Daily Life of A Caretaker

Okay, so I know I applied to become a caretaker, but I didn't sign up for having to experience all these crazy things! I'm just a simple guy!

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Arc 1: The Meeting - Chapter 47

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Arc 1: The Meeting - Chapter 47

"Caretaker, the Viewers have returned." Ghost reported.

"That's great and all. But I'm busy at the moment." I replied, shooting with a single-shot musket at a flying creature above with the Third Bullet Gimmel—it speeds up internal time to cause the subject to age rapidly. So, in this case, the flying creature that was shot has already faded from existence, where even ashes didn't remain. "How about you tell them what has happened since they last saw us, which was last night."

"It shall be done, Caretaker." Ghost turn invisible to prevent anything or anyone from targeting it.

I toss a Senzu Bean into my mouth, restoring myself to peak condition, then resume attacking by creating numerous spears made out of blood from the corpses lying everywhere outside the tiny house and launching them at the enemies that are still alive.

"To recap what has happened up to this point with Caretaker." Ghost starts off. "Caretaker has been given the two godlike items; the Heart of Eldritch and Odin's Lost Eye. I will display a summary of what they do for the Viewers to see."

Heart of Eldritch: With this heart, you're considered fucked with no hope of any salvation in any form. But, hey, there is one upside to having this heart in you. You get some special abilities that not many could use. Well, if those people aren't eldritch that is. However, some rare entities would gain unbelievable powers in obtaining this heart. Although, it does come with side effects, good and bad ones. The risk is yours to take.

Odin's Lost Eye: An eye from Aesir's strongest god, Odin, sacrificed for knowledge at Mimir's well. Weird guy for doing this, but what can you do? His lost our gain, right? So, now with a few changes here and there, you have this eye that can view EVERYTHING in the forms of Primordial Runes! Be careful, though, for one could go mad for long usages. On the bright, you can change reality through Primordial Runes; isn't that great?! Hell, it doesn't even have to be reality! The limit is your imagination!

"I have no idea why the Caretaker chooses these two, but they are very helpful for him in dealing with the problems going on at this moment." Ghost resumed talking.

"Die, you bastards!" I shouted in rage as I summoned more shikigami to deal with the overwhelming army of familiars summoned by the natives that can summon other beings into this world.

With a snap of my fingers, I changed the runes that made almost everyone before my eyes unable to breathe, causing them to start gasping in horror and pain as they struggled to breathe with their life on the line.

"As everyone could tell, Caretake is not in a happy mood." Ghost reported. "For those that must be wondering why. Well, it's due to everyone, the girls and the avian demon family, as the Caretaker calls them in his head. They are all in a deep sleep due to a sudden mini-task that the Boss made. Mainly to protect those under his care until the end of the day, with the reward reducing the duration of the one-month stay in Familiar of Zero by two weeks. So, if the Caretaker completes this mini-task, then he and the girls will only have to stay in this world for another week before moving on to the next world."

I remove the Newtonian Apple from my mindscape again, taking another bite to restore my ability to control gravity before tossing it back inside the mindscape.

I point down with my left index finger, causing all the flying creatures to drop as their ability to fly becomes extremely difficult with the sharp increase of gravity.

Numerous muskets appear next to the fallen flying creatures, blank range shot to the head with the Third Bullet Gimmel—erasing them from this world.

I snap my fingers to form many gaps around those that can use magic to be hit by many high-speed projectiles before they can do anything in time. Killing all of them without much effort, yet their numbers seem infinite as more continue to enter my range of En.

"Now, Viewers. I'll tell you this. The girls, excluding Yui, are switching to their eldritch ego. So this is a potential reason for the Caretaker's frustration." Ghost reveal something that isn't good news in many people's opinion. "It doesn't matter if this mini-task occurs or not. Since this will happen sooner or later."

"Everyone die already!" I roared in rage, opening a massive gap in the sky. A massive meteor falls out from the gap.

"Do not worry, Viewers. The Caretaker has already set up multiple barriers around the tiny house and the land around it from all attacks, including his own." Ghost answered any questions that some were concerned about the safety of those inside the tiny house. "In fact, the Caretaker even deploys the Tsukuyomi Unit as the first line of defense before the battle began."

"I want everyone to die for me! DIE! DIE! DIE!" I scream at the top of my lungs.

"Do not worry. The Caretaker is just releasing his frustration onto the natives." Ghost noticed some concerns, Viewers.


"Lots of frustration being released." Ghost repeated.


"Maybe it's the Heart of Eldritch affecting him? What do the Viewers think?" Ghost switched the fault to something else.

"I'll resume the job of destroying everyone in this fucking world!"

"Caretaker has been easier to angry than normal ever since he obtained the Heart of Eldritch." Ghost continues off without missing a beat.

"This world will face my wrath!"

Explosions everywhere arise. Screams of the natives are heard. Familiars of other worlds cried out their last grief before dying, being summoned into a battlefield that only resulted that leads to their deaths.

