11 Chapter 7

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"Ready?" I ask, as Adam stands up and starts to walk toward the door.

"Been ready. Let's hurry up, I heard some girls in the lobby talking about a Bar called Blackbird Gastropub." Adam says as we start walking toward the elevator.

Adam and I have been walking for no less than 5 minutes and we are already at the bar.

I guess there are some advantages of living in a dorm next to the stadium.

We walk up to front of the bar, and see two lines at the front of one of the lines is a sign that reads OU Athletics only.

"They have a line for sports players? Huh that's convenient." Adam remarks as we walk through the empty line.

We get to the front and a guy wearing all black walks up to us.

"Let me see your student ID cards." he says holding out his hand.

We both reach for our wallets and pull out our student ID cards.

I was confused at first but then remembered that on our ID cards, their is team option and whatever team you are on it will say.


"Alright no drinking." the man says winking after.

"Have fun." the man says letting us by.

"Thanks." Adam responds as we walk in.

We walk past inside the bar and see a very busy bar, with people all over the place, loud music was playing and on the TVs different sports games we're playing.


Adam and I both walk to the bar, once we get there the bartender walks over and asks.

"What can I get for you?" he asks.

"A cup of water." A cup of water.

I'll have a water to." Adams answers the bartender's question.

The waiter walks away and starts getting our water.

I hear the door open, so I look over to see who came inside.

I see the girl from the gym walk in wearing a pear of skinny jeans and a red sweater.


But what really caught my eye was her smile, you know the saying her smile could bright up a dark room? I now believe that.

"Fuck shes hot." I say quietly.

As they walk by I decide to use my undefeated strategy.

"Hey Hailey," I say as they walk by, she looks at me with a confused look. Then her stare at me as they walk by.

As they walk away from us Adam starts to laugh.

"Hahaha, I don't think her name is Hailey." Adam says with a smirk. What I said next made his smirk disappear.

"I know, I know," I say grinning.

"But if everytime from now on I say "Hey Hailey" She will come up to me and she will be like "You know my name is not Hailey." she will be like It's Gracie or whatever. And I will make this big apology, and I will say I thought you were the Hailey who was mad at me for not calling, and from then on Gracie or whatever her name is will think that I dated a girl named Hailey who looks just like her, who I rejected." I was saying before Adam interrupted.

"That works?" Adam asked shocked.

"Yep, and after a while, she will develop this unconscious need to win my approval, and from then on its cake." I say smirking taking a drink of my water.

"Damn." I hear Adam whisper.


Madison Carter POV.

After Dani and I Left the gym I ended up going back to the house that I rent with a couple of the other girls on the Volleyball team.

As soon as I walk inside I am met with about 5 girls doing their hair and makeup.

"Maddie, good your back, go get ready we are going out." Kylie says in tone that says you are going there is no way I'm getting out of this.

"Guys I've told y'all I'm not ready its to soon." I say looking away.

"Girl it's been 5 months you moved colleges and he is not in your life anymore. Time to move on." Kylie says while braiding Carlee's hair.

"I don't know guys." I say again knowing that they won't budge.

"That's enough go get dressed and wear something slutty. We're getting you laid tonight." Tara says.

(I wanna go ahead and say this, she was not sexually abused or anything like that, all that happened was her x was a *sshole.)

"Whatever." I say rolling my eyes.

I walk into my room and grab a red sweater and a pair of black skinny jeans, I walk to my bathroom and start the shower.

After about an hour I come out of my room fully dressed and ready to go.

"Girl, you look like a teacher." Tara says.

"Least the jeans do her curves justice." Kylie jokes.


We walk into the bar, as soon as I do I am met with a very sweet smell that just makes me smile.

We make our way to a open table in the back, as I was passing the bar a familiar voice caught my attention.

"Hey Hailey." I look over and see the muscle head from the gym and his nerdy friend sitting next to him.

'Why did he call me Hailey?' I just look at him for a second then I keep walking.

Once we get to the table they start asking me questions.

"Who was that stud?" Kylie asks as she looks over her shoulder and looks at the bar.

"Why did he call you Hailey?"

To be continued...


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