Cyberpunk: Arasaka Secret Son

It follows the story of Hanako Arasaka's secret child. That she had to hide from everyone including her family in order to protect him. For the sins of the father of her son. --- -- - For all those who like the story and want to support it I leave the link to my Patreon; patreon.com/user?u=8326781

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The Battle of Night City II

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The group hurried out of the workshop, reaching the gang's car parked at the back. But as they were getting in, Smasher caught up, bursting out of the workshop and easily smashing through the door.

Knowing that Smasher wouldn't let them escape until "he" arrived, Avaray closed his seat's door and, as the head of security, decided to stay and confront Smasher while the others escaped.

Judy, who had grown fond of the old soldier, asked alarmed when she saw him, "Avaray, what are you doing?"

"My job. The kid hired me to protect you, and that's what I intend to do. Plus, I have scores to settle with this bastard after he's killed so many comrades and friends over the years," Avaray replied, pointing his thumb at Smasher.

With the naive hope of being able to escape together, Judy ordered, "No-no, please don't... It's an order! Th-think about your family, Sergeant!" Trying to appeal to the Sergeant's family in hopes of changing his mind, unable to bear the death of another employee after witnessing Jerry's traumatic end

Contrary to Judy's pleading and sorrowful tone, Avaray, with an oddly upbeat and energetic tone given the situation they were in, replied, "Though I'd love to!" Concluding with a much more solemn tone as he looked at his young boss. "That's an order I can't accept."

She withdrew her helmet, revealing her face, and shared one last glance with her security chief as tears escaped her eyes.

Turning to the group of mercenaries. "Get her out of here," Avaray said, met with determined and sorrowful nods from all of them before they got into the car to take Judy as far away from Smasher as possible.

Avaray and Lady stood before the colossal armor, ready for what was about to happen. Watching Smasher remain motionless as the car drove away, Avaray couldn't help but say, "I don't think things will go as you expect," as the corners of his mouth lifted slightly.

["Did you say something, dead meat...?"] responded Smasher with a growl.

Without changing his resolved expression, Avaray replied, "I might be... but just as you're expecting... when the kid arrives... I don't think things will happen as you wish."

["You give him too much credit... despite your inability to harm me,"] challenged Smasher, taking a threatening step forward, emphasizing his colossal armor.

Causing Avaray to have to look up to respond, knowing that mentioning Morgan would bother him, "Morgan certainly thinks he's special..." He then added his own assessment, "And I, after years of working for Militech... what I've seen in this company..."

Avaray paused for a moment, looking significantly at his colleague and supervisor, Lady, beside him, who tilted her head and returned his gaze with confusion. Remembering the dangerous technology her body was made of and the Kid had shown him as a test of loyalty.

Despite his years and extensive experience, and despite the current circumstance with Smasher in front of him, Avaray still felt a chill run down his spine as he remembered the bright blue eyes and expression on the Kid's face when he threatened/warned him about leaking any information about Iron Beast.

Leading him to conclude with conviction, "That Kid... without a doubt... made me feel more nervous than you do!."

No sooner had he finished his sentence, the fight began with Avaray threw himself to the ground as he opened fire with his rifle, dodging the hammer that came crashing down on his head in the form of a furious clenched fist. From someone who didn't like what he was saying.


At the same time, as the Chevillon Emperor pulled away, all its occupants could hear and feel a powerful jolt that shook the vehicle. None of them had time to say anything or look back, due to the tense situation they were in. With Dorio at the wheel, charging at full speed against the blockade formed by several black SUVs on the only road out of the workshop, while Arasaka soldiers, covered behind it, fired at them.

As they sped away, Dorio and Maine in the front seats could see several silver flashes shimmering in the sky.

Immediately afterward, a significant portion of the gunfire came to a sudden halt as dozen of the shooters were abruptly impaled by silver spears falling from the sky, piercing their armor and innards before embedding into the ground. The remaining soldiers, witnessing the chilling fate of their comrades, were momentarily paralyzed.

Before they could recover and open fire again, they were harassed by a dozen black crows fluttering in front of their faces, pecking at their helmets or swiftly slicing at them with their sharp wings. Covering the Chevillon Emperor, which had rammed into one of the SUVs, clearing a path.

As they veered onto one of the city roads with a sharp turn, Dorio urgently asked, "Alright, where the hell are we going? Has anyone been able to contact the kid?" Meanwhile, some of the SUVs that formed the blockade began to chase them.

