1 Prologue.

Hello everyone! Before you begin to read this story please bear in mind that it's unedited and English is not my first language so there must be lots of grammatical errors.

Lastly, this is fantasy, I may have mentioned some real places and countries but picture them differently from how you know them.

love you all.

Damon is known to be evil and territorial. He's strong and fearless. He seems to have everything except for one thing his heart and inner demon crave for, a mate. But he doesn't want just anyone to cover that position.

Phoenix is a beauty who seems to draw in any man she desires. But she's principled and tries hard to maintain them. Her life goes through different setbacks of which push her to the person she never thought she'd meet anytime soon. She looks like a fragile flower, does her scent tell enough about her? or you just really don't judge a book by its cover.

Shall they overcome the obstacles coming their way?.

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