65 ! peerless genius?

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Li Yuchun sat on the chair beside the bathtub and nodded. "You can go to the library Pavilion to read this knowledge when you have time.

"However, since I'm going to stay here and watch you, I'll tell you. "In your understanding, is rank-1 the limit of the system?"

Xu Qi 'an nodded.

the grades of the various cultivation systems were originally vague, and there was no clear standard. In the later years of the Sage's life, he divided the world's cultivation system into nine levels, and he had continued to use them until now.

"However, the sage didn't put himself into the grade."

"Why is that?" Xu Qi 'an asked.

let me finish first, " Li Yuchun continued, ""Other than the sage, there are four other rankers. They are the Gu God, the witch God, the Dao master, and the Buddha.

"They are known to be indestructible and immortal."

This time, Xu Qi 'an understood,' gods and Buddhas are not in the grade ...' No, are there really Immortals in this world?"


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