Danganronpa: The Tale of Hifumi Yamada

Transmigrated into the Body of Hifumi Yamada after he accidentally choked to death on some hard ramen our hero is thrown into the World of Danganronpa. Shinigami: BOO! Yamada: Ahh?! A ghost!…. Wait Shinigami? What are you doing here? This isn’t Rain Code! Shinigami: Kyahahaha! Don’t sweat the small stuff, I’m here to help you out in your life in this world after all! Yamada: What are you talking about? I’m in Danganronpa! The world is already screwed in a few years time! How the hell am I gonna Survive this hell hole?! I don’t want to be thrown into any death game like this! Shinigami: You need to learn to Relaaaaax, Just let Shinigami help you survive, but don’t worry the lady that sent you here altered the world a bit so you don’t need to worry about all those events in the original world, besides those wouldn’t work with all the new characters brought from V3 and several other worlds into this one after all! Yamada: …. Say what now? ***** There will be Multiversal world hoping along with his world being a hodgepodge of different stories as well just so you know. Danganronpa Alternate Universe includes Trigger Happy Havoc, Danganronpa 2 & V3, Saiki K, Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, Daily Lives of Highschool Boys, K-ON!, Lucky Star, Komi Can’t Communicate, My Dress up Darling, Working!!, Nichijou, Classroom of the Elite, The Devils a Part-Timer, Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun, Kakegurui, Fate, Mangaka-San to Assistant-san, More TBD Other Worlds Traveled Too: One Piece, Kill la Kill, Akame ga Kill, League of Legends, Panty&Stocking, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners/2077, Demon Slayer(Current)

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I…. I Don’t want to Die Again!!!!



*Ptoo!* "Haaa haaa, Damn…. I almost choked on some hard ramen again." I say to myself as I brush off the coughed up hard ramen off my shirt and onto the table before pulling it into a small trash bag to the side.

*Yawn* "Must have fallen asleep while eating and watching anime…. Hmmm I don't remember having this on when I fell asleep." I say as I watched the credits rolling for a show called 'Demon Angel ⭐️ Pretty Pudgy Princess'.

"Well whatever, it's what? 4AM on a Saturday? But wasn't it Sunday before I fell asleep? Nah I must have read the day wrong…. Although I do sound different…. And I seem to have gained weight…. And I don't remember buying these figurines…." I say to myself as I start to get progressively more and more confused by the second.

"Wait…. This isn't my bedroom…. Where am….I?" I stop myself as I stare stunned looking at a nearby standing mirror at 'my' reflection, but one things for sure, that sure as shit ain't 'me'.

I go up to the standing mirror that's in the corner of the room as I look at 'my' body, "No…. No way this…. This can't be me right?" I say as I stare at my balloon shaped body.

An overweight figure, with large hands, thin legs, and a face that comically resembles a hamster, short black hair that ends with curled points against his cheeks and forehead and a small pointed ahoge.

While I currently am wearing a pair of black, thick-rimmed glasses dressed in a white button-down shirt, an orange tie which has a patterned vertical double-headed blue arrow design, a pair of dark gray trousers, and grey trainers. Over 'my' shirt is a light grey, unbuttoned cardigan as well.

"This…. This can't be…. THIS CANT BE HAPPENING DAMNIT!!!!" I scream out in frustration before I fall to my knees as I get depressed and terrified at what I have come to realize.

"Why? Why the hell am I in the world of Fucking Danganronpa?!?! Is this a fucking joke?! I'm so absolutely screwed and I know it already! Is this hell?! Because I hate this already!" I say as I slam my fist into the ground in saddness and rage at my current situation.

"Man I just fell asleep watching some anime and now I suddenly woke up and now I'm in the body of this fat fuck Hifumi Yamada?! Fuck man! If I was gonna be brought here why couldn't I have been tirned into Makoto? Or Byakuya? Or Yasuhiro? Or if not them then the second years like Hajime, Kazuichi or Fuyuhiko! All those guys at least survived there stories! But no I'm the one who gets fucking iced in the killing game in the future!" I cry out as tears stream down my face as I realize the fate of the man that is Hifumi Yamada has fallen onto me now as I am him.

"Shit I…. I don't want to die! And if I died just to get here I don't want to die again!" I shout out in fear for the future with me realizing how fucked this world truly is and how fucked I truly am if I'm stuck here.

I really want to believe that this is all a dream and I'll wake up but I have a gut feeling that this is very much real and now I really am Hifumi Yamada here in the world of Danganronpa.

"Kehehe…." I suddenly stop shivering as I hear laughter coming from nearby as I rapidly look around and see nothing.

