Danganronpa: The Tale of Hifumi Yamada

Transmigrated into the Body of Hifumi Yamada after he accidentally choked to death on some hard ramen our hero is thrown into the World of Danganronpa. Shinigami: BOO! Yamada: Ahh?! A ghost!…. Wait Shinigami? What are you doing here? This isn’t Rain Code! Shinigami: Kyahahaha! Don’t sweat the small stuff, I’m here to help you out in your life in this world after all! Yamada: What are you talking about? I’m in Danganronpa! The world is already screwed in a few years time! How the hell am I gonna Survive this hell hole?! I don’t want to be thrown into any death game like this! Shinigami: You need to learn to Relaaaaax, Just let Shinigami help you survive, but don’t worry the lady that sent you here altered the world a bit so you don’t need to worry about all those events in the original world, besides those wouldn’t work with all the new characters brought from V3 and several other worlds into this one after all! Yamada: …. Say what now? ***** There will be Multiversal world hoping along with his world being a hodgepodge of different stories as well just so you know. Danganronpa Alternate Universe includes Trigger Happy Havoc, Danganronpa 2 & V3, Saiki K, Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, Daily Lives of Highschool Boys, K-ON!, Lucky Star, Komi Can’t Communicate, My Dress up Darling, Working!!, Nichijou, Classroom of the Elite, The Devils a Part-Timer, Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun, Kakegurui, Fate, Mangaka-San to Assistant-san, More TBD Other Worlds Traveled Too: One Piece, Kill la Kill, Akame ga Kill, League of Legends, Panty&Stocking, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners/2077, Demon Slayer(Current)

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The ‘True’ System

"So your telling me, not that this isn't just Danganronpa, but a mixture of various worlds, and that this one doesn't follow Danganronpa's plot but it's still just as bad but different?" I say as I massage my temples after getting all this info.

"Yep, though the dangers depend more on if you meet them, some of them are mild and others could completely destroy the planet! Kyahahaha!" She laughs at me as she sees my face darken from hearing that.

"But lucky for you that the creator god didn't want to leave you hanging in the winds so he gave you me to be your guide along with your brand New System!" She says as she pulls out a confetti popper from nowhere and pops it in my face making me flinch before wiping it off.

[Welcome User to the True System]

[The True System is here to help you to develop yourself in whatever way you deem fit, allowing you to open a path for yourself and change yourself however you wish]

[The True System is the personification of all systems through all worlds, strength, love, personal satisfaction, no matter which one you choose to use at whatever time it will work for you in giving what you desire so long as you strive to those goals of yours]

[Each system has there own goals and completing those goals will give you strengths compared to the system you currently have active at a time.]

[In the Beginning only three systems can be active from the start, With Calculations based upon the Users personality and physical ability three systems have been set at this time]

[The Art System, The Health System & The Romance System, these three are recommended to the user to start out with, but the User has free range to change it as they see fit]

[Completing Objectives and working on skills related to related systems will earn even more skills, increase your base stats and earn store points that are available to use in each individual system stores]

[All Store Points can be used for any System Store but only three different Stores are available at a time currently allowing you to attain abilities, skills and new physical attributes to strengthen you over all]

[Activating quests for the Systems]

[Artist System: Practice drawing 10 different basic human poses, Reward: 1 random Artist Skill]

[Health System: Set up a healthy Diet Plan and keep to it for a week, Reward: Slightly Increased Metabolism]

[Romance System: Make 10 women find you Attractive, Reward: Charm Stat increase by 3pts]

[Generating Hosts Status]


Name: Hifumi Yamada

Race: Human

Age: 15

Title: Ultimate Fanfic/Doujin Writer

STR: 2

PER: 5(10)

END: 3

CHA: 7

INT: 11

AGI: 2

LCK: 3

Skills: Drawing Lvl 6. Writing Lvl 5. Reading Lvl 3. Math & Science Lvl 3. Human Anatomy Lvl 2. Cooking Lvl 1. Eidetic Memory Lvl 1.

