Daily Life In Frozen Apocalypse

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What is Daily Life In Frozen Apocalypse

Read ‘Daily Life In Frozen Apocalypse’ Online for Free, written by the author Madwriter_2377, This book is a Fantasy Novel, covering ADVENTURE Fiction, MYSTERY Light Novel, SUPERPOWERS Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: As humanity progressed through the Industrial revolution and the power of machinery, did they lose themselves? Hidden wi...


As humanity progressed through the Industrial revolution and the power of machinery, did they lose themselves? Hidden within the smoke lie sins and lies, still attempting to devour everything. In this deadly tapestry, woven from the strings of mystery, Reiner found himself trapped in the body of Zephyr Loraine. However, was this the end? What he witnessed was the world's end through freezing. Layers of ice covered nearly everything. But could it conceal the filthy nature of humanity? In a world cold enough to chill one's bones, will Reiner discover warmth within himself? This is a story where survival is paramount, and the true enemy isn't the cold, but the icy nature of humans.

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Hello. Author here. You can treat this review as Q & A. Ask any questions you have. This novel will have a slow pace and slice of life type writing. So it might not suit some people. Still, give it a try. you might like it..


What an interesting take on quite the well explored genre! Reiner and his experiences mesh well with the backstory the author gave Zephyr and how he brought him into the new world was unique and very well presented. The use of formatting and punctuation work exceptionally well as well! I can’t wait to read the rest of this story and am looking forward to how the story progresses.


An unique concept, should add this squirrel too


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