8 Orario

The whole city of Orario was shaking.

Ottar the king of the city narrowed his eyes, somebody strong had appeared, his stoic face let loose a small smirk.

A green haired elf that was killing a man at the moment went into a crazed state as she eviscerated the man even further. She didn't like the feeling she was getting.

Takemikazuchi took one long look around and than at the paper that had been on his desk for a week.

He shoved his head into his hands while groaning in annoyance

Mikoto felt the shaking and got to practicing her sword style with an even crazier furver.


Madara walked out of the dungeon once more this time actually having scratches on him. Well at least on his clothing.

Madara had studied every single thing he could about Chakra when he had hit old age.

So obviously he knew how to heal, and when he got even better Chakra control, the scalpels would do better than any weapon he could find here, simply because of how strong his Chakra+Mind combo was.

If he was a child he would say it was broken but he wasn't....so he wouldn't.

Anyways the grin that had spread across the boys face from the battle earlier today did not go away. Obviously a grin on the face of the great Madara Uchiha would inspire fear and terror through all of the Elemental Nations

But he wasn't there, he was in Orario.

So obviously he had gained some...female attention.

"Oi brat get the smug grin off your face before I smack it off" Madara's grin grew at the taunt and turned around to see a very large dwarf. The man's wife, behind him, not so subtely studying Madara.

The man was big, and thats the only description he would give to the man in front of him simply because thats the only thing he would remember.

The man was on the floor the next second, while Madara just grinned his way to the guild.

Rose saw the grin and actually almost blushed, the very serious boy was happy, it was a suprise to see. Her happy mood would soon crumble.

The nice moment was ruined when he dropped a Udaeus crystal onto the magic stone counter.

The guild stopped dead.

Rose couldn't control herself.

"WHAT IN THE WORLD IS WRONG WITH YOU!!" Rose wrapped her hands around the desk and yelled at the boy. Who in turn looked at her, grin never moving from his face.

"Absolutely nothing, I had a wonderful time" This once again stopped everybody.

A boy, not even an adult yet, had deposited a monster rex magic stone, and instead of being dead or extremely traumatized had said "he had fun"

Rose sunk below the guilds front desk and just sat there, not even responding to her coworkers, trying to get her attention.

'Why, why me, why did the hellion choose me to be his advisor'

Madara walked out of the guild with a grin still in place.

He just couldn't help it, his body felt great, the best its ever been in both lives and he had an amazing fight.

And he could do it again! This time he would be even stronger and he would go further, pushing himself farther.

This world was simply to great.


Takemikazuchi looked at his child's back and prayed.

'Ouranos give me strength, Ouranos give me strength Ouranos gi- oh who am I kidding what the fuck is this shit!'

Madara Uchiha


Strength G-278

Endurance E-367

Dexterity E-356

Agility E-376

Magic G-255


Chakra- Being able to balance Mind and Body energies allows this being to use Chakra, the energy to accomplish anything

Pure Uchiha- The curse is lifted, your Sharingan will not be tainted by the Rabbit Goddess, you are free to use the Bloodline limit to the best of your ability!

Shinobi- The softest of movements can be hardest of blows! Being trained in the way of Shinobi, you will be stronger, you will be faster and you will be a Shinobi.

Synergy- Because you have Chakra and mana when you combine them you get a large upgrade in all stats! It will drain you quickly, however!

Battle Maniac- For now all your care about is battle, it fuels your desire to live and once you are in it, you don't want to get out, Exelia gain will increase the happier you are!

Sharingan- The eyes of the Uchiha clan, able to cast illusions and give high perception to there user

Perfect body- all birth defects have been removed, body works at maximum efficiency, minor regeneration.

'oh 2 new skills thats cool, oh wait the brat leveled up without my help, oh welp, that makes sense.'

Takemikazuchi gave the child the stat sheet and walked out of the room before he started slamming his head into the wall repeatedly.

Madaras grin grew, not from a bloody battle or from a rival bashing a fist against his but simply from his gods antics. The man was kinda funny.

The boy shook his head, got rid of his grin and got up to go looking for some of his sibl- familia members.

Chigusa was unfortunately found first.

"Your form is terrible"

"How would one fight like that?"

"No, not like that"

"Yes, like that"


She was going to murder this kid and shove his head on a pike while smiling.

"Its not nice to think bad thoughts" A sandle was than planted firmly into her face after the boys monitone quip was heard.

Sending her and her sword to the ground with a large groan.

Madara nodded and walked off, ready to make sure none of his familia members died, it would be...unfortunate if they were to do so.


Somehow they irritated him enough to not go to the dungeon today but to take a "break" how troublesome. He wanted to fight things

Mikoto had asked him for a spar, than Asuka walked in with Ouka and they asked her to join them to go to some pub.

He obviously not wanting to intrude just went to go get ready for his dungeon dive but was stoped by Asuka.

"Madara you should come with us yo-"

"No" Madara was ready to be free when the women grasped his shoulder.

She was lucky her whole entire arm was not off her body.

"Madara please, you need to do something instead of just running head first into the dungeon" The boy in question turned around, the pleading look from the women was not going to stop him.

But than Ouka looked over her shoulder with a solem face, while Mikoto had a resigned smile as if she already knew he would decline.

His eyebrow twitched in irritation, why were these children manipulating him like this?


"I will join you than" Asuka immediately brightened as did Ouka while Mikoto's smile turned happy.

Madara did not like the way there happiness did something to the cold feelings in his chest.

Usually his heart would only beat out of rhythm in combat but now for some odd reason, it was speeding up.

How very troublesome.

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