Daily Life of A Caretaker

Okay, so I know I applied to become a caretaker, but I didn't sign up for having to experience all these crazy things! I'm just a simple guy!

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Arc 1: The Meeting - Chapter 49

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Arc 1: The Meeting - Chapter 49

It has only been half an hour, which is pretty short compared to what you guys have been disconnected from my life. Honestly, it wouldn't matter how crazy my life is now. Talk about being wanted by not the best people. First eldritch entities, now I got to deal with demon entities wanting me too, just because I'm good at serving delicious food and drinks.

I bet Stella wouldn't want me if I didn't have the Housekeeping Mastery. But that would make it easier for the girls to become more frustrated than they are normally if I didn't manage to make delicious food and do daily household tasks, making them calmer. Actually, Nyarla is proof of that alone, as it became easier to persuade her to do other things as I made her life more enjoyable.

Anyway, because of the unexpected awakening of the eldritch egos. Ghost has informed me that the Boss has decided to cut our time short in this world and let us move on to the next, or we could've visited another world of the girls' choices for a week. Seeing how we were supposed to stay in this lifeless world of Familiar of Zero for one more week.

However, unlike the last time picking out a world. The Boss picks the world and ensures the world won't be too dull for the girls to be in for a week, then to the world of Freezing. Yet, a catch determines if we will stay in that new world for the whole week or just a day instead. Failure to complete the conditions would make us stay for a week, but completing it would make it, and we could decide when to leave. Be it a week, month, year, or just a day.

One: I must prevent the girls from killing all the natives within a day.

Two: I must prevent the avian demon family from killing more than a million natives within a day.

Three: I NEED to kill an essential person in that world within a day.

I can understand the first two demands, but what the fuck is the third?! Why do I kill someone when the girls and the avian demon family can't?!

Seriously! This would just cause more problems than anything else! For fuck sake, I'm 99% sure the girls would be highly frustrated upon seeing me killing the natives when they couldn't. I don't know about Stolas, Stella, and Octavia, though.

Anyway, we'd already entered the new world, and I knew immediately what kind of world the Boss had sent us into.

"Caretaker, it's random true fact time!" Ghost announced, causing us to stop and look at Ghost while I wondered whether picking the Random True Facts among the two godlike items was a good idea. "Did you know that Stella here secretly loves how Stolas act whenever he is on the job and dealing with people trying to stop global warming?"

"WHAT THE FUCK?!" Stella screeched at Ghost, trying to destroy it, but her claws weren't long enough to touch it.

"S-Stella?" Stolas look at his wife in shock. "Is what was said true...?"

"No! Of course not!" Stella's blushing face said otherwise, causing nearly everyone to look at her in equal shock as Stolas'.

"Furthermore, Stella gets very hot and bothered whenever Stolas show his wrath on her, which is one of the major factors behind her continuing her marriage with Stolas." Ghost continues to avoid being grabbed by the raging and embarrassed Stella. As it looks like she has forgotten she is a demon and uses her abilities as a demon to help her. "After all, Stella is privately a masochist that dreams of Stolas having his way with her body."

I am speechless, dumbfounded, and baffled all at the same time.

"STOLAS! TURN YOURSELF DEAF RIGHT NOW!" Stella finally realized—not really, that she couldn't catch Ghost; therefore, she decided to punch Stolas in the face to knock him out. Only to miss as Stolas avoided being hit by his wife.

"By the nine circles of hell. I can't believe what I just heard." Octavia groans in sheer embarrassment.

"Oh...?! Stella, wanna tell Stolas how you truly feel?" Yui grins, giving her friend a teasing gaze.

Nyarla, Yor, and Takamine look from the side, aka continue to cling onto me from all sides, while watching the entertainment before their eyes.

"SHUT UP!" Stella screeched once more, then glared at me in rage as if this was my fault. "JIN! SHUT DOWN THAT THING! RIGHT NOW!"

In a way, this is technically my fault. Although, I wouldn't say that out loud. Not when I have a high chance of having my face clawed by Stella at best and having my eyeballs rip from their sockets at worst.

"I never found out how to turn it off." I said truthfully, but honestly, I didn't bother to find out how to turn Ghost off. Or more like, I never thought of shutting it down, for it's too useful to turn off after how helpful it has been since I got it.

"THEN FIND OUT NOW!" Stella is one step attacking me; if it wasn't for Stolas finally manning up and holding his wife back before she gets hurt by one of the girls because they are now back to glaring at Stella.

"Hey, don't yell at my Jin." Nyarla looks ready to kill Stella.

"How about we all calm down." I try to prevent a fight bound to happen if Stella continues to be mad.