"No, we're still within the inhibitor's range," Maine replied, injecting several stims into his wounded arm simultaneously. As soon as he finished, one of the crows landed on the hood, squawking repeatedly, as if delivering a message."

"What the hell is that thing doing?" Pilar asked from the second row of seats.

"It's one of his pets," Rebecca replied, able to move her body again, partially recovered after using a few stims as well. "But I have no idea what it's saying."

Judy, who hadn't said a word since they parted ways with Avaray. Listening to his message relayed by Fool, she closed her eyes for a moment, took a deep breath, and upon opening them, with a firm expression on it, she said, "It's warning us. We're trapped. All exits from the district are blocked by Arasaka."

"Fucking Great! Not only Smasher, but they've also mobilized a damn army! That's why he was so calm letting us escape. What the hell do we do?!" Pilar exclaimed, expressing his frustration sarcastically.

"We stick to the plan," Judy replied resolutely.

Making Pilar exclaim, "Plan! What plan?"

Instead of answering, Judy thought of a way to carry it out. "Fool, I need to contact someone. Locate the inhibitor and destroy its antennas."

"Khaaa!" Fool cawed from the hood, rising into the air to carry out her orders.

"Girl, what's the plan?" Dorio asked as she maneuvered to avoid other vehicles on the road.

"Stop running!" Judy responded with determination. "If Arasaka attacks us with an army, then "we"... will fight back, by hiring one."

Judy's words resonated inside the car, creating an expectant silence that was completed when she ordered; "Dorio, take me to the bar."

This order caused Maine to turn towards her, with an expression of disbelief reflected on his face, he asked "Girl, you're not thinking of going to..." Unable to finish when he noticed the change in her eyes, which seemed to transform before him.

With clenched teeth, Judy declared, "Take me to the Afterlife... I'm going to hire every mercenary in the city." At the same time, the newly formed circles around her pupils lit up, shining with a determined and beautiful indigo color.

In that brief moment, a spark of excitement flashed in the faces of Maine, Dorio, Pilar and Rebecca. As mercenaries, they were accustomed to being used by corporations, causing the idea of standing up to them to always linger in a corner of any self-respecting mercenary's mind, like a childhood dream, to which their rebellious spirits, dulled and dormant by the power imbalance and the few instances where the Corporations faced consequences, could cling, 'hoping some day...'

And now, after Judy's bold words, that same dormant childhood dream stirred hungry at the prospect of an army of mercenaries facing off against Arasaka, forcing them to flee their own city

"That might be easier said than done," Dorio responded, snapping back to reality after observing another Arasaka blockade on the end of the road.


Meanwhile, at the rear of Iron Beast's flaming workshop,

Smasher, with a swift gesture, stowed away an energy-bladed knife, its edge gleaming with an intense reddish glow, into a compartment of his armor. He glanced down disdainfully at one of the two parts of a body divided beneath his feet. With a cold, robotic voice, he uttered, ["I'll give you credit for enduring more than I anticipated."]

Then... he took a step forward, ruthlessly crushing the lower part of Avaray's body under the weight of his imposing armor. Avaray, in his final moments, fought a losing battle to stay conscious as his vision blurred from the loss of blood gushing from his torn and severed body.

Despite Smasher's desire to prolong Avaray's suffering in his final moments, Avaray, in the fading beats of his heart, did not witness his legs being torn apart before him. Instead, his mind filled with the comforting image of his beloved family: his three children, five grandchildren, and dear wife. This brought a faint smile to his lips as he found peace within himself for having done his utmost.

As Smasher walked away, heading towards the Arasaka forces waiting at the entrance, Lady, the Doberman Iron Beast and Avaray's companion, who had lain inert after being divided in two like him, reactivated anew.

Fulfilling the scheme she had devised to save the life of her loyal companion, just as her creator had commanded: "If he is loyal to us... protect him as best you can."

Despite Avaray's moribund state, that was precisely what Lady intended to do. By mobilizing all the nanobots comprising the inert halves of her divided body. Losing her form to a cloud of black smoke and liquid, that snaked toward the upper section of Avaray's body, enveloping him entirely to form a black cocoon around him

Seconds later, as Arasaka soldiers appeared on Smasher's orders to retrieve Lady and Avaray's bodies, they found nothing but the crushed lower part of a body.

