Dad, Please Try a Little Harder

After the college entrance examination, Qian Quan was preparing to confess his love to his goddess, but he could only watch as she was taken away by a rich second generation classmate. At this moment, he awakened the "Like Father Like Son" system. [Ding, the system detected that your father won a bonus of 3,000 yuan, rewarding you with 30,000 yuan!] [Ding, the system detected that your father is practicing Wing Chun, rewarding you with the Grandmaster-level Wing Chun technique!] [Ding, the system detected that your father made the game-winning shot in the school basketball game, rewarding you with a professional-level basketball skill!] "What the heck?" "Dad, please try harder! It's better to improve yourself than to improve your son!"

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Chapter 70 To Date, You Must Pass My Childhood Friend First!_1

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In Qian Quan's mind, his father had always been a bit of a traditional intellectual: skilled in calligraphy, knowledgeable in Chinese chess, fond of drinking, well-read, and concerned with national affairs.

Throughout his upbringing, his father played the role of a serious and profound paternal figure rather effectively.

Later on, as Qian Quan grew older, particularly after he entered high school, his father began to change his approach to interacting with him. He ceased being a dictator and stopped issuing commands; instead, he tried to treat Qian Quan with a more egalitarian attitude.

He started to view him as a grown child capable of independent thinking.

All in all, Qian Quan had always held a sense of reverence and respect toward his father. After gaining access to this mysterious system, those feelings not only remained but intensified.