67 To the Southeast! Underground Cave (3).

Clank, Clank.

Seeing that the white rabbit was still not killing its master, skeleton #2 mustered all its courage as it approached its master's side steadily before whispering in its master's ears weakly.

"Eh... Are you sure?" Leo couldn't help but utter in surprise as he silently peeked at the rabbit on his shoulder stiffly.

Clank! (Yes!).

"Then let's try it."

Taking a deep breath, since he couldn't think of any other solution without risking his safety, Leo could only risk it and decided to follow Skeleton #2 words/suggestion...

Taking a deep breath, Leo slowly retrieved a seemingly withered fruit from his inventory before showing it to the white rabbit on his shoulder.



In an instant, seeing the withered fruit on Leo's arm, the black eyes of the white rabbit instantly shone brightly.

Instinctively twitched its nose as it sniffed in the direction of the withered fruit, staring at it with intense desire.


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