Danganronpa: The Tale of Hifumi Yamada

Transmigrated into the Body of Hifumi Yamada after he accidentally choked to death on some hard ramen our hero is thrown into the World of Danganronpa. Shinigami: BOO! Yamada: Ahh?! A ghost!…. Wait Shinigami? What are you doing here? This isn’t Rain Code! Shinigami: Kyahahaha! Don’t sweat the small stuff, I’m here to help you out in your life in this world after all! Yamada: What are you talking about? I’m in Danganronpa! The world is already screwed in a few years time! How the hell am I gonna Survive this hell hole?! I don’t want to be thrown into any death game like this! Shinigami: You need to learn to Relaaaaax, Just let Shinigami help you survive, but don’t worry the lady that sent you here altered the world a bit so you don’t need to worry about all those events in the original world, besides those wouldn’t work with all the new characters brought from V3 and several other worlds into this one after all! Yamada: …. Say what now? ***** There will be Multiversal world hoping along with his world being a hodgepodge of different stories as well just so you know. Danganronpa Alternate Universe includes Trigger Happy Havoc, Danganronpa 2 & V3, Saiki K, Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, Daily Lives of Highschool Boys, K-ON!, Lucky Star, Komi Can’t Communicate, My Dress up Darling, Working!!, Nichijou, Classroom of the Elite, The Devils a Part-Timer, Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun, Kakegurui, Fate, Mangaka-San to Assistant-san, More TBD Other Worlds Traveled Too: One Piece, Kill la Kill, Akame ga Kill, League of Legends, Panty&Stocking, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners/2077, Demon Slayer(Current)

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The Aid of Nekomaru & Mikan

"Uggghhh…. Hmmm?" I groaned out as I began to wake up after losing consciousness after being easily carried off by Nekomaru as I found myself in a white room on top of a large clean white bed.

"Where….?" I look around but then-


"Kyyyaaaaa!!!" I heard the scream of a girl shout before hearing a crash before I turn my head to see a girl in a nurses outfit trip and fall over before she ends up in a very compromising pose on the floor.


"…. Haaa, I can rest in peace with seeing such a wonderful sight." I say before turning back and closing my eyes as I find peace in the world.

"I-I'm Sooorrrryyyy!!!" She says as she profusely apologizes to me before she moves to get herself out of her predicament before straightening herself out and coming over to check up on me.

"Are you the one who healed me?" I state the obvious but I can't act like I know her since I haven't met her IRL compared to back in the game.

"Y-yes that was me, are you feeling better now?" She stuttered slightly before she looked me over to see if I'm truly alright now.

"Well, my stomach doesn't hurt as much as it did, thank you for making me feel better Ms. Nurse." I say as I give a gentle smile that makes my lips look like that of a hamster.

"N-no no it's what I should do, I'm just glad I was able to help someone ehehe." She says as a genuine smile appears on her face.

"By the way Ms. Nurse I haven't got your name." I ask her so I could get familiar with her as Mikan and Ibuki were my favorite girls from Danganronpa 2 with Akane and Sonia behind them in my personal list but Mikan was always on top in my heart, even if she will have…. Issues if I start anything with her, I think I'll be able to get around that.

"Oh well I'm Mikan Tsumiki, Ultimate Nurse." She says as she slightly bows her head to me with a shy look on her face.

"Hifumi Yamada, Ultimate Fanfic Writer, I'm also your junior as I'll be joining this school in next years class, so it's nice to see you Senpai." I say as I turn my head to nod at her.

"Wait, your coming to school here next year? Then why are you here now?" She asks questioningly after looking to see that I was basically all healed up now.

"Ahh! I'm sorry I-I shouldn't ask something like that when we don't even really know eachother! Uuuuu." She says before covering her head and looking like she was going to start crying.

'Master this girl really does have really low self esteem.' I hear Shinigami talk to me in my head but not appear.

"It's okay Tsumiki-san, I would have found it strange if you didn't ask me why I'm here after I said that, but anyways do you know where that big guy is? I want to talk to both you and him about something, it's the main reason I came here in the first place." I say calmly trying to keep her from freaking out more before I went to internally talk to Shinigami.

'Well she was treated poorly by everyone she knew before coming here and is still getting bullied while in this school, just not as much as before, she has come to not mind as much with the bullying she gets as what she is most terrified by is being ignored and no one paying attention to her, though she is my favorite of all the Dangan girls.'

