66 To the Southeast! Underground Cave (2).


"What are you mumbling about?" A crisp sound echoed in the surrounding area as Leo weakly (but with enough force) slapped the black skull of skeleton #1.

Making the latter cry as it held its skull in pain, creating a weak clanking sound as it complained deep within.

As Leo was about to flick his finger toward the skull of skeleton #1 upon seeing the glint in its eyes, the bush in the distance again issued a moving sound, causing him to halt.


A second later, a white small furry figure appeared in the group's sight, causing the group at a loss for what to do.

This? A rabbit?

They thought in unison as they stared at the small rabbit in the short distance in surprise.

The rabbit, as if smelling something, created a low cute squeaking sound as its pink slightly wet nose twitched violently.

As if sensing something, the white rabbit's big black round eyes stared at the group curiously.


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