91 The Town Within the Endless Forest.


Leo gulped the red essence on his hand, showing a blissful expression on his face upon feeling the comfortable warm energy sweeping through his muscles as they slightly temper it... strengthening it in the process akin to a warm massage.


[ +2 Strength! ]

Soon, after minutes of the blissful feeling, the energy slowly dissolves within him causing him to sigh in disappointment...


"Another 2 days to wait." Leo thought as he glanced toward the group in the distance before looking at the practicing silver skeletons far away.

Quite expectant and worried about something...

It's been almost a month since they entered this endless forest yet they still couldn't see the corner of their destination.

It's probably that the land expand again!

He assumed before silently mumbling, "However... We should be close to the town."


"We were almost there!


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