Dad, Please Try a Little Harder

After the college entrance examination, Qian Quan was preparing to confess his love to his goddess, but he could only watch as she was taken away by a rich second generation classmate. At this moment, he awakened the "Like Father Like Son" system. [Ding, the system detected that your father won a bonus of 3,000 yuan, rewarding you with 30,000 yuan!] [Ding, the system detected that your father is practicing Wing Chun, rewarding you with the Grandmaster-level Wing Chun technique!] [Ding, the system detected that your father made the game-winning shot in the school basketball game, rewarding you with a professional-level basketball skill!] "What the heck?" "Dad, please try harder! It's better to improve yourself than to improve your son!"

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Chapter 67 It Is Very Easy to Pass the Draft _1

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Qian Quan returned to his dorm room and took a quick inventory of his assets.

Excluding the card from Lin Xiaohuang, he had over 400,000 in cash. With the martial arts competition prize money, it would surpass 500,000.

However, he had already decided that once he received the prize money, the first 30,000 would go to his parents.

Besides cash, he also possessed a black and a red card from Funing One and 20 shopping cards with a total value of 100,000.

Moreover, the annual 50,000 scholarship set up by Lin Xiaohuang for him was more than he could ever spend.

For a college student, financial worries for the next four years were a thing of the past.

He was free to focus on his studies, fully immerse himself in the college experience, and engage in meaningful activities.

As the old saying goes, "One is fearless with fortune." In the mundane world, money was undoubtedly one of the most empowering tools.