporary safe zones, as long as the Green Dragon doesn't roar. Now, hurry up and savor your meals. We'll be continuing deeper soon."

The Ignorant Smith took the box into his hands, and his brows rose as he felt the heat. The other smith held a smile as he peeled away the cloth and lifted his utensils before opening the meal with a pop. An enticing scent wafted outward, that led to the ignorant smith to mimic his fellow Familia Member.

Though, the scent of the two meals was nothing compared to the scent that wafted from Ottar's. It was thick with a musk they couldn't place, and the mixture of sushi, rice, vegetables, and thinly cut pieces of meat looked far more appealing than their own rather basic 'Little Fox Boxes'. Not that they would complain…

However Ottar took a whiff of the scent, and immediately placed it as a faint heat rose to his cheeks. Lifting a slender piece of meat into his mouth, the boaz immediately felt a warmth rush through his body, the gentle vanilla-ish musk touched upon his mind, and his thoughts felt as if they were wrapped in a hug. One that brought the resurfacing of the soft mound that pressed against his body the day prior…

Every bite brought upon a similar sensation, and by the time he had finished his meal, Ottar felt as if his whole body had been encased in her pliant flesh… A long breath of contentment slipped from his lips as carefully packed away the empty meal, turning his gaze to the blacksmiths who were staring down at their empty box.

The ignorant smith spoke up, "How much do these cost?!"

"Only 3,850 Valis," The other smith was quick to reply, "but I heard they sell out quick—"

Ottar nodded, interrupting, "Everyday, just before the sun rises over the walls. That's the only way you'll be able to get a meal, Sayuri always sells out before noon."

Ottar didn't mind sharing that little bit of information, as Sayuri had guaranteed him a meal everyday…

They continued to delve deeper into the dungeon, and the next meal Ottar would eat….

Well, it carried a taste he had never had before, but was infinitely familiar… It brought a delectable mind-numbing sensation that filled his mind with a certain Little Fox's silhouette…


[Somewhere Else]

Sayuri sat in the Hostess of Fertility, nursing a glass of wine and picking at a large tray of snacks. She wore a risqué split dress only had two curtains to veil what laid between her plump thighs, the dress clung to her form as she sat alone and unbothered in a booth near the back of the establishment.

She kept her gaze focused, as her body tingled with each pair of eyes that drifted her way…

Perhaps, the dress she wore was a little too revealing, though Sayuri didn't pay much mind to the gazes she attracted. She felt confident in her own skin, and while she wouldn't brazenly walk around nude, Sayuri didn't care to reveal her skin nor the body that —she— had created.

It was a masterpiece, the pure epitome of what she saw as Feminine Beauty. If there were those too weak-willed, or disgusting enough that they couldn't control their urges then that blame laid with them. Every single one of them had been birthed from a body akin to her own, every woman was similar in the frame of their body. Some heavier set than others, some more defined than others.

Why should she have to hide her body, just to feel 'safe' around those who can barely control themselves. It wasn't as if she was leading them on, nor was she giving attention to their lustful gazes.

She was simply enjoying her own body, as she pleased. They were welcome to enjoy it as well, from a distance, and with moderation. She wouldn't allow any more than their gazes to touch upon her body, nor would Sayuri lead them to believe otherwise.

Nobody tried to approach her table, but she could hear their whispers, the rumors and misunderstandings that they spread, but Sayuri didn't care. If that's what they wished to believe, who was she to convince them otherwise.

Some thought her a whore, and there was a time when that would have become true, others thought her a pervert that got off on the gazes of others and a quick glance at her status explained there was a modicum of truth to their words, not that she'll ever admit that. She was simply more… sensitive to others' perception of her…

While some simply wished to admire her beauty, and chat amongst themselves to figure out if an idiot would approach her. There was even a bet circulating, whether or not Ottar would kill the man that approached, if one approached the Little Fox sat by herself…

Slowly, Sayuri was becoming a forbidden fruit in the Dungeon City. Words revolving around the Little Fox gained traction quickly, and spread like a wildfire, the so called—

[Status Updated! Positive Trait Gained! (Divine Beauty (Sealed)]

Blinking away the Status Update, Sayuri took a sip of her glass before slipping a roasted almond past her lips.

Her eyes closed, as she basked in the atmosphere of the Hostess of Fertility, only for an incredibly faint presence to find Sayuri's at her side. Her eyes snapped open, as her head twirled to the side a sharp gaze in her eyes, a faint frown adorning her lips only for it all to fade as she stared at a dark haired Cat-Kin—who took exquisite care of their tail— that tensed as the sharp gaze cut into her…

"Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you. Anya is currently on break, and I thought you may want your glass refilled."

Sayuri's frown morphed into a polite smile, "That would be wonderful, thank you. Could you bring me a glass of water as well?"

