92 I Choose This! (1)

(If you hate chapters without fighting and full of dialogue it's recommended to skip this chapter (^-^ ). )


Approaching the town, Leo stared at everything with relish, feeling everything was a new and novel experience for him...

Soon, the group stopped as they arrived at a seemingly heavy 3-meter-tall silver gate, connected to the towering wall.

As Leo was mesmerized by the grandiosity of the gate, one of the guards holding a 2-meter trident slowly walked toward them... Slightly further away, behind the guard, a young lady wearing silver glasses silently tailed.

"Roland you're finally back!? It's been a while since I last saw you... I thought you already died out there." The guard casually jokes.

"Indeed, you should treat me later," Roland replied with bitter smile, remembering that he really almost died in the past few weeks.


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