100 If Angels Wore Swimsuits Pt. 1

Woo Chapter 100! Let's go and the perfect chapter for it? That's right it's time to hit the beach!


Several months later and a bunch of Ghost killing later it was summer once more, I had been in this world for over a year now surprisingly but the progress on getting the girls their heaven coins has been slow to say the least.

Currently we were all relaxing out at the beach by my Villa, it's a private one so we weren't getting swarmed by a bunch of mobs who want to cater to Panty and Stocking, but I did have servants who did that for us anyway.

"Ahh, this is the life, can anyone explain why we keep living in that crappy cathedral and not in this villa?…. And why the fuck are you looking like your- Why the fuck you laying on top of him like that Stocking?!" Panty shouted out as she saw her sister laying on top of me in my 'fat form' as she was rubbing sun lotion on me.

"Because I find him hot when he looks like this, you wouldn't understand Panty as you only like him in his Hot form, but I love him even in this form as well." She said as she enjoyed rubbing the sun lotion into my flabby chest and overly large gut.

"…. While I'm flattered that you find me attractive when I look like this, I'd rather be looking like my normal self…." I'm still a bit self conscious about looking like this again, I only did it for that disguise that one time but now a good portion of the time when we do the deed she wants me looking like this…. Did I mention I can barely see my little brother while like this? And mind you it's much bigger than it orginally was where I couldn't see it and now I can just barely see it pass my huge gut.

"Yeah, you should let him go back to his normal look instead of having him look like this all the time, I get it's your thing Stocking but I'd prefer if he looked hot than not, you know what I'm saying?" Panty said pulling down her shades.

"…" Though that slightly hurt my feelings a bit, I knew I wasn't that attractive with my old looks and even I didn't like looking like this but since my body was like this once before I can easily revert to it with Spiral power since my container that is my body was in this original shape so my energy isn't as compact when I'm in my buff and handsome self.

"Pfft, you just don't get the benefits of having both a hot boyfriend and having a fat boyfriend at the same time, but fine Jacket you can go back to your hot looks." Stocking said with a sigh as she gave into her sisters whims a bit.

I shrugged and just flexed my muscles before my belly rapidly began to shrink before turning into my good looking self once more.

(N) Don't worry, this isn't the last time you guys will se Hifumi in all his large glory again, though obviously just not as much after all.

Though before Panty and Stocking could enjoy their eye candy, we all heard the sound of a reving engine before a black hummer limo crest a nearby sand dune before going past us and covering us all in sand.

"Pfft! *Cough! Cough!* Oi! What the Fuck!!!" Panty shouted out as she and the rest of us got all the sand off of us while looking pissed at the guys who did that.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here? Look Kneesocks, Scanty, it looks we have a group of wild animals here on our beach." I heard the familiar voice as they exit their vehicle and look at us with disdain.

"Ohh well if it isn't the Douchebag and his two BDSM sluts, and what do you mean your beach? This part of the beach is my property jackass." I say right back at them as I get all up in Suits face while Panty and Stocking stare down Scanty and Kneesocks.

"I mean our Beach." He said as the two sisters placed down a sign saying it was their private property entirely and that no one was allowed on it, "Even got the paperwork too, so it's completely legit to say that we own the entire beach!" He said with a smug look on his face.

"Hmm, I see, but here is our comeback to that statement…" I say as I walk over to the beach chairs before grabbing Stockings Cat Plushie, Honekoneko, before pressing a button on the back of its neck before it opened its mouth and-


Fire poured right out of its mouth and instantly burnt up the deed that they had while also burning up the sign they had made before handing the cat back to Stocking.

"And that's my response to you trying to take my beach from me." I say clapping my hands while they looked on in shock before it turned to anger.

"How dare you! What is wrong with your cretins and following the RULES of society! Aren't you angels?! Then why don't you act like it for once?!?!" Scanty shouted out at us as she was the one who went through the whole process to get that legalized and too make Suit happy with her, now it's completely ruined because they don't give a shit about it.

Hearing that Panty got all up in her face, "Fuck the rules! We were here first and even if that is true about any of that shit you assholes just said, I know that Jacket would need to give the OK on it and he sure as shit didn't do that!"

"Tsk!" Scanty backed off as she was pissed but wouldn't stoop to their level, "While you cretins don't wish to follow the rules and we don't want to break our own rules and start a needlessly pointless fight! How about a game then? A game of Volleyball to decide who gets to keep this beach then huh?" Scanty said laying the bet down for us.

"Nah that's not enough, let's up the stakes a bit, the loser not only gives up the beach, but also has to strip naked and let us post their nudes all over the web for the world to see!" I say as a counter to it which makes Panty and Stocking grin as we look at them who have shocked looks, excluding Suit, on their faces hearing the new bet.

"What's wrong? Scared about having yourselves seen naked by a bunch of horny men who will use your photos to jerk off to you? Because the look on your faces is priceless if I say the least!" Panty said with a grin as she was getting a kick out of seeing them mortified at the thought of getting their nudes sent everywhere for everyone to see.

"Please! It will be you two who will lose this little bet! In the end we will win this for sure!" Kneesocks cut in as she and her sis weren't giving up that easily.

"Alright then! Then the first to 20 wins, though if it's close then after 20 who has 3 points over the other is the winner then." Suit said with a grin as he had no intention to lose.

"Alright, though we're going to need a ref, so give me a second to give a guy a call." I say before grabbing a cell and giving a 'friend' a call.

"Yo Brief…. Yeah it's me Jacket, say would you mind coming to my villa at 125 North Parker Blvd?…. Well Panty is here and well, she wants to see you…. Uhuh…. Yeah…. No I'm serious…. Alright see you later." I say hanging up the phone.

"Well our ref will be here in a few so looks like we better get the court set." I say with a smirk.

'Even if your me their ain't no way I'm losing to myself!!' (x2)

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