"Mhm, I'll be right back," The dark haired cat-kin retreated with silent steps, reminding Sayuri of the Kobold who had snuck up on her in the dungeon… Her mind was so absorbed with the Goblin in front while her sense of smell was clouded by its putrid scent that she hadn't noticed it until her body screamed at her.

As Sayuri delved into her thoughts, the cat-kin returned with an uncorked bottle of wine, and a glass of water. The Little Fox pulled out a small gold plated Valis and laid it on the table as the cat-kin refilled her glass of wine.

From the corner of her eye, Sayuri caught a youth slowly approaching the cat-kin from behind his hand reaching out for her gently swaying tail, "Miss—"

"Avery…" A soft tone left the cat-kin's lips as she showed Sayuri an apologetic smile, before pivoting in her feet and lifting the youth with one arm, "Haven't I told you before, that you can't sneak up on me? Now, where's your mother?"

Sayuri left the woman, and youth to their own devices as she lifted her glass to her lips. She heard the door open over the sound of the patrons, suddenly the establishment went silent, an intoxicating scent found her nose, while the silence allowed Sayuri to all too clearly hear the pair of rhythmic footfalls drawing closer. She didn't look over her shoulder, but she did briefly close her eyes as her tail fell into her lap.

As her eyes opened, and her gaze trailed to the side, Sayuri found Freya standing at the end of her table. Their eyes met and Sayuri felt a prick upon her mind—

[Status Updated! Divine Charm Resisted!]

The woman was beautiful, her features carried a sense of perfection that could only be found in the Divine, "I apologize, it is not something I have control over. Do you mind…?"

Her voice was akin to a smooth alcohol for the ears, Sayuri shook her head, "As you please, Goddess Freya."

The Goddess nodded as she took a seat, unlike Sayuri had expected the woman was modestly dressed. A tight turtleneck hugged her torso, while a dark pair of slacks veiled her long legs… Freya showed a small smile as she placed her elbows on the table and rested her chin in her hands, "You truly are beautiful…"

"Thank you, Goddess Freya, you too are a masterpiece of Feminine Design," Sayuri replied sincerely, her polite smile rising to her eyes as she gestured towards one of the waitresses. Who quickly arrived, "Would you bring a bottle and a glass?"

The elf gave a faint nod before retreating, leaving Freya to lightly giggle as Sayuri pulled out three large gold plated Valis and laid them on the end of the table, "Would you like to join me?"

Sayuri tilted her head, "In what manner, Goddess Freya?"

Freya couldn't stifle the laughter that rose from her throat, it was sweet and melodic, sensual in design…

"I—" The Goddess took a moment to catch her breath, "I've never been asked that before, most assume I mean to my bed… To experience a night that only a Goddess such as myself can provide, yet you… I see no lust in your eyes, my charm was crushed in your mind before it had a chance to flourish… This… You, seem to truly see me, and not the picture my {Charm} paints…"

Sayuri's eyes gained a hint of pity for the Goddess—Woman before her, "I can't imagine how lonely you must be Goddess, but if you wish for a comfortable night's rest, or merely someone to talk to. Feel free to find me."

Freya's smile weakened as her expression crumpled, her eyes softened as her voice choked slightly, "T-Thank you…"

Sayuri lightly hummed, as she brought her glass to her lips while the green haired elf returned with a half-empty bottle of wine and a glass. The elf partially filled the glass before taking the Valis set out on the table and retreating leaving the bottle behind.

The duo sat in silence, as the whole restaurant sat on the edge of their seats… Having never expected to see the two beauties sit together…

"Goddess Freya, was there something you wished to ask me?"

"Mhm?" Freya rose her gaze from the wine in her glass, "Ah, I don't know. I simply wished to meet you…"

Sayuri's smile softened, "It honors me to hear those words, Goddess Freya. I had never thought a woman of your stature would seek to meet me."

Silence befell the two once more as they simply basked in each other's presence, after a long moment Freya spoke, "I've seen that you and Ottar have grown quite close…"

[Status Updated! The Will of the World listens—]

Sayuri nodded as she blinked away the Status Update and set down her glass, "Yes, Goddess—

"Please, just call me Freya."

Sayuri smiled, "We have indeed, Freya, I don't dare claim to know what the future holds, but I believe we will continue to grow closer. Ottar and I have known each other for some time now, and our time spent together seems to grow with each passing day."

Freya smiled brightly, and Sayuri felt that prick in the back of her mind once again, a tinge of panic arose in Freya's eyes but as Sayuri blinked away the Status Updated she smiled, "Don't worry Freya, I take no offense, nor do I blame the actions of your Divinity on you. We all have negative traits we wish we could remove…"

Sayuri eyed [Former Slave] briefly before her gaze returned to Freya, "I don't believe it would take hold even if you had control over it, so you don't need to worry."

"That— Thank you Miss—"

"Call me Sayuri, please, it's only fair."