Martial Arts: None

Magic: None

Summons: None

*Stats at 10 are considered the average for humans and anything below that is below the average of people.

**(10) on PER is due to host wearing proper glasses to see just fine like a normal person.


(N) If you guys ask why it's a CHA of 7 it's that while not attractive some women, assumed to be housewives from his bio, found his hamster like face to be cute, though he couldn't believe it and that's only why it's up there even though he looks like a walking balloon.

"Man your stats suck! That's what you get for being such a lard ass!" She said as she snickered at me as she saw my stats right along with me.

"Shit! I didn't ask to become Hifumi! Blame it on him for having such bad eating habits and having no metabolism whatsoever to end up like this!" I say as I grab my huge belly and let go as I watched it jiggle from the sheer amount of fat on his body.

"Well that's what the system is for master! It even unlocked the Health System to start on your path to get healthy! I don't really care what you do as I'm mainly here to guide you and give you suggestions as it's all up to you, but you should already know that a healthy body will make it easier for you to live longer if the original Hifumi's death is to say anything." She says before pointing at me.

"Not only that it's still a year before you end up going to Hopes Peak Academy so you have time, and I think the big guy upstairs said you've already been scouted by the school so you'll definitely make it in, in the future." She says before spinning around as she was looking a bit bored.

"Well I guess that's good…. Wait a minute! If I've been accepted then there shouldn't be an issue with seeing the school and meeting the people of the 77th class right?" I think to myself as I just realized who would be the best person to help me out with the quests related to my health!

"Wait, your not talking about that hulking mass of muscle are you? Do you even think he would help you into getting into shape in the first place?" Shinigami thought with a question mark popping up above her head.

"Of course he would! I know for a fact he loves to take up challenges when it comes to getting people physically fit! And this could show the strength of his Ultimate talent and him learning to improve it, with him and the system I can go from weighing well over 300lbs of fat and turn it into lean tight muscles instead!" I say as I stand up getting all pumped up as a result.

"Yeah! I'm getting pumped up master!…. Though we should clean this place up, no need to be such a slob, plus I don't think you have the Originals likes anymore so I think we should get rid of….. this…." She says looking at a room absolutely filled with 'Pudgy Piggy Princess Piggles' Merch and memorabilia like posters, anime, manga and figures all around the room, along with a lot of junk food spread out around the room.

"Yeah…. I should clean this up, besides it's morning now so it's not a problem though, and I'm glad I live alone here…. I don't have other people living here but just aren't home right now right?" I turn to Shinigami.

"Oh don't worry Master, the big G made it so your living alone in your own apartment to give you your space, your lucky to have such a loving family to give you your own place, oh but your gonna have to pay for your rent, which was payed yesterday by old Hifumi so you got a month to make up the 150,000¥ to pay it off, but if you sell off all this junk I think you'll be set for awhile since weebs like their stuff in mint condition, though guys who can't afford that will buy the second hand stuff, so you need to focus on your Health & Art Systems for now before thinking about the Romance system after all." Shinigami points me in a direction to what I got to do.

"Got it! Wait don't I still have school and all that?" I mean Hifumi went to school still before he joined Hopes Peak even though it was just a normal middleschool.

"Yeah you do, but don't worry about that, that place is just filler for now and not that important to the world in the first place 'Besides the Big G won't bother paying attention unless he wants to change things to make things more interesting anyway.'" She says before mumbling the last bit to herself.

"You say something?"

"Nope! Just don't worry about school, just go to it like normal and focus more on the system to help yourself more master! Now let's get this place cleaned up!" She says as she cheers me on.

"Yeah let's get this done!" I say as I begin to clean up my room Uber the eyes of the rising sun.


Should I give any focus to his middleschool life or just focus on everything outside of it until he ends up at hopes peak where we have more of the main cast while in the in between from here to there he begins to meet characters from the plethora of other stories mixed into this world.

And that the True System is the amalgamation of all systems, that also means he will be able to jump to other worlds, but that will be later down the line as that's not the main point for now in the story but I'm letting you guys know it's there.