"Shit…. Do…. Do I have a g-ghost or s-something?" I say as I look around the room with a fearful look as I clearly heard laughter but I know that no one's here in this place from all the screaming and shouting I've been doing no one has come to check on me so clearly I'm alone right now or I'm living alone in this place.

I never liked horror movies or ghosts in general as they always freaked me out as I grew up, especially when I was a kid and played in a abandoned house out in the suburbs with my friends, nothing happened at the time sure it was a creepy place but nothing happened besides one of the floorboards giving away under a friends of mines foot signaling to us we should get out of the place.

But we did take a bunch of pictures of the place on an old Polaroid camera one of my friends brought with him, and when we left we checked the pictures it showed all six of us in the pictures….

But he was always out of the picture as he manned the camera…. So who was the sixth guy?…. After that we all decided to never go back there ever again and I've had a fear of ghosts ever sense….

But then-


"HIIIIIIIII!!!!!" I freak out as I instantly jump backwards, but not being used to where everything in this room is as well not used to my new girth I tripped backwards onto the bed before slamming the back of my head into the wall hard making me lean forward and grab my head, but that slam wiggled the shelf above my bed making a thick manga book fall off and hit my head as well.

"Guh!" 😵‍💫

"Kyahahaha! Oh man your so funny master, seeing you freak out and hurt yourself is hilarious!" 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

"Ugh my head…. Huh? AHHH 😱 ITS REALLY A GHOST!" I freak out some more before I pull my blanket over me and begin shivering in fear underneath it.

"Kyahahaha what a scaredy cat you are master, that guy didn't say you were so scared of ghosts! Oh man this is too rich!" The ghost, who from the sound of its voice was clearly female, was laughing at me as I was showing her so much fear.

"…. Wait…. Why do you sound so familiar?" I say as I peak out from the blanket to see the purplish ghost laughing her ass off at the sight of me hiding in terror of her.

"…. Shinigami?" I say as I recognize her, after all she was from one of the games I had just gotten recently and was playing a lot of before ending up in this world.

"Oh? So you do know me already! I guess what the big guy upstairs said was right you do know of me, so I guess what he said was true, not that I mind but whatever, but yeah I'm your cute, adorable, lovable Death God, Shinigami!" She said as she spun around before giving me a wink and giving the peace signs beneath her eyes.

"But wait…. That can't be possible though! Rain Code and Danganronpa are from two separate universes and all that, sure they were made by the same company but it's pretty damn clear that it's not the same world that both franchises occupy." I say as I rub my chin in confusion as to why she's here in the same world as me.

"Oh that? Yeah see long story short a creator god wanted to make a new universe of his own with a mismatch of worlds for the fun of it, but one small problem being Hifumi Yamada, died, which wouldn't have mattered but he liked all the characters from there stories and having them die would leave a bad taste in his mouth or something, so the second he died he looked across the multiverse for someone similar to him who also died to take there soul and take his place, and you fit the bill master!" Shinigami said with a smug look on her face.

"Huh? Wait what?! I died?! How?!" I was shocked as I didn't feel anything, I just felt sleepy before going to sleep and waking up here in this new body.

"Hmm, let's see." She says as she pulls out her own personal book, better known as the Book of Death.

"Oh here it is, faulty electrical wiring started a fire, and you left the gas stove on by accident in your apartment causing it to explode as a result, you died in an instant from it all not giving you a chance to feel any pain which is good I guess, burning to death and suffocation aren't so pleasant ways to die after, I should know I'm a Death God!" She says with a grin as her teeth glint in the light before she goes and puts her book away.

Hearing that I just grab my head as I have no choice but to come to the realization that I truly am dead and now this is my new life.

"Great I just died and now I'm just gonna end up dead again with how the events are gonna pan out in this world after all." I sigh as I slouch over all depressed like as I'm just gonna end up dead again just based upon this world is after all.

"Master you really need to learn to listen to me, this ISNT the original Danganronpa, but an alternative one, one that has been changed heavily from the source material, the Ultimate Despairs don't exist, instead they are still the Ultimate Soldier and Ultimate Fashonista/Analyst, the guy upstairs didn't want to see the original world end up the way it was…. Although because he wanted to merge so many similar worlds with one another this world is still just as dangerous Master, but don't worry with my help and the gift from the big guy upstairs he gave you, your survival is all but certain!"

"…. Come again?"


I'm trying something a bit different for once, something that's less action packed and full of sex and more leaning to the Slice of Life/School life type of stuff for once.

So I decided to set this story this way, you'll see plenty of characters from plenty of different stories all mashed into this world and I decided on Hifumi as he would be a hard starting point instead of any of the other male Danganronpa characters to get into the meet and potatoes of the inner workings of his system he gets next chapter.

This work won't be a main one for now but I'm starting out on it and will post some chapters here when I can and when I have the motivation to do so.

Hifumi Yamada