"Viewers, you can understand that the Caretaker might be in a berserk-like state, but he is still in control. The barriers are intact and fixed whenever there are cracks appear. Overall, the Caretaker is venting his rage on the natives and creatures summoned by the natives." Ghost explained. "If anything, we should pity the creatures that are being summoned to this world against their will. No matter how much influence the Boss has caused with the mini-task. The natives continue to summon foreign entities to do their bidding."

"Perish into oblivion!"

Numerous blood typhoons are manifested everywhere as the surrounding air transmutes into blood, which would be shaped into powerful typhoons in different areas to erase all traces of the enemies' existence nearby.

"And that's the Caretaker's Blood Reign. He obtained that yesterday. It's a powerful ability used exclusively by those who govern blood. With enough experience and skills, one could affect the planet's magnetic field. In addition to the Caretaker inheriting the legacy from which this Blood Reign originally came. The Caretaker's infinite life force being partially used as fuel has made the blood quasi-solid and can exert enormous pressure and absorb different types of energy. The control over blood is so profound that even simply saying to someone that they could no longer have the right to look at the Caretaker would cause their eyes to rupture and bleed violently." Ghost switched to another topic to talk about.

The numerous blood typhoons are converted into massive Blood Fields, giving me absolute command over all creatures with blood and vastly dwarfing their abilities. The Blood Fields themselves have already begun shaking the sky and earth. Furthermore, the Blood Fields had also created craters hundreds of meters in diameter and shredded apart everything outside and inside it.

"At this rate, the planet's destruction isn't that far off." Ghost calmly reported. "By the way, I should mention that this mini-task was made based on one of the Viewers' comments about something related to the calm before the storm. So be aware that certain messages could be used on the Caretaker depending on the Boss' mood."

I throw another Senzu Bean into my mouth, and I'm back at my peak.

"Ghost, you should be done by now! Help me out here!" I shouted at Ghost once I noticed the explanation about what had happened was done by now and instead talking about what I was doing.

"Will do, Caretaker." Ghost resumed helping me out by using many of my cheats to deal with any creatures that were lucky to survive everything I threw out everywhere.

In no time, it's already dark, and thanks to En, is what make me able to locate all the natives hidden in the shadow of the night without having to rely on my eyes; well, my left eye as it's still normal, while the Odin's Lost Eye had replaced my right eye make it impossible not to find all the natives by looking at the runes that made of their bodies.

Now, crazy voices since I have some spare time to talk with you guys. I bet some are wondering why the fuck I picked the Heart of Eldritch? When we all know how crazy and bizarre anything related to eldritch is. It's because of Perfect Timing that told me to get it along with Odin's Lost Eye.

Like, why do I need to replace my fucking heart and right eye?! If anything, I got many future cheats to grab that could do so much more, but Perfect Timing said otherwise.

Nonetheless, unless I want to change this, which is impossible to change unless I want to test that theory of mine to see if the godlike items would come back with me at the Save Point. Also, I don't feel like dying anytime soon. Therefore, I'm stuck with having a different heart and right eye.

Quite honestly, the other three options weren't that great anyway. Or, more like, it's a whole lot more dangerous than these two. For example, one of the three other options was to fucking replace my brain with something else. Thankfully, not eldritch, but it's still bad, in my opinion, if I exchange my brain for something else.

Yeah, no thanks.

So, crazy voices, mind asking the Boss why the girls are switching over to their eldritch ego? I mean, it will not make my job as their caretaker any better, but I just want to prepare myself for this. You know, the sudden waves of mobs come to my doorstep to kill me and whatnot while the girls go through the switching process. Although, it might not always be the case since the avian demon family is asleep and Yui is too. The latter isn't switching to her alter ego, which I can understand somewhat as she still needs to talk with the other ego of her daughters.

It still doesn't change the fact that I have to deal with these mobs while everyone is asleep. Hell, if possible, I just wish it won't take hours before it ends.

I toss another Senzu Bean into my mouth, then create more Blood Fields and gaps to kill the natives.

Oh yeah, I bet some of you guys are wondering how in the fuck these natives are sending so many familiars in my direction when in the canon, where many people can only summon one familiar, and that's it?

By using Invasion on a couple of natives. It's because Saito, under the influence of being the main character, has persuaded everyone just to keep summoning to use numbers on their side to kill me. He didn't realize that he is also in the category of disposal cannon fodders.

I bet some would say this isn't possible because, in the canon, only one familiar could be summoned, and there is no chance of summoning another.

Yeah, you would be wrong. Because they technically can, and the only reason they didn't is due to the whole bullshit of the native saying it's about the sacredness of the ritual for summoning a familiar.

Okay, that's enough for me. I got to keep on killing. I don't feel like staying in this world longer than possible.

Seriously, this world is just damn annoying and dangerous if I didn't have my cheats.