Daddy CEO, Graceful Secretary

"You are a married man, I dare not fall for you." A woman said with a calm voice. "So far you love me and my daughter, Me being a married man won't be a problem." said a man with a deep-cold voice. Katherine was taken aback by this weirdly charming CEO of hers. She had just moved from willows to Graceland with her two sons and upon getting a job to be the secretary of one of the most richest CEO of Graceland. She ends up being the newest secretary of 'Mike Alexander' the Daddy CEO of Graceland. A Man who loves his daughter to bits but faces the hardship of marriage. For some reason he couldn't resist her. She wasn't the prettiest, nor was she a saint but yet she was able to capture his heart. "I don't care if you are a single mother, I'll love you and your sons." he said. Oh! Man. How did she get herself trapped with this man who won't leave her alone. "I refuse to be the other woman." She said thinking that he would finally let her be, but what he said next shocked her. "Then I'll make you the only woman, I'll get married to you right here and right now." he said with a cunning smile. Join Katherine as she journey into a world where love, deception and secrets beings her to only one person, "Mike Alexander." ***** *The ML isn't a scum who cheats on his wife. *This story is an original story by the author. *Cover isn't mine, credits goes to the artist. *Rated 18! for particular chapters. *Author accepts all comments except insult! Check my profile for more novels. HAPPY READING..

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Waking up in the morning was Katherine as she placed her hand on her head as she hissed in pain.

She didn't know where the source of the pain was coming from but it was all around her body.

She has never felt this way at least not since that night she and Mike had slept together.

She never knew that Taking just a little glass of drink could do so much to her.

She thought as she then turned around and upon seeing Mike laying beside her, she was completely taken by surprise.

Not only was he literally naked, he had his hands wrapped around he and that's when she realized that she was too free for some reason.

Looking down at herself, she widened her eyes in shock as she gazed on her naked body.