Freya nodded, her smile returning to her face, "Thank you Sayuri…"

The two, a Priestess of an Unknown God, and a Goddess lingered for a long time. They hadn't talked much, and when they had it was simple small talk with no real significance, but they both found each other's presence comfortable.


[Tower of Babel]

Freya laid on her bed, as bare as the day she was manifested as she stared at the ceiling, her hand cupping her breast as she felt the warmth in her chest. She hadn't heard the whispers of her Divinity since the Little Fox blessed her with a wonderful night, and enlightening dreams… For the first time since she had descended, Freya felt what it was like to have thoughts wholly of her own mind.

It was freeing… Unbelievably so…

"So, this is what she seeks," Freya muttered as her hand fell to the side, the unquenchable thirst for lewdity that filled her being had waned, and she hadn't felt her {Charm} act out once since she left the Hostess of Fertility.

For the first time she could truly smile, without having to worry about breaking the mind of a mortal with unending love for her…

For the first time she had met a mortal that was unaffected by her 'Curse'…

Perhaps, Freya had found a friend…

Though it was still too early to tell, Freya had some measure of hope building in her heart… For that night, Freya had forgotten about Odr, her dreams filled with sensations she'd never experienced…

The sensation of Morality… She had felt true death, what it means to be alive, true love, heartbreak, pain, sadness, kinship… Had she ever experienced such a thing, or had she only experienced skinship…?

The dream she had experienced that night, opened her mind to sensations it never knew…

Though, only one question lingered in her mind…

What was a Friend…


Sayuri woke up the next day with a mild hangover, rising from her bed with a groan as the cold morning air rushed over her exposed skin as she threw her bed cover to the side.

Slowly sitting up, Sayuri found her clothes uncharacteristicly strewn across the floor, she hardly remembered climbing into bed the night before. A thick haze veiled much of her memories of the night, shaking her head in hopes of clearing her mind; causing her ears to flop around, Sayuri turned planting her feet on the cold hardwood floor shocking her mind into a state of wakefulness.

Dragging herself to the bathtub, Sayuri began to run steaming hot water as she sat on the floor, her head throbbing as she understood that she had drank far too much wine, and now she was experiencing the consequences of her actions.

As the tub filled, and she sank her body into its heated depths, a pleasant moan slipped from her lips, her mind blanked for a long moment as she simply enjoyed the heat against her skin…

It took her a long moment to begin washing herself, and once she had finished she could see streams of golden radiance washing across the sky. Faintly panicked that she wouldn't make it to her stall in time, Sayuri hurriedly threw together an outfit and grabbed it as she ran downstairs gathering all the Meal Boxes she prepared and swiftly moving towards the door as she pulled a skirt up her legs and a sweater over her head…

She felt as if she had forgotten something, but a knock at the door pulled her away from that thought as she slightly opened it, a look of befuddlement washing over her face as she stared at the figure who interrupted her morning duties, "Hello…? What are you doing at my house so early in the morning? I don't believe we know each other…"

The man only smiled at her words, a divine radiance barely contained in his form, "I've come to honor you with the joy of joining my Familia—"

"Not interested, now if you would please move aside. I'm already running late. I apologize for any rudeness, but search for Familia Members elsewhere."

The man's expression stiffened, as if he had never had a shadow of doubt the Little Fox would refuse him. His golden hair fell as he lowered his head, as his smile cramped. His gaze rose to find Sayuri's back as she moved to a cart in the corner of the property, his brillant radiant eyes showcasing his persistence he approached her from behind, his hand—

"Don't! Touch me…" Sayuri snarled, her pronounced fangs baring her ferocity as she smacked his hand away.

A deep frown turned his smile upside down, as he let out a stifled grown, "You lowly sow! Feel honored—"

"LEAVE! NOW!" Sayuri roared, her hangover only furthering her annoyance and anger at the God standing before her.


Sayuri stiffened, the pain washing through her face stunning her long enough for the man to wrap his palm around her mouth, as a red handprint began to flourish on her cheek.

Despite what many believe, while they may inhabitant mortal—divine vessels, a God's/Goddess' divinity can be used to increase their physical ability. It is heavily dependent on their {Spheres of Divinity}, but even a God/Goddess of poetry could inflict damage upon a Third Rate Adventurer…

As for Sayuri, who only had a peak mortal frame, and pitiful stats… She had definitely felt it…

Her hand shot to his wrist, in a crushing attempt to pry it off her face, while his other hand trapped her free arm. As he swiped her feet out from under her…

There was next to nothing she could do, except overpower the God on top of her, "You! Will! Join! MY! Familia!"

She squirmed as she tried to break loose from his hold, while he tried to flip her over to reveal her back. For the briefest of moments she entertained the thought of killing the God…

She hiked her hips forcing him further up her torso, a sickening feeling washed through her body and mind as his legs framed her breasts while raising her legs, and with a violent movement Sayuri rocked herself forward, somehow catching one knee under her frame as she slowly powered her way to her feet.

