Cyberpunk Edgerunners: Nanites SON!

A twist of fate, a broken nose, and a lot of cursing. That was how David started his new life, the death of his mother still fresh on his mind, but instead of what he thought would happen. He gained power not even the tech of this world has seen yet. Nanomachines, Son. Has to change the title since Webnovel doesn't have something that allows me to put in what the novel is a fanfic of. ---------------------------- Additional tags Cyberpunk Edgerunners Girls Love More will be added as I need to add them. Yes, Girls love in a harem. Because if you don't like watching another hot girl, eat out a girl while you're rearranging at least one of their guts, we can't be friends.

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The moment he entered the front door of his apartment and closed it behind him, David suddenly doubles over, quickly placing his Mothers ashes onto the counter as he fell to the ground.

Information started to enter his had, far more painful than David's original memories due to just how much information it was.

After what felt like ages did he take a deep breath.

The pain slowly subsided as he sat up, and his nose repaired itself visibly as he slowly stood up.

A grin spread across his face as his arms raised and he started laughing.


He got something, his sudden transmigration awarded him something, that was honestly pretty busted.

Nanomachines, but not the specific kind, not the kind that made sense. No, he got the 'Bullshit' comic kind.

It filled his body, rapidly cleansing his body of any sickness, or health problems and bringing him to the peak of what his body was now.

He could feel the power beneath his fingertips, and he abused it directly.

He let the nanites break down the cyberware he already had such as his jacks, and slots. Making them impervious to hacking. Making sure that they wouldn't bother him in the future while also increasing their data transfer speed, as well as their overall performance.

His hud got on the update as well, the benefit however was the fact this was painless, the nanites so small and able to numb the positions it was happening.

The only thing he noticed was that for a moment his vision seemed to blur as it adjusted his sight.

Then it became much clearer, once that finished he placed a hand over the bag containing the sandevistan, a black fog seeming to come from his fingertips as it enveloped the tech.

There was a few moments before the fog pulled away, and now he understood the tech inside and out... And he would be able to recreate it at a later date, something this useful he wouldn't let through his fingers easily now that he understood how it worked.

He swept the room for tech that could be discarded, dismantling it along with some metal from the chairs.

Once he finished he made himself a knife, just for self-defense until he could get his hands on a firearm, already having his eyes on a Tsunami Nue.

Once he grabbed the bag he put it into his backpack, changing into a more casual attire as he pulled his Mothers coat over his frame.

Once he was clothed he exited the apartment, locking it before he broke into a full sprint before he jumped over the balcony, and dropped down about 15 feet before he landed without any problem.

David had leg cyberware. It was some common stuff, something his Mother had bought him long ago to help when he was playing soccer. It only reinforced his ankles and shins, making it so he didn't need to worry about heights like this.

He continued to run, the nanites would maximize his gains no matter how small, so running to the station was a good start.

Once he arrived at the station he was just slightly winded, and he arrived with enough time to actually be ahead of the train as it was just pulling into the station.

Getting onto the rail he began to look for the girl, she was pretty. Pale skin and white hair with what looked to be a rainbow dye, she noticed him as soon as he noticed her.

He simply nodded towards her, before he heard the soft ring of someone trying to call him, the number was hidden and so was the name.

Picking it up he turned away from her to look out the window as he remained standing, holding the ring above to keep himself steady.

A beautiful voice spoke over the holo.

<Alright new kid, the names Lucy... Maine told me to test you, so I'm going to do just that.> L

<What's the stitch?>

<Going to pop shards from the train passengers, aiming for specific ones and just scraps to sell, you do a good job? I'll split it 70 30. Then take you to Maine.> L

<Got it, just point out the targets, when we cross cars, I'll leave my bag with you, it's got the chrome.>

<No argument about the split? Color me surprised, the guy on your left with the shades.>

David looked at the man to his left from the corner of his eyes before he yawned a bit, stepping back a bit out of the way of others as he stretched, as his arms lifted above his head and stretched he caught the shard as it ejected.

He continued to do this, walking down the aisle and catching shards, not always with his hands, some he let land in the pockets of his jacket, using the upgraded hug to judge their trajectory, or even some in his bag while he rummaged through it.

This continued until he reached the end of the car next to her, an amused expression on her face as he set his bag down, unloading the shards as well.

<You're good Choom, I'll give you that.> L

<I'm an Arasaka dropout from school, they had acting classes that I took to make my mom feel better. Drama kids were also the best people to sell certain BDs to.>

Lucy raised a brow as she passed by him with his bag, moving on to the next car.

<You were a Saka?> L

<No, Mom was a medic, worked hard and to the bone to get me into the school, hoping I could make something of my life that wasn't so dangerous. Turns out it doesn't matter.>

<Sorry to hear, about your Mother I mean... Maine said she was a good woman.> L

<The best... I'm going to sprinkle her ashes on the moon, she always loved looking up at it.>

Lucy's eyes widened just a bit at that, quickly suppressing it as he passed her. Continuing their thievery.


For those wondering, David does not know the events of Edgerunner, however. He does know about the cyberpunk world as a whole.

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