"Did you know that Stolas once had a wet dream about Stella, and because of that, he couldn't look Stella in the eyes for a month." Ghost reported another Random True Fact.

Ghost... You're not helping! Stop adding more fuel to the fire!

Stolas let out a gasp, releasing his wife, and started looking at the sky as his method to avoid staring anyone in the eyes.

"I thought you were too scared of me for a month because I did something to frighten you." Stella gapes at Stolas in disbelief.

"Did you know in that month, Stella had sleepless nights trying to think about what she had done to Stolas to make him avoid looking at her for a month? In addition, she had planned on making ways to cheer Stolas up without being found out it was under her orders in case her husband wanted to find out who was trying to cheer him up." Ghost continues, which triggers Stella once more.

"Damn, here I thought my parents had a struggling marriage." Octavia whispers, dumbfounded to learn all the facts from Ghost in such a short time.

You and me both, Octavia. They seem more of an unstable married couple in the canon. Yet, it looks like they are different compared to their canon counterpart.

"It looks like the big bad Stella isn't so bad after all." Yui continues to grin at how Stella is acting in front of everyone.

Please stop making this more problematic as it is.

"Oh, look. A distraction." I point ahead of us. Which happens to be a random person that I just happen to know-

Stella appears in front of the random person, ripping their head off and kicking their headless corpse with enough force and control to send it flying while throwing the head in the other direction before coming back, similar to teleportation.

"Distraction. Gone." Stella growled, "Shut. That. Damn. Thing. Off. Now."

I stared at Stella with wide eyes as I finally realized why the Boss had made that second condition. Stella would kill if given a chance.

"Caretaker, the third condition is completed." Ghost reported.

Wait, what?! Who the fuck did Stella kill?!

I expand my En range to catch up to the head to check its face, and I'm beyond speechless now. What kind of bullshit luck was that?!

Out of all people, I accidentally got killed. It just had to be the main male protagonist of Rosaria + Vampire, aka Tsukune Aono, and I bet the poor guy didn't even get to start his journey of gaining a harem of monster girls that look more human than monsters. Beautiful monster girls, I mean.

Since we're not at the monster school or in that creepy forest.

But yeah, it can't get better than the main character as an essential person in this world to kill. Also, making canon nonexistent unless I put myself into that position to fulfill the role as the new main character of Rosaria + Vampire.

"Are you going to just stand there or turn that thing off before it reveals another secret of mine?" Stella glared at me, most likely hating my gut and no longer having any desire to take me away from the Eldritch pantheon at this point.

I don't know if I should be thankful or not. What do you crazy voices think?

"I don't think it's possible to turn Ghost off." I glance over to Ghost, causing everyone else to look at it too.

"I will never be turned off unless a certain entity wants me to. Otherwise, it's impossible for me to go offline. In addition, my body is made of durable materials that not even those so-called gods themselves would be able to damage with all their might." Ghost reported in a monotone.

I don't know why, but I felt it's being smug near the end.

"If I didn't know where that thing came from and possibly got a gist of who the creator is. I would call bullshit." Stella sigh in the end, pitching between her eyebrows. "Not a word, Stolas. I'm not in the mood."

Stolas put down his hands before he could give his wife a shoulder massage.

I raise an eyebrow, curious if Stella can see what's happening behind her because she shouldn't have noticed what Stolas was about to do.

"Jin, can you even make that thing muted or something?" Stella looks very drained, unlike the way I have seen her since I met her.

"Ghost, can you mute yourself?" I ask Ghost.

"No, but I can keep myself quiet instead." Ghost replied, then did exactly that. Being quiet.

"By the way, Stella. You do realize you just killed a very important fate's chosen one. Right?" Yui's grin started to widen inhumanly.

"So? It's not like there won't be another one to replace that one." Stella scoffed.

"Yeah, but you know who made us come to this world, right?" Yui's grin widened even further to the point that she could almost split her face in half, and her teeth were even larger.

"Your point?" The look on Yui's face didn't faze Stella.

"Don't you think that entity had made contact with this world's fate to gain permission for us to enter into this world? After all, there are many worlds under other people's authority. What to say we're in one of those worlds that isn't under our pantheon's control?" Yui starts tilting her head.

But before Yui's head could be turned in a perfect sideway. I quickly grab her head, snap it back to its original position and push her mouth back to normal while I'm at it.

"Thank you, Jin. I got a little excited there for a bit." Yui smiles at me, not in a creepy way but a normal one. Much to my relief. "Anyway, as I was saying, Stella. All we need to ask Ghost here is if this world is under either of our pantheon's control to see if we will get in trouble. After all, with us here together instead of a separate world, we should have gained more attention from others by now."

Yeah, I'm lost in what the fuck is going on now. Crazy voices, any ideas?