Sayuri caught a pair of hurried, light steps, but it was already too late as she slammed the God onto the ground with every ounce of strength in her being. The impact washed through her body, as the body underneath her fell limp…

She fell back, heaving heavy breaths as she half expected a golden pillar of light to announce God's death… Sayuri turned to the newly arrived figure who looked over her, with an outstretched palm Sayuri flatly chanted, "Imbue—"

The figure leapt back, "Wait!! Goddess Freya sent me!"

Sayuri stifled her chant, feeling the slight recoil of 'Mind' as the half-manifested magic was yanked back into her body. A long sigh slipped her lips as she sat there staring at the unconscious God, and before long Freya stormed onto the scene.

Her visage was the epitome of rage, as her lavender Divinity flickered and flared around her body just barely contained within her frame, she splayed out her hand to the cat-kin at her side, and a dagger was placed into her palm…

Silently, Freya straddled the God, before driving the dagger into his chest, puncturing his heart with one violent stab, the Goddess leaned over and whispered into his ear as he startled awake, "Apollo, please die for me… Okay?"

Her tone was soft, sultry, and unnaturally pleasant to the ears as she gently caressed his face, Sayuri felt a heat bloom in her body before—

[Status Updated! Greater Divine Charm Resisted!]

Just before a golden beam descended, Freya planted a light kiss upon the God's lips, "May you pray, I never return to Genkai…"

As Freya bathed in the golden light, she slowly rose to her feet, her vague outline growing clearer with every step she took to the light's threshold.

The Goddess bound over to Sayuri practically tackling her into a tight hug, forcing the Little Fox to blink away another Status Update, "Sayuri?! Are you okay? That filth didn't mark you did he?! Ugh! I should have tortured him first!"

The Goddess worriedly looked over a Sayuri, keeping the Little Fox locked in place with a strong grasp on her shoulder as the Goddess' silver eyes wandered her frame, "Sayuri? Why aren't you wearing panties? Did— did that bastard—?!"

Sayuri was pulled out of her frozen state, and looked down to find Freya crouching before her, a single finger gently lifting the hem of her skirt. A thick blush washed over Sayuri's face as her hand shot down, washing the hem of fabric from atop Freya's fingers…

It was an eventful morning in Oriaro…

A number of Freya's Familia members stood guard outside Sayuri's humble home, as the Little Fox served the Goddess a glass of tea. Guild Officials stormed the area, while GLD blocked the street… Silently pouring, not only the Goddess, but also a Guild Manager and GLD Detective a glass of tea, Sayuri returned to the kitchen. Before appearing with four meals, all of which were from her personal collection…

Despite the fact that a God had died in her lawn, and had attempted to forcibly induct her into his Familia, Sayuri refused to be a bad host. Even if the guests had —kind of— forced their way in…

Sayuri sighed as she sat down on her heels, internally cursing the fact that only the worst kind of trouble seems to find her. Though she could only heave a breath of relief knowing, that she wasn't going to be imprisoned, something Freya made abundantly clear.

Slightly disappointed that no one other than Freya had touched their food, or their tea… Sayuri quietly ate her meal, while the Guild Official stared at her. The GLD Detective was constantly surveying the house from his seat, but it was obvious he wanted to do a more thorough search… For some reason believing that Sayuri had something to hide, despite the focus of his investigation supposedly being the Goddess, Freya.

Sayuri sighed, missing Ottar's tyrannical presence at the moment. It was always oddly soothing, as it tried to dominate her 'mind' when she poked and prodded it with her mana, something about its constant failed attempts brought warmth to her heart…

Sayuri had tuned out the talks happening in her home, as she simply tried to enjoy her meal while missing Ottar, only to be pulled back into focus— "Miss Shizuka? Are you even listening?"

Sayuri slightly tilted her head, "No? This doesn't concern me anymore than it already has, it wasn't my first time being handled roughly, nor was it my first time nearly being forcibly inducted into a Familia. I doubt it would be my last either, I am a Priestess who can use Magic without a Blessing after all, I doubt there are many who could resist the temptation."

The GLD detective frowned, while the Guild Official leaned forward, "Do you mind expanding on that—"

"I do," Sayuri replied flatly, "I am neither a part of a Familia, nor am I an adventurer under your purview. I have no obligation to expand upon, nor explain anything pertaining to my magic and/or ability."

"Then you wouldn't mind showing us your back…?"

Sayuri momentarily closed her eyes, "I do mind—"


Freya frowned but Sayuri gestured to her, before continuing, "I don't make a habit of undressing before men… However, if you deem that my modesty; no matter how little it may seem worth, is a 'worthy sacrifice' for your curiosity. I have no choice do I?"

