382 Jia Li's Last Resort

"Yan Zhuhui, how dare you say that to me?! Do you even know what you've done!" Jia Li glared at him. "Have you grown tired of me? Was I asking too much of you? I only want you to get rid of Ran Xueyi because she keeps on standing in my way, but instead of helping me, you're scolding and complaining to me?"

Jia Li refused to think that Yan Zhuhui won't see how pitiful she was. She was trying to grip on his conscience to make him surrender under her once again. "I've done everything you want me to do. But you can't accept this little request from me? Am I just a fuck buddy to you? Am I now worthless to you?"

Over the past years that she spent with Yan Zhuhui, Jia Li learned almost everything about him. She knew how to stir his guilt and make him kneel before her and ask for her forgiveness when she showed tears in front of him. Right now, she was using herself against him, knowing very well that he cannot lose her. 


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