Upon reaching the rest of the Arasaka forces awaiting him at the entrance, Smasher disregarded the dead soldiers still impaled and asked in a authoritative tone, ["Where is the target?"]

The young soldier he addressed barely had time to articulate a response when a thunderous roar announced the arrival of a highly modified Chevillon Emperor, pursued by the rest of its companions, speeding down the opposite lane of the road they had departed from.

Watching them almost pass by, the decorative medians separating the lanes became insignificant obstacles to "Adam", who "smashed" through them without hesitation, making his way onto the opposite lane, forcing Dorio to swerve to try to avoid Smasher's giant arm reaching towards them.

Despite the swerve, Smasher managed to place his massive hand on the car roof with such force that it bent it, pressing it against the ground, causing the tires to burn from the friction against the asphalt.

In an instant, Maine extended his metallic arm through the window and fired his Projectile Launch System. The impact pushed Smasher back enough for him to release his prey, allowing the vehicle to quickly escape his reach.

With the target car sped away, Smasher touched for the first time one of the weapons on his back.

Just as a twisted idea took shape in his mind.... that made him stop counting.

Then, he drew the behemoth weapon, befitting the size of his colosal armor, on his back,, known as the "Fusion Electromagnetic Projector" (FEP). As he gripped it, the components of the FEP unfolded with a soft mechanical hum, transforming from a compact configuration to a combat-ready one. Its barrel extended, revealing a matte metal finish and carbon fiber details, while its stock folded with precision.

The heavy weapon he drew was a behemoth befitting the size of his colosal armor, known as the "Fusion Electromagnetic Projector" (FEP). As he gripped it, the components of the FEP unfolded with a soft mechanical hum, transforming from a compact configuration to a combat-ready one. Its barrel extended, revealing a matte metal finish and carbon fiber details, while its stock folded with precision.

Built from technology forbidden by international treaties, the very design of the weapon challenged the agreements established after the Second Corporate War in the Berlin Treaties, which banned the weaponization of certain technologies deemed too dangerous or lethal.

Only major corporations like Arasaka had the audacity and resources to defy such prohibitions.

The FEP operated by generating a highly concentrated electromagnetic field, allowing for the safe manipulation of a projectile in an almost plasma state. The fired projectile reached a fraction of the temperature of the solar surface, emitting waves of heat capable of melting, burning, and vaporizing anything in their path.

With trembling hands in anticipation of his first time firing such a weapon, Smasher aimed the cannon towards the vehicle retreating down the road where Judy and the others were. As the weapon charged, the sunlight reflected off the metallic surfaces of the barrel, creating sparkling glints dancing along the weapon.

Just as Smasher was about to squeeze the trigger, a young Arasaka soldier, nervous but brave, stood in his way, driving a customized truck through the shattered medians dividing the roads.

Following orders just received from the control center to prevent Smasher from dispersing his armament in the city, the soldier interposed with the customized truck to move the Dai-Oni armor. With an expression attempting to hide his palpable nervousness, the young soldier addressed Smasher as respectfully as possible, "M-Mr. Smasher, please, get in, we'll join the pursuit."

Smasher glanced at him for a moment before lifting the weapon's barrel. This caused the soldier, who had been holding his breath, to release a sigh, thinking he had successfully prevented him from firing his weapon, thus averting the destruction of the target and his pursuing comrades.

Misinterpreting Smasher, who, upon releasing one of his hands while lifting the weapon, used it to roughly push the truck blocking their way aside. Then, unhindered, he squeezed the trigger of the FEP...

Unleashing a deafening blast as it released an incandescent projectile, radiating heat, while leaving behind a destructive trail of flames.

Due to the mercenaries' attacks, the Arasaka SUVs pursuing them did not cease their movement, some of them crossing into the line of fire. Like one of the SUVs at the tail end of the pursuit, which received a direct hit from behind.

The heat emanating from the projectile was so intense that even before making direct contact with the vehicle, it began to melt its body. The kinetic force of the impact pushed the incandescent fragments to the sides, creating a rain of molten metal that scorched the surroundings.

All this while the projectile pierced through the vehicle, making a circular area several times larger than the projectile's size disappear in the middle of the vehicle, leaving less than half of the charred bodies of the five occupants inside.