The men tensed as Freya's chilling gaze drifted from Sayuri to them. Her tone was sharp, "Your here, in this house because of her hospitality, which Sayuri has graciously shown after you —forced— your way into her home. Instead of waiting for me to finish this wonderful glass of tea, and step outside.

Now, you both not only have tea, but also food laid before you thanks to our gracious host. I implore you both learn some manners, before I—"

"Freya, please don't threaten them in my home."

"I apologize," Freya lightly dipped her head, shocking the two men to their core, she took a sip of her tea "Sayuri, this tea is absolutely amazing. May I ask for the recipe?"

Sayuri lightly nodded, "It's from a shop near your Familia Manor, it's a small one managed by a family of Half-Elves. I'll give you the address, and a few recommendations when we are finished. I've only added a touch of honey to your glass."

"Mhm, thank you," Freya turned her gaze back to the men in the room, "Now, where were we? Ah! The part where I straddled Apollo and drove a dagger into his heart! Can you believe he got an erection, I knew Apollo was a sick bastard but—"

"Freya, I believe that was because of your {Charm}…" Sayuri gently interrupted, her voice soft and comforting…

The Goddess' voice grew quiet as she shrank in on herself, fingering the rim of her glass, "Oh… I hadn't noticed…"


Aiden sat in his office, mulling over the paperwork that accompanied the Forceful Ascension of a God. Though his mind was elsewhere as his thoughts lingered around the dynamic between the Priestess; a woman who despite being wholly mortal had the ability to survive the onslaught of a Second Rate Adventurer, and Freya; a Goddess known for the difficulty of simply being in her presence.

To him, it looked as if the kitsune had managed to secure the Goddess under her thumb, the manner and confidence in which the Priestess; a mortal, would gently scold the Goddess as if she was naught more than a temperamental child.

Incorporating the fact that Freya herself admitted to killing Apollo because he—

'Dared to have his degenerate mind set upon —her— friend, and the gall to be dirty —Sayuri's— skin with his disgusting touch… To fill her nose with his filthy breath—'

Was only the beginning of her admission to killing the God's mortal—divine vessel…

Let alone the fact that the woman; Sayuri Shizuka, had her previous arrest records sealed, and that the Guild 'Far East' Sub-Division has no record of her birth. Only led his thoughts deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole.

Pushing the papers in front of him to the side, he picked up a 'Status Check'. A rarely used form, that was only employed when a God/Goddess is suspected of deliberately hiding a Familia Member's level. It needed the agreement of either 12 Gods/Goddesses, or a stark majority of the Gods it was brought to and the Status would be checked by the Main Branch Manager of the Guild; a man who acts as Ouranos' voice in the Guild, himself.

Staring at the form, the Aiden heaved a sigh before slowly filling out all the needed information, as well as his reasons and evidence for the accusation. Leaving the name of the Familia blank…


[6 Days Later]

Sayuri packed up her stall, and began to wheel her cart away as she spotted a familiar figure running towards her from a distance. He was covered in a light layer of filth, but that didn't hinder Sayuri's ability to recognize him as the large man's tyrannical presence washed over her, "Ottar!"

She barreled into his chest, wrapping her arms around his frame causing the boaz to momentarily stiffen before returning the hug, "Sayuri…" his voice was deep and smooth…

"Ah! You need a bath! Come on, let's go to my house. I'll cook you a large meal, and you can take a bath there. Hopefully, you'll learn to stop using that terrible mixture you call soap once you realize the truth of skin and hair care!"

Ottar wasn't able to reply as Sayuri took his hand and began to pull him towards her cart where she released his hand and began to hum a joyful tune. Ottar could practically feel the happiness radiating off of her as her tail writhed and swayed, occasionally brushing against Ottar's arm as if to make sure that he was still there. A warmth began to build in his chest, as he fell into step with her comparatively shorter stride…

Allowing him to enjoy the moment, for much longer as they walked the short distance to Sayuri's home… Only for confusion, anger, and worry to grip his heart as he spoke the circle of charred earth in her front yard.

Having felt him stop, Sayuri turned to find his eyes dyed with worry as her gaze briefly shifted to the circle of charred earth, "Mhm…? The grass will grow back if that is what has you worried, if you're wondering who it was. It was Apollo, Freya forced him to ascend almost a week ago when he tried to force me into his Familia."


"Mhm, I was going to tell you the story when you got out of the bath, because you stink. I don't mean to be rude, but all I can smell is the blood of monsters clinging to your skin," Sayuri unlocked the door, and walked inside taking off her shoes, "Leave your clothes outside the bathroom, towels are in the second cabinet on the left wall, washcloths in the third."

She pulled her hair up and pinned it with a hairpin on a shelf by the door, before making her way into the house, looking back she added with a serious expression, "Use any of the products you want, I have plenty more that you could take to your house when you're done."

