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At first, Ren just wanted an easy life, to be a dad. However, to save his wife's company, he drew a comic called "Your Name," and things spiraled from there. He then realized that from enjoying an easy life, he had turned into someone who tackles challenges head-on. So, he went on to create "Ultraman," "Kamen Rider Kuuga," "Fate/Zero," "Naruto "Cells at Work," "Cooking Master Boy," "Bleach," "Attack on Titan"... And his works started to warm the hearts of people... --------- This is a chill, relaxed, wholesome slice-of-life fanfiction. 10 advance chapters: patreon.com/angelictranslating

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The King of Living off a Woman

Ren stood at the entrance of a villa, taking a deep breath.

Even now, he still felt a somewhat dreamlike sensation.

He was not originally from this world. In his previous existence, he was just an ordinary person on Earth. However, in the blink of an eye, he found himself in this world.

It must be said that an ordinary person, even after transmigrating, is still just an ordinary person. He didn't have any golden finger and couldn't become powerful as described in web novels from his previous life.

He had considered becoming a writer as transmigrators did in the web novels. Unfortunately, he didn't have the talent for it. Each time he tried to write, he failed miserably. Even after persisting and writing over 100,000 words, he only received a couple of hundred recommendations, which were all his own.

He thought about composing songs, but who could remember the lyrics and tunes of so many songs? Besides, he didn't have the artistic talent to compose songs, at best he could hum a few lines.

As for becoming a director, he didn't remember the plots of movies from his previous life.

Regarding entrepreneurship, apart from the issue of startup funds, everything that could be used for entrepreneurship already existed in this world, such as food delivery platforms, online shopping platforms, and sharing economy services.

So, he had no choice but to go to college and got into a prestigious undergraduate program.

He had a girlfriend in college, but they broke up shortly after graduation due to practical reasons.

He could only drown his sorrows in alcohol, and then he met a woman who was also drunk, and they ended up being intimate.

He thought it should've ended there, but he didn't know when she got his phone number.

Then, not long ago, she called him and told him she had his child, who was already five years old, and asked him to come and take care of her.

At first, he doubted if he was being scammed. However, the woman brought the child's hair and they went to a hospital specified by him for a paternity test, which confirmed that the child was indeed his.

All of this was quite dramatic. Such things could only happen in TV dramas.

"Dong dong dong."

As the doorbell rang, the voice-activated doorbell at the entrance spoke in a clear female voice: "Who is it?"

"Um, it's me, the one who just had the security guard call you."

"Please wait."

Hearing this voice, Ren suddenly recalled a night six years ago, and involuntarily covered his head.

That night, he drank too much and felt nothing.

Soon, the door opened.

He saw a beautiful woman with her hair down, looking at him from head to toe: "Come in."

With that, she walked into the house.

Her long, fair legs were extremely beautiful, and she moved her buttocks so alluringly that Ren couldn't help but admire himself.

How did he manage to score such a beauty back then? Truly lucky!

After passing through the entrance, he arrived in the elegantly decorated living room. The furnishings were very luxurious; at least, Ren had only seen such decor in TV shows, both in his previous life and this one.

Ren sat nervously on the sofa, looking at the woman.

According to what he had learned a few days ago, her name wasJade, and she was about the same age as him.

"Um, how should I go about being a father to the child?" Ren asked directly.

"It's a fake marriage," Jade replied. "You are the father of my child, but you have no relationship with me. During this time you take care of the child, I will pay you a salary of ten thousand a month, which should be enough for you, and I will ensure your benefits."

Truth be told, Jade hadn't expected to do something so bold.

Due to a sudden family emergency, she could only drown her sorrows. She coincidentally met Ren, who was also drunk, and they ended up in bed together.

She never expected to get pregnant. Since she didn't want to get married for some reasons, she decided to have the child. Initially, she only intended to raise the child alone, but a single-parent family wasn't ideal for the child, especially after the child started envying other children's fathers at kindergarten and asking where her father was.

She didn't trust any other man, and she didn't want a husband either.

Thus, she found information about the child's biological father; at least he was blood-related and would certainly treat the child well.

"No need," Ren shook his head. "How can I take money to take care of my own child?"

If this child wasn't his, Ren might have asked for money, but a paternity test had been done, and it was done at a hospital he specified, which put his mind at ease.

"Is that so? Then if you need money later, just let me know," Jade said. Satisfied with Ren's response, she then pointed to a large package by the sofa. 

"Could you please change into something from there? It's the first time meeting the child, so you should dress nicely to leave a good impression on Yuta."

"Okay." Ren had no objections to this.

One's appearance mattered, but the clothes he wore were just from thrifting, unable to display his handsomeness and sophistication like a typical Internet literature reader.

Entering the room pointed out by Jade, Ren unwrapped the thing he held.

"Wow, Patek Philippe." Looking at the label on the clothes, Ren couldn't help but be amazed.

This was high-end stuff, worth several tens of thousands of dollars, even though it was ready-made and not custom-made.

Looking at the fabric and its style, they were top choices.

Just as Ren was about to change, he suddenly felt a pain in his mind, causing him to stay rooted to the spot.

After a short while, Ren muttered, "Darn it."

His golden finger, delayed for over twenty years, had finally arrived.

This golden finger contained many works from his previous life that didn't exist in this world, and it granted him top-tier abilities in drawing and creating plots.


He didn't have to work. He refused the so-called salary, but with Jade earning money to support his lifestyle, wasn't he living off her and painting in agony? He wasn't stupid!

Eating off others may sound embarrassing, but the key was that Ren quite liked it, and many people wanted to live off others but couldn't!

Moreover, the woman supporting him was so beautiful and didn't seem to have any habits like using harsh words.

"Forget it, let's pretend this ability doesn't exist." Ren sighed and decided to act as if he hadn't seen it, his eyes becoming resolute. "The King of Living off a Woman, I've decided!"

After changing into the clothes, Ren walked out of the room. Jade came forward and tiptoed, reaching out to tidy his collar. "You must tidy up your clothes, don't look too sloppy."

After fixing his clothes, she stepped back and looked at Ren from head to toe, nodding slightly. "Not bad. The clothes suit you well. Take a good look at the things I wrote for you, so you won't be clueless later."