Dad, Please Try a Little Harder

After the college entrance examination, Qian Quan was preparing to confess his love to his goddess, but he could only watch as she was taken away by a rich second generation classmate. At this moment, he awakened the "Like Father Like Son" system. [Ding, the system detected that your father won a bonus of 3,000 yuan, rewarding you with 30,000 yuan!] [Ding, the system detected that your father is practicing Wing Chun, rewarding you with the Grandmaster-level Wing Chun technique!] [Ding, the system detected that your father made the game-winning shot in the school basketball game, rewarding you with a professional-level basketball skill!] "What the heck?" "Dad, please try harder! It's better to improve yourself than to improve your son!"

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Chapter 68 Qian Quan Wins in the Competition Easily_3

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Bai Yuanzhi reluctantly said, "We're doing a weapons educational video today, maybe next time."

"An educational video on weapons? Specifically, Wing Chun's Eight-Slash Sword? Let me see."

Bai Yuanzhi played the raw footage for Zhang Xiang'er to see.

In the video, Qian Quan continued to perform the set moves, showing nothing particularly extraordinary.

Rubbing his chin, Zhang Xiang'er watched for a moment before suddenly declaring, "Xiaobai, Quan, going forward, let's just stick to what we know. The two of you are still senior and junior students; let's not complicate things."

"We haven't complicated anything," Bai Yuanzhi responded.

"That's good. This way, if you two ever want to get together, you won't have to worry."

"Mentor!" Bai Yuanzhi's face turned beet red.

Qian Quan just shook his head helplessly.