Sayuri turned around to face him as she reached the other side of the stairs, as she took off her kimono and hung the outer fabric on a rack, a smile formed on to her face, "Make yourself at home, I'll have your clothes cleaned and food ready by the time your finished."

Ottar sighed, a small 'bright' smile worming it was on his face as he lightly spoke while making his way up the stairs, the boards softly creaking under his large frame, "Thank you."

Sayuri gave a nod in reply as her smile grew deeper, her hands in clasped and fell to her side as she turned around and stepped into the kitchen adorning a different outer cloth as she began gathering ingredients, and specifically prepared meat that was under a heavy [Preservation Blessing] that would only need a few turns in a hot pan to finish.

It looked a bit unappetizing at first, but seared wonderfully and the initial preparation process didn't affect the taste so it spread along Sayuri's now monthly meal preparation.

As she adjusted the heat of the pan, Sayuri's gaze wandered to the storeroom packed with ice boxes knowing that soon her produce delivery would arrive. With her eyes tightening, she poured her focus into cooking until she could hear the water stop running through the pipes in the wall next to her; since the master bathroom was directly above the kitchen, before facing away from the meal she was cooking with a soft, "Imbue—Preservation."

Fluidly making her way up the steps, she strode into her bedroom and picked the clothes from in front of the door before quietly retreating from the room and making her way downstairs. She spent the next while exchanging her time between washing the clothes, and cooking the food; rigorously washing her hands and arms in between.

By the time the vegetables and potatoes had finished, she placed four thick slices of meat in two of the pans, before cracking eight eggs into the last. The clothes only need to dry, something that could be done in an instant with a soft, "Imbue—Warmth, Protection."

Something Sayuri had gotten fairly proficient in doing, making the process of meal preparation a simple enough affair that she occasionally pondered doubling the amount of Meal Boxes she sells daily…

Sayuri shook the straying thoughts from her mind as she made her way up the stairs and deposited the clothes on her bed; because why would she lay clean clothes in the floor, before making swiftly her way back downstairs to flip the meat and take them off the heat before dropping in a few drops of water and capping it with a lid.

As she waited for the top of the eggs to finish cooking and the yolks to start to thicken, she began to toast a number of pieces of bread just as she heard the door open above.

Pulling the meat from the heat, she began plating the large meal before putting on a pot of tea and grabbing a pot of honey and a few utensils.

By the time she heard Ottar coming down the steps, Sayuri was already moving to lay the plates on the table just as the pot began to whistle…

As Ottar's eyes found her frame a Status Update appeared—

[Status Updated! Positive Trait Gained! (Productive Time Management)]

Blinking it away she sent him a smile, before briskly moving towards the kitchen where she loaded the tea pot into a tray alongside a jar of honey, and a container of sugar cubes, among other things.

As Ottar took a seat, staring down at the massive meal before him, his gaze briefly shifted to the one at the other end of the table; matching his in size, before shifting to the 'small' woman pouring him a glass of tea, "Sugar…?"

Her bright smile dazed Ottar for a moment before his gaze shifted to her delicate hands and he shook his head, Sayuri hummed as she made her way over to her seat, gingerly pouring herself tea before returning the tray to the center of the table and taking her seat, with a soft, "Itadakimasu," she began to eat and Ottar followed.

Like always, Ottar's expectations for the food were shattered, just the moment he believes it couldn't get better it does.

Yet, he could help but wonder how that woman manages to find room in her 'small' frame…

The meal, and much of the day was spent in relative silence, as both enjoyed the peace and quiet, but there was much small talk to be had, they spent the majority of the remaining day enjoying each other's presences before Sayuri heard boxes being stacked outside.

After helping the Little Foxes move the produce inside, Ottar left while Sayuri made her way to her woven mat to groom her tail…


[Tower of Babel]

Freya heard a knock upon her door, "Enter," she already knew who was outside.

Who else, but her Champion, a smile came to her face as she turned in her seat popping a grape into her mouth.

The Goddess was dressed simply, in an oversized hoodie and a loose pair of comfortable pants. Ottar took a moment to study the woman, momentarily unbelievable that it was his Goddess. He hadn't seen her for a month, and she underwent a complete change…

Furrowing his brows, Ottar's gaze fell upon the assortment of snacks surrounding her seat, the numerous different bottles of wine, and flavored drinks littered her surroundings, "Hello, Ottar, how was your day?"

There was a knowing smile on her face, yet the glint in her eyes brought him no small amount of warmth…

Happiness, something he hadn't seen in his Goddess' eyes the whole time he'd known her…

What had happened while he was absent…?

His eyes landed in the crystal ball, a scene of Sayuri grooming her tail visible on its surface…


Freya…? What—?


[2 Months Later]

Sayuri, wrapped in an armor made from dungeon drops from the 7th floor, and leather dropped from Hell Hounds, explored the 1st floor.

