2 War

Takemikazuchi studied the boy in front of him. His familia had just gotten into the dungeon city and he was already intrigued.

The boy in front of him had long black hair that reached down to his backside, his eyes held a steel gaze and he stood there with a stoic face, his body was coiled like a snake ready to strike like a veteran adventurer but he looked at most 16.

He may have been a very tall Pallum but the God's instinct told him he was human.

His children behind him tensed but the smile stayed on his face, they would be getting a brother soon!

"Hello child I am Takemikazuchi, the God of War and the Sword"

The child's eyes narrowed in suspicion, I could already feel righteous anger from my children behind me. Some would automatically assume I am a bloodthirsty tyrant, but I don't think that's what the boy is suspicious about.

"Takemikazuchi-sama is not a bloodthirsty god like Ares, he's a peaceful man" Mikoto bless her soul, picks up on the boy's posture and immediately defends me, I truly do love my children.

The boy looked as if he believed her and relaxed his posture, but Takemikazuchi could easily see through his pose, this boy was almost as good as him at deception.

If anything it seemed as if he was trained in the shinobi arts, now that would be a surprise.

"Are you the god of anything else?" the boy was trained in the ways of Shinobi, question underneath another question.

How peculiar, of course, this didn't automatically make you a Shinobi but with everything he had already seen, it was piling up.

"No I am not a god of shinobi" he tested the waters and the only reaction from the boy was a slight tension in his left pinky. It seemed as if this boy had been trained for decades in a forgotten art, how very strange.

"Very well, I would like to request to join your familia."

(3rd person)

Takemikazuchi was surprised but he didn't let it show, at least to his children, Madara caught onto it easily. He had allowed his surprise to previously so that the man would answer his question, shinobi can usually pick up minute details like that.

Madara could easily see another shinobi in the man, the way he walks, and the way he breathes are all telltale signs that this man was a shinobi.

And apparently, he was a god, so he would like to be in a familia with a shinobi heading it, maybe it wouldn't be too bad, but the man's bloody presence now that he had gotten close enough seemed almost like it was... locked.

As if his bloody and war-like presence was chained, it was very odd, but he had his secrets, all shinobi did, so he wouldn't ask.

"Why would you want to join my familia?" Takemikazuchi asked honestly befuddled.

"You are the only god I feel will be tolerable" Madara's tact was astounding.

Takemikazuchi's brow twitched in annoyance.

"That's it?"


The twitch grew to an alarming rate until the god's shoulders drooped and he sighed.

"Sure" The boy nodded while Ouka just watched on in confusion. Mikoto's angry posture quickly straightened. Confusion broke through her now, stoic mask.

The familia and Madara walked to the guild.

"So how old are you?" Asuka tried to start a conversation.


"So what is your favorite thing to do?"


"Train what?"

"My abilities"

Asuka stopped trying to make conversation. Mikoto chuckled at the brunette's sad expression at her dismissal.

The familia signed in with the guild and were all given advisors, even Madara as they had told the guild that he would have a Falna soon enough.

Takemikazuchi walked out of the guild and smiled his family was now part of the Dungeom city Orario, and he already had a new adventurer!

Sure the kid held many secrets but he could easily sense the unwavering kindness locked away between a cold exterior. (mhm)

He would have to talk to his children, they would need to break him out of his shell! They always did.

Madara on the other hand simply just stared ahead, waiting for the time when he could get a Falna and finally go into the depths of the dungeon. He had almost burned down the pantheon when they said he wasn't allowed without it last week.

He clenched his hand, his turbulent emotions showing for barely an instant. He of course had sneaked in 1 or 2 times but the sneaking, to be completely honest with you, was boring.

It had gotten almost done easily without anyone having chakra. Just a simple henge and he was off. He also has been going to insane lengths to get better chakra control. So he honestly didn't have time.

Mikoto watched the boy not very subtly, she did not understand why her god had accepted him so easily, was he skilled? They couldn't have known each other beforehand, so what was going on?

Chigusa was suspicious of the boy as well but didn't decide to study him like Mikoto.

Ouka was just trying to find a house where they were all to live in.

And Asuka was still pouting over Madara's casual dismissal of her while she was trying to get to know the boy.

And this gentleman was the Takemikazuchi Familia, that would take Orario by storm.

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