"O-oh, okay, I'll go get him and bring him here, just stay here okay?" She says as she gets up and moves towards the door before leaving to go find him while I'm left to my thoughts.

'Master while she is cute, she is giving me those stalker vibes, if you really decide to go after her you might have a real yandere on your hands!' She says as she appears beside me as her puffy ghost form begins to shake as she gets the creeps.

'It will be fine, besides that won't be anytime soon, one thing she doesn't like is overly large things, so as I am there's no way she will end up interested in me as I am, though if I become much skinnier, stronger and most of all live a more healthy life before I start to try to romance her then I'll have a chance, but as I am now I don't think anyone will find me attractive, haaa a diet of pop and junk food made Hifumi turn into this too easily after all.' I say to her before sighing at the problems that old Hifumi left for me to fix, with the major one being his health, I'm even surprised that he didn't have diabetes because of his terrible eating habits in the first place.

'Don't worry master! With me and the system on your side and the help of the people in this world, will have you eating and looking healthy in no time, and by this time next year you shall look like a completely different person!' She says excitedly to me before she disappeared in a puff of smoke as we heard the sound of fast and heavy footsteps before the door is pulled roughly open as a massive man heads in.

"Sorry I wasn't here sooner, I had to take a massive shit! But you alright man? I'm sorry that I got you dragged into one of my brawls like that." Nidai boisterously says as he comes in to see how I'm doing.

"Yeah I'm much better thanks to Tsumiki-sans help, but if your really sorry can you hear my request? Oh good your both here now." I say as I see a heavy breathing Mikan who was leaning on the door.

"Nekomaru-kun *haaa haaa* don't run off without me *haaa haaa* it's hard to keep up with you like that." Mikan said as she leaned on the door out of breath as she tried to run to catch up with Nekomaru.

"Hahahaha! Sorry about that Mikan, I just had to make sure he was alright after what me and Akane did to him, oh Akane is the girl I slammed into you, she said she was sorry for what happened, but she couldn't wait for you to get up and went to go get some food in the cafeteria if your wondering." Nekomaru laughs it off before he turns back to say that all to me.

"It's fine, I'm just glad your both here now, because I need both of your help, it's the reason why I came to this school today in the first place." I say to them both as Mikan stood beside Nekomaru as I looked at them both.

"You want my help? Well I guess I do owe you for getting you caught up in all that stuff." (Nekomaru)

"Y-you want my help?…. Alright I'll help! What do you need?" (Mikan)

"I need your help from the both of you to get healthy and to get in shape! And you two are the only ones who can I ask help me get better!" I say as the spark of determination appeared in my eyes.

"You want to start getting healthy and lose weight? Well of course I'll help! It's what a nurse should do!" Mikan said as she began to get determined as well, but Nekomaru.

"I'm sorry, but I can't help with this, I'm a team manager and sure I help get athletes into shape for sports but just helping someone get into shape without a real end goal in mind isn't what I do." Said as he decided to refuse to help me out.

"Ohh…. No I-I understand…. I guess I was asking a bit to much, your only good at getting people who were already at least in decent shape to help quickly hone them and get them ready for the sports they need to be in after all…." I say as a depressed look covers my face.

"…." Nekomaru didn't say anything but I could see the sparks in his eyes become more apparent as he clenched his fist.

"I mean, if I said I was going into sumo wrestling or something you'd no doubt help me out because with a bit of work I'd be able to fit that profile, but you've never had someone with the profile of a sumo wrestler want to lose all his weight and turn into a heavyweight boxer instead." I said as the 'depressed' look was still clear on my face.

"…. Guh…" My words were now hurting his pride as a coach, he was seeing someone who wanted to genuinely better themselves and strengthen their body, but he couldn't accept helping him as he has never dealt with someone who has my body type but wants to have a much sleeker and slender form while having his muscles compacted to be like a boxer or professional swimmer.

"But it's okay, I understand, thank you for apology, and…. Forget about the favor I asked…. I guess it doesn't matter anymore….." I say with a gentle smile trying to ease his worry's only to know it had the exact opposite effect.


'Hehe, glad I took those reverse psychology courses in my previous life, this just made things so much easier.' I think to myself as my glasses glow with an ominous glint in my head at least.

It's all going according to plan.