Seconds later, amidst the deafening chaos, the young soldier found himself engulfed in a whirlwind of blaring alarms and distant screams, still recovering from the violent shove within the truck. His gaze settled horrified on the disastrous consequences of his failure to stop Smasher.

The road pavement was shattered, littered with debris and engulfed in flames following the projectile's path. Two of the six Arasaka SUVs pursuing the target lay wrecked, one with its occupants still alive thanks to the impact's location, while the other, struck head-on, offered no hope.

The rain of fragments that showered the sides of the street caused injured civilians, whose cries of pain mingled with the eerie silence of those no longer breathing, innocent victims of the brutality of the attack. Even the buildings on both sides of the road had small fires scattered across their facades.

The soldier, pale as a ghost, stared in shock at the madman who had unleashed such chaos in the midst of the city. Soon after doing so, he heard his robotic voice filtered through the armor's speakers: ["Tch, seems like those mercenaries have good Sandevistan."]

Denoting a certain level of annoyance, not over friendly fire, destruction, or civilian casualties, but... over the pilot's skill, who evaded his shot, destroying the medians, and escaping through the parallel road.

Dorio was only able to evade it, thanks to Pilar and Rebecca, who, while firing at the pursuing SUVs, warned her about Smasher aiming an unknown weapon at them, and to her new Sandevistan, which allowed her to react to the destruction generated by the shot, to dodge it.

The soldier had to snap out of his shock by force if he wanted to stay alive, as Smasher, with the arrival of the first media AVs, climbed into the truck and ordered, ["Let's go"] lightly tapping the truck cabin's roof after sealing his armor's feet with the truck's customized locks.

Not only ordering the present forces to mobilize but also the entire battalion spread throughout the district, forming different blockades. Closing the cage in which the target was contained.


In the large convoy on the outskirts of the city, inside the mobile control center overseeing the mission, a tense silence prevailed. Due the chaotic images transmitted by the soldiers alongside Smasher kept everyone on edge.

Especially to Yorinobu that with his gaze fixed on one of the screens, realized his mistake. Just like the Dragoon power armor from IEC, on which the Dai-Oni was based. It wasn't the armors that had security mechanisms in case any went rogue, but rather the pilots, or more precisely, their brains, which were reconditioned to be easily controllable. However, in Smasher's case, due to fear of losing combat capabilities, he was never subjected to such a process, opting instead to control his usual frame.

Now, without a leash to subdue him, Yorinobu could only helplessly watch as Smasher ignored his direct orders and used his armament in the city.

While Yorinobu maintained a deathly silence, the operation captain, seeing the arrival of the first AVs and witnessing how Smasher, after ignoring his orders, had the audacity to continue directing the rest of the deployed forces, had no choice but to suggest with some trepidation considering the state of his boss. "Yorinobu-sama... now that the media have arrived, perhaps we should give the retreat order."

"WHAT WOULD THAT CHANGE?! EVEN IF THEY RETREAT, SMASHER WON'T!" exclaimed the usually calm Yorinobu, unable to contain his grim demeanor.

Being the focus of attention due to his outburst, Yorinobu corrected himself and, with an all-or-nothing mindset, said with a chilling expression that sent shivers down the captain's spine: "Mobilize the second battalion. If we manage to capture the girl, we can use her to extract the main target from the city, along with Smasher."

Before finishing his order, Yorinobu, with no time to waste, added, "Also... expand the range. Send a squadron from the first battalion in the city. Have them also capture the targets' relatives."

Following his words, four faces appeared on the holographic table. Prompting a subtle response from Yorinobu's masked bodyguard, stirring the same feeling across the amalgamation of the three individuals composing him looking at two of the faces in the pictures. That manifested in a helpless grip on the hilt of his sword.

"Yorinobu-sama what do we do with Smasher? Shall we let him continue ordering the rest of the forces?" the captain asked, agreeing with Yorinobu that their top priority was getting Smasher out of the city.

"For now... yes. Now that he's focused on the objective," Yorinobu said, with a deadly cold tone.

"Understood. I'll give the order immediately." Before moving, the captain, upon receiving a warning from the system, added, "Sir, it seems that some of the operation's equipment has been damaged."


Meanwhile, in the brief standoff that ensued on both sides after the PEF shot...

Inside the Chevillon Emperor, after all its occupants had witnessed the narrowly avoided fate, the resulting tense atmosphere was shattered when Rebecca exclaimed loudly, attempting to conceal the tremor in her voice: "What the hell was that?!"