Scouring the First Floor's untravelled paths for any monsters that reveal themselves, Sayuri didn't have to wait long as irredeemable the scent of a mistreated tail caught her nose. Pivoting a resounding clash of sparks brightened the dimly lit passage, giving a clear view of kobolds rusty brown fur and disease ridden maw.

Back stepping with the momentum of the strike, Sayuri poised her spear thrusting forward with a lunge, spearing the Kobald through the chest shattering its Magic Crystal, before twirling around as the putrid scent of Goblins intensified.

Catching sight of three beady eyes reflecting the dim light a dark malicious red, Sayuri light stepped forward after ensuring the Kobold broke down into ash. Swiping the head of her spear across the first Goblin to recklessly charged, a stone whizzed past her ear; which flicked out the way, as she ducked under a pouncing goblin using the shaft of her spear to stop it's childish hands from grabbing her tied back hair.

With monsters on either side, Sayuri suppressed the budding dread building in the depths of her mind before twirling around and charging the closer of the two goblins, while also retreating into the area she had just passed through.

Driving her foot into the Goblin as he recovered from his light tumble, she sent him further down the passage enough distance for her to feel comfortable enough to stop and split her attention between the Goblin at her feet and the one chasing after her.


Sayuri's words were cut short, as the Goblin she had slashed across the chest pounced at her from a darkness in the passage. Its chest bled heavily, and it won't be long before it falls from blood loss, but she still winced as she realized she forgot to make sure it had died…

Quickly killing the Goblin at her feet, by vigorously stomping on its neck, she tried to regain her momentum under the attacks of the two goblins. As she continued to be pushed back, a gust of wind turned the two goblins into the past as Ottar stood in front, looking down at her with a narrowed gaze.

Sayuri sighed, "I know, forgot to verify a kill…"

Ottar's gaze softened, "You did well, you wouldn't have lost your life as I'm sure you could escape, and you've done well not to rely on that Instant Death magic like you were before…"

Ottar stepped to the side as he continued, while Sayuri picked the Magic Crystals from the remains, "Your skill and accuracy with the spear is at an acceptable level for you to start treading into the Second Floor, while your reaction speed would allow you to survive on the fourth… Do you want to try heading down today, or will you continue on the First Floor?"

"I'll stay on the first floor, I don't want to get too far ahead of myself before I've fully adjusted and adapted to the Dungeon. I'm still forgetting certain things…"

Ottar watched Sayuri as she paused for a moment, her crouched figure focused as her ears lightly twitched, a small smile formed in his face before it quickly devolved into a frown, "Good, you've noticed… That is a Monster Party. The first floor is about to be flooded—"

Sayuri rose to her feet, her expression hardening as she clutched her short spear, "Let's go, this might be my only chance to experience it safely."

Ottar sighed as his stats flooded his body, turning him into a blur before fading from Sayuri's eyes; she couldn't even hear his steps, only a faint pressure from his Status indicating that he was still close by…

Sayuri sprinted at a moderate pace; as to not exhaust herself, her cerulean orbs hardened as the sounds of a distant clash grew louder, a few shouts found her ears immediately followed by a sharp scream. Her face tensed as the scream cluttered her ears, as the scene of dozens of Goblins filled her eyes. A kobold pounced at her, falling upon her readied spear as a handful of goblins charged.

A number more lingered in the distance, their attention shifting her way as she freed her spear, "Imbue— Death, Preservation."

She softly chanted, guaranteeing three kills as long as her spear found them within the next ten seconds. She met the charging Goblins halfway, half-pivoting to swipe her spearhead across their chests as three of the four dropped to the ground, planting down her left foot she turned to swipe into a thrust as she placed her free casting hand on the pommel of her spear catching it as she loosened her main hand, softly intoning, "Imbue—Warmth, Preservation," to illuminate her surroundings with a floating orb of warmth.

The Goblins shrank back from the warm light for a brief moment, allowing Sayuri to recall her spear into her main hand and intone another, "Imbue—Death, Preservation."

Slowly Sayuri began to cut through the Monster Party, rapidly emptying out her mana as the familiar pressure of grievous mana loss began to build in her mind, swirling around and mixing with a slowly budding sensation that weighed on her shoulders.

[Death Imbuement] was heavily dependent on the strength of the being it was inflicted upon, the stronger the being, the more mana that would be drained and the more stress accumulated on her 'Mind'; the guiding force of mana.

With a half dozen orbs of warmth lingering behind her, illuminating her possible retreat path, and the trail of her slaughter. Sayuri could begin to make out a small party of Adventurer, a large Half-Dwarf carried a bleeding pallum over his shoulder while madly swinging his war hammer at anything that approached from the front while a cat-kin and a human fended off the sides. They were making considerable progress in their retreat but the number of the monsters seemed endless.


