87 Fight the Necromancer!

Clank, clank! (Shut up and watch the greatness of the Skeleton race!)

Skeleton #1 replied as it laughed loudly, standing unhurriedly as it grasped the silver bone sword beside it...

Swinging its silver bone sword left and right before pointing it toward the heartless necromancer in the distance.

Clank! ( Become my slave idiot necromancer or else! )

Skeleton #1 declared as it slit its imaginary throat with its bone finger.



System what kind of scam are you? Didn't you tell me that the Summoned Skeleton wouldn't betray its summoner!?

Leo thought angrily, complaining about the fact that the system made a wrong judgment.


[ System was never wrong... However, the last time the system created that judgment was when they were still below the foundation realm! ]

"F*ck, so does that mean the Corruption Class Job is problematic?"

[ ... ]


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