65 To the Southeast! Underground Cave (1).


Jake groaned in pain as he forcefully opened his eyes, the feeling of his body as if it had been beaten up for hours made his eyes tear up.

"waterr... I need water..."

He whispered in a raspy tone, feeling his throat burn due to dryness.

"You're finally awake?" Leo retracted his Divine Life of Fire on Jake's body as he took out a water bottle from his inventory.

Lifting Jake's head carefully, Leo assists him in drinking water. Carefully tilting the bottle to prevent Jake from being choked.

"Huff~ much better." Jake sighed comfortably, feeling the itchiness of his throat subside.

Finally slightly at ease, having time to think again, the face of Jake suddenly turned ugly upon remembering the events that happened earlier.

The feeling of being burned alive by acid, being chased like a rat, and being tossed around like a toy makes his eyes release an uncontrollable amount of killing intent.


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