Before she could even finish, a whirlwind of blades thrashed through the monster party, littering the surroundings dismembered limbs and dissected bodies as Sayuri pulled her hood tightly over her head veiling much of her face without obstructing her vision.

The small party of Adventurers quickly took the chance to run, leaving Sayuri to watch their retreat as she moved widely around Ottar's blurred form to finish off any stragglers chasing the party.

The massacre soon came to a slow, and then a stop as Sayuri quickly made her way to Ottar, knowing that a second Monster Party could spawn since it had ended rather quickly. After many moments, Ottar loosened his shoulders and returned his large black swords to his back. Looking down at Sayuri he nodded, "How much 'mind' did you use?"

Sayuri suppressed a frown at her liberal use of her mana, "About half, it's starting to regenerate but I'll need some rest before it's full again."

Ottar nodded, "You want to continue? We planned to be down here for another hour or so…"

Sayuri shook her head, "I'd rather not draw on my 'Mind' any more than necessary tonight, I'm still recovering from last week… Bringing myself to the brink of 'Mind Down' three times in a day is a bit much…"

Ottar deeply nodded as he watched Sayuri harvest the Magic Crystals from the corpses, "You're the one that wanted to head into a Pantry, I warned you."

Sayuri huffed, "I wouldn't have done it if you weren't there, plus you were adamant that you could even kill a juggernaut if it spawned on the First Floor…"

The two went back and forth lightheartedly a few times as Sayuri moved to finish harvesting the intact Magic Crystals, before heading back towards the Entrance of the Dungeon. Slowly making their way back up the spiraling steps to the surface, where they split ways with a promise to do the same thing next week.

As Sayuri closed the door behind her, a Status Update—

[Status Updated! Stats Gained!

Name: Sayuri Shizuka

Titles - Little Fox, Otherworldly Being

Physical Vessel: {Expand}

Race: Kitsune (Humelf)

Class: Priestess - Magic Stat Growth +200%

Level: 1

Stats -

• Strength: F-354

• Endurance: F-354

• Dexterity: F-354

• Agility: F-354

• Magic: F-356

• Spirit Pleasure (Ignes Lumen) - I

• Hastened Regeneration (Ignes Lumen) - I

• Composure (Ignes Lumen) - I

Skills -

• Ignes Lumen

Magic -

• Magic Bestowal

Traits -

• Positive: Soft Skin, Pliant Flesh, Greater Athleticism, Otherworldly Feline Dexterity, Adaptive, Adorable Feline Ears, Elegant Feline Tail, Fast Learner, Magically Gifted, Survivor, Otherworldly Vulpine Priestess' Grace, Otherworldly Vulpine Priestess' Charm, Otherworldly Natural-Born Chef, Otherworldly Devout Priestess, Otherworldly, Divine Vessel (Sealed), Divine Beauty (Sealed), Productive Time Managment

• Negative: Insensitive, Infertile, Former Slave, Minor Exhibitionist


Looking over the 57 stat gain, Sayuri blinked away her Status content with her gains, before making her way up the stairs to take a bath and clean all the blood and filth from her poor tail…

As she sank into the steaming water, she loosened a long breath and soaked for a long moment before gently squeezing the blood from her fur and hair. Rising out of the bath, she drained and refilled the tub with clean steaming water before sinking in once more. This time, she cleaned herself.

As she stepped out of the bathroom, with a thin juban draped over her frame she heard a knock at the door. Curious who it might be, Sayuri draped a kimono around her shoulders before making her way down the stairs, and opening the door to find Freya on the other side wearing what seems to be only a baggy hoodie with a delivery bag from the Hostess of Fertility in one hand and a bottle of expensive looking wine in the other.

With a smile, Sayuri invited her inside…

Who was she to turn away her favorite Goddess, who came bearing gifts?

Sayuri would never do such a thing.

It seems celebrating a successful return from the dungeon with Freya would be a regular event, one Sayuri would not shy away from…

The Little Fox eagerly made her way to the kitchen, intent on making much more snacks to go along with their wine. Sayuri was definitely going to have a hangover when she woke up…

However, she didn't expect to find the Goddess slumbering on her sofa when she awoke, nor did Ottar who soon arrived at her door…

Though, Sayuri found her morning enjoyable and decided she'd provide double the meals at her stall from then on.

Slowly, 'Little Fox Meal Stall' grew larger, its name spreading with more intensity through Oriaro, gathering more customers to return the balance around the little stall, and after a few days, Sayuri found herself selling out before noon once again. Introducing little change in her daily life.


[2 Years, 2 Months, & 14 Days Later]

A White Rabbit stepped into Orario with wonder in his eyes, a Goal in his mind, and the pure will to see it achieved… Through a question lingered in his mind—

Is it wrong to pick up girls in a Dungeon?


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