Daddy CEO's Beloved Wife

The night her fiancé cheated on her, Ran Xueyi didn’t think that her family and friends knew all about it even before her. Devastated, Xueyi decides she wants revenge in the way she could ruin her family’s reputation, and get out of the engagement she didn’t want! And the only way to do that was to get pregnant with another man’s child! But what happens when the father of her child appears before her eyes after 2 years demanding to take her and their child back? Will Xueyi be able to resist his charms when even her son wants to adopt this man as his father?! --- Meet Song Yu Han, an enigmatic man and the richest tycoon in the country! Too bad, the man was as cold as ice.. But just when everyone thought that there would never be a woman who could make him fall in love, he suddenly brought in a beautiful wife and a son. ---- Few scenes from the novel: “Mommy, I want to eat dinner with daddy,” the little one said one day. Xueyi couldn’t resist her son’s charm and reluctantly said yes. The next day. “Mommy, I heard from my classmates that they sleep with their parents. Can I call daddy to sleep with us?” Xueyi rejects the idea but when her son started to cry and throw a tantrum, she finally gave in. And the next day, again. “Mommy, I want a little sister from mommy and daddy. Go and make one for me!” the little one demanded and then winked to his dad who was standing behind him. Thus, starts Xueyi's life filled with love from both her husband and son. [MATURE CONTENT]

Poisonlily · Urban
Not enough ratings
572 Chs

A War Goddess Appeared in the Audition

Ran Xueyi nodded her head and an agent from the director's side came forward. Realizing that the agent was going to take the paper where the scene and number was written, Ran Xueyi touched her pocket to take it out, but when her hand was already inside the pocket, she realized that it was empty.

What happened? Where did the paper go? Ran Xueyi frowned and her expression turned dark. 

"What's wrong?" Director Zheng had his attention focused on her and noticed a strange look in her eyes.

Ran Xueyi was about to reply when the door was pulled open and a staff member from outside said, "Miss Ran, did you drop this?"

In the hand of the staff member was the familiar looking and small, rectangular paper. It was the audition scene number. 

How did she drop it? Ran Xueyi wondered while frowning. She was sure that it was inside her pocket. Then, why was it in the hands of the staff member?