"Take it easy, Rebecca. It's just another weapon that could kill you if it hits. Keep that in mind and focus. Besides, it seems the loss of their comrades has affected them too," Maine said, referring to the SUVs pursuing them with less enthusiasm after being victims of friendly fire.

As the first AVs from Network 54 arrived, Maine added, "Get ready, guys! For better or for worse... we're making the news tonight!"

Pilar, halfway out of the moving vehicle while shooting, alarmed at the sight of Smasher's armor protruding from the back of a black truck, joining the chase accompanied by more SUVs, exclaimed, "Shit, we've got Smasher behind us!"

Just when things seemed to worsen, Judy received good news in the form of an audio message on her IDn, containing an energetic squawk from Fool. This led her to exclaim aloud, "Fool did it, we have coverage again!"

"Great, the bird did it! We are save! Who the hell are you going to call, the police?" Pilar said sarcastically. At the same time, realizing something that made him ask indignantly, "Wait, where the hell is the NCPD?"

Ignoring him, Judy suddenly said aloud, in Spanish, thinking it might help, "Padre! I'm Judy Álvarez, I don't know if you remember me, So-, the Mercenary Okami introduced us."

"Padre!?" Rebecca asked upon hearing the generic yet specific name.

"Isn't she calling the 'Padre' of the Valentinos, right?" Dorio asked, briefly looking away from the road to glance at the surprised Maine, who replied, "If I remember correctly, the kid was working for them for a while, maybe she's trying to cash in a favor owed to them."

Maine's comment prompted Pilar to add, as he got into the car to reload, "Let's hope it's a big one."

Due to the noise they were making, Judy rhetorically asked, "Could you guys shut'p?!"

Having an answer to her question, which didn't really need one, from Rebecca, who said as she leaned out of the window and fired her weapon, "Oh, sorry, multitasking is so complicated," implying her sarcasm.

Causing both Pilar and Maine, while shooting, and Dorio while driving, to yell her, "Rebecca!"x3, to shut up.

Now that they were relatively quiet, Judy could focus on the annoyed voice on the other end of the line ["Now the other... I'm old, but not senile, I still remember the people he introduces me to, especially if it's introduced by someone annoying, as that mercenary. I can guess why you're calling, seems like the numbers keep increasing, huh? Certainly, Arasaka has invested a lot."]

Taking advantage of Padre seeming to be aware of everything, Judy said directly, "Padre, sorry if I sound rushed, but I'm in a hurry. I need to collect the favors the Valentinos owe to Okami."

Because of what was implied by "collecting the favor" given the circumstances, the call was filled with an uncomfortable silence. It ended when "Padre" broke it with an exasperated sigh. ["I know, girl. I just finished talking to your boyfriend, asking for the same thing... Quite a surprise that annoying mercenary is so young. The boys (Valentinos) are already heading to their positions. Head to the bar where we met, and they'll be waiting for you."]

"THANK YOU! We'll make sure to repay you!" Judy replied, unable to contain her excitement.

["You're welcome, kid. We help those who help us. As I told him, it's only going to be temporary assistance, don't think we're joining your corporate shenanigans..."] Before hanging up, Padre exclaimed, ["Oh! Before I forget... he asked me when you called to tell you...]

Just as he was about to deliver Sora's message, Padre annoyed said instead, ["Tch, damn kids using me as an errand boy."]

Causing Judy to eagerly exclaim, "Padre!"

["He told me to say: 'Hang on just a little longer.'"] Said Padre, ending the call

When Judy received the message, her face lit up as she said. "We have the support of the Valentinos! If we make it through the Glen, they'll help us get rid of the Arasakas enough to reach the Afterlife."

"Great, now we just have to find a way out of the district," Dorio replied, trying to stay calm in the increasingly desperate situation ahead of her.

The good news quickly faded when more SUVs blocked their path, closing off all possible escape routes. The feeling of being cornered became even more suffocating, especially as Smasher closed the distance with every change of direction they made.

As if they had been ordered to do so, the violence of their pursuit intensified. The Arasaka's black SUVs rammed into the Chevillon Emperor and fired relentlessly at it.

Thanks to their continuous efforts, including Judy, who joined the fight, they managed to neutralize several SUVs or their pilots, further enraging Smasher due to the incompetence of Arasaka's forces. This prompted him to grab the PEF from his back once again, situated at the rear of the moving truck

This caused a massive shiver to run down the spines of all of them, who desperately tried to stop him by concentrating the limited firepower they had on him.

Maine, foreseeing the inevitable shot, warned Dorio: "Get ready to dodge." Aware of how challenging it would be to avoid the shot given Smasher's proximity, Dorio could only affirm as she physically and mentally prepared herself to give everything to dodge the imminent attack, knowing it would be they only chance to survive.

However, Smasher didn't shoot hastily like the first time; this time, he exercised patience. Because everyone was focused on Smasher, Dorio took a moment to realize the black SUV barrier and sturdy mobile covers awaiting them at the end of the road.

"Damn it!" she exclaimed, realizing it was too late to avoid them. She had to make a sudden brake before crashing, causing the vehicle to skid and giving all its occupants a direct view of Smasher moments before he opened fire with his monstrous weapon.

Before he fired, Dorio, bleeding profusely from her nose and feeling as if her nerves were on fire, said, "Hold on tight."


Seconds earlier, from the Av flying over the area, broadcasting what was happening to the entire city, Eddie Brock, a reporter for Channel 54, was aboard the company's Av, soaring over the zone.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I'm glad you're watching these images! Despite being a reporter from Night City, with plenty of experience covering pursuits, what we're witnessing is hard for me to put into words..." Eddie said, with a mix of astonishment and concern in his voice, as the screen showed around thirty black SUVs firing and chasing a single vehicle.

As the shot focused on the lone vehicle escaping the pack of black SUVs, Eddie added live: "Due to the conflict's starting zone, the headquarters of the young company Iron Beast, we believe the vehicle on your screens contains Iron Beast's CEO, Judy Alvarez, fleeing the attack."

"We still don't have information on why or who the unknown faction capable of mobilizing so many operatives is and... something like that," Eddie narrated the new camera angle change from the Av, showing the imposing armor protruding from the back of a black truck it was mounted on.

Next, the image split, with one side continuing to broadcast the intensifying pursuit and, on the other side, Eddie Brock, whose eyes lit up live as if he were reading a message on his IDn.

After finishing, Eddie looked directly at the camera with a serious expression before sharing part of the private message he had just read: "According to the information I've just received, the armor you see on your screens, the same one that caused casualties among citizens by using its destructive weaponry within the city... it's Adam Smasher from Arasaka," announced Eddie, capturing the audience's attention with his revelation.

"Given the technology and equipment the terrorists, sorry, I mean 'attackers,' possess, it's highly likely they're also from the Arasaka corporation," Eddie concluded sharply, while internally wondering what the mercenary who had just messaged him would do next.

Suddenly, Eddie's expression and that of the others watching the news changed when the shot focused again on the colossal armor, as it seeing it grab one of its weapons from its back. Although the PEF's shot wasn't broadcasted, the destruction and civilian casualties it caused were.

The images continued silently without narration, with Smasher calmly loading and aiming the PEF at the Chevillon Emperor, which, with no more streets to flee to, had to abruptly brake and skid to avoid crashing into one of the roadblocks.

Then, live, what everyone feared or expected when seeing the dangerous weapon in Smasher's hands happened: he pulled the trigger.

The moment he opened fire, after having burnt rubber, the Chevillon Emperor released the brake, shooting forward enough to avoid being directly hit by the miniature sun approaching them.

However, the rear of the Chevillon was destroyed and scorched, though not enough to stop its movement. The vehicle slammed into a guardrail, as if the driver had collapsed, turning it into an easy target for Smasher.

The errant shot threw the block behind them into chaos, scorching the area and inflicting further damage on Arasaka forces, all the while creating a breach in the barrier.

As the truck stopped, Smasher leaped from it, destroying the asphalt with every step, annoyed by the mercenaries' persistence in dodging his shots and not dying once and for all. With the twisted intention of waiting for him... with his girlfriend's charred corpse as a gift, as a way to motivate him for their showdown.

Smasher stopped in front of the motionless vehicle, where it seemed there was movement inside. Not caring in the slightest, he aimed and charged his PEF almost point-blank at the Chevillon and its occupants.

Moments before he fired, something fast was caught by the Av's cameras, focusing on a blurry figure moving at high speed through the alleys and pedestrian squares between the buildings.

Recognizing him despite the blurry image, Eddie couldn't help but say contradictorily. "Get ready because the situation is about to get much worse," due to the smile forming in front of millions of people watching him.

When Dorio narrowly dodged the PEF's shot by overclocking her Sandervista, the intense heat radiated by the projectile as it tore through part of the vehicle raised the air temperature, making every breath agonizing for everyone inside the car, except for Judy, whose armor protected her.

Upon exiting the overcharged state of his Sandervista, Dorio found herself unable to move her body, and consequently, the steering wheel, causing the Chevillon to crash into the highway dividers.

As Maine and Pilar attempted to move Dorio to take control of the car, Maine at that desperate, seeing that they wouldn't make it in time with Smasher practically upon them, said, "I'm sorry, kid, but we've done all we could," while tenderly stroking Dorio's short hair one last time, as she lay unconscious and injured.

"I-I'm sorry, Judy," Rebecca murmured somberly, in what she thought would be her last seconds, covering her eyes with her hair, as she thought about how they had let 'him' down after he had entrusted them with the protection of his most precious person.

In a tone completely out of place given the circumstances, with the PEF cannon aimed at them just meters away, Judy smiled and said, "No, don't be sorry..." At the same time, the circles around her pupils illuminated in a beautiful indigo color, completing as she carefully caressed her abdomen.; "Good job, guys, you've managed to protect us."

Everyone looked at her confused until they heard the sound of an approaching engine, almost violently due to its continuous roars with each increase in revs, resonating in the air.

Ignoring the damp trails in her eyes, Rebecca was the first to speak upon recognizing it: "About time... fuck!" 

Just as Smasher was about to pull the trigger, a black Yaiba motorcycle leaped from one of the pedestrian areas between the buildings, slightly elevated from the asphalt, invading the road and crashing into Smasher.

Forcing the gigantic armor back, before it was engulfed in flames upon explosion. This caused the PEF cannon to rise uncontrollably into the sky before firing, with the ensuing destructive projectile hitting the side of a skyscraper and exiting on the contrary...

Possibly causing more civilian casualties... but saving the occupants of the Chevillon, which was Sora's sole objective upon arrival.


When the attack erupted at Iron Beast headquarters, Sora, working in the bunker, was already in motion before the first turret bullet was fired. Despite the new engines of the Blackaquila being finished and its tanks filled with experimental fuel, they still needed to be attached to the ship. With no time to waste, Sora let Fool finish mounting them and, together with Eco, sped out of the underground on his Yaiba motorcycle.

Seizing the time it took to arrive, he finalized the last details of his plan that he had been preparing since leaving the Gala. This included calling Padre and sending live messages to Eddie, providing him with information and asking him to narrate the events that were unfolding in a way that Sora could later use to face the consequences of the battle he knew was about to occur in the heart of the city.

When they finally arrived, it was just in time to witness the unhinged Smasher about to fire point-blank at Judy and the others. Using his beloved Yaiba, Sora agilely jumped from it at the last moment before it crashed into Smasher and exploded, causing his shot to miss.

Eco merged with the Yaiba before the explosion, separating from it and, just like Luna did with Judy, began to join Sora in mid-air during his leap. Eco even managed to retrieve parts of the Yaiba before they were destroyed, like the cylinder-shaped battery, which was installed on the back of Sora's hip, covered by a frame and with several small lateral reactors made of nanobots, forming an expanded mobility device, or jump kit, over the new Eco armor.

The new Eco armor formed over the Okami one, maintaining its general shape but fortifying it and covering the less armored parts on the legs and head. A frame overlaid the Okami helmet visor, leaving only thin and intimidating lines exposed at eye level, which glowed intensely beneath the new armor plates.

The remaining nanobots clustered behind the collar of his jacket, forming a black fur that provided an ethereal sensation between fur and black smoke at its ends, and in a skirt/kama that fell only behind his legs, down to the level of his knees, protecting them from the heat ejected by the jump kit reactors at the end of his back.

All this transformation took an instant, ending when Sora landed in front of the Chevillon Emperor, leaving Maine, Pilar, and Rebecca speechless at the never-before-seen form of his armor.

As Smasher was engulfed by the flames, the two stripes crossing his helmet gleamed as he looked at Judy. With a voice more distorted and intimidating than usual, yet still filled with concern, it echoed through the speakers of his helmet: ["Get out of here, stick to the plan, and... be careful."]

Feeling guilty, Judy nodded