Dangerously Romantic Book

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Dangerously Romantic


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Founded almost 50 years ago, Rosewood High welcomes another year of exceptional performances. 'Rosewood High', America's most prestigious school. It's unlike any other school, home to the elite and the academically gifted. It's known to sire graduates, some of who, have become the most successful and influential people alive today. Survival of the fittest, those who can't handle the pressures or workload, the weak, will be weeded out and discarded. Today three students, walk towards these gates, chasing their futures; unbeknownst to them the danger lurking behind the shadows. One young man, who cares for nothing but his ambitions and advancing his career, will have no choice but to confront past demons. Lives will entwine. Perceptions will change. Everything is not as it seems. Claws and fangs waiting for you at every turn. Whispers, betrayals, secrets lay dormant begging to be let out. Will they prevail or will they succumb to the challenges ahead? So in true Rosewood High spirit I say 'Let the games begin'.