1 The Flight of Daedalus and Icarus

In Athens throughout Greece ,Daedalus was a renowned craftsman and inventor as his apprentice ,he had taken his nephew , Talos ,by the age of twelve he surpassed his master and invent the first saw and potter's wheel and a compass for making circles instead of being delighted of his nephew's invention's he grew very jealous . Daedalus invite Talos up to the roof of Athene's temple in Acropolis the boy gazed and go their happily . Daedalus pushed him over the edge and tried to burry but found and banished. he got to Crete with his son after king Minos locked him in the tunnel made by Daedalus and no one know where to escape except Daedalus . once again he had to escape but it was not easy than before because Crete is an island and guarded by military ships .Then he made two pairs of wings of bird's feather and painstakingly threaded ,secured with wax. he warn his son don't fly near the sun or the heat melt the wax or not to low to sea will wet the feathers. 'I promise, father,' replied overjoy son in the rush of joy he forget the promise he made with his father and soared up to the sun .Scattered feathers floated on the turquoise water . Daedalus cried around the spot where Icarus fallen .Until his body rose to the surface. He carried the drowned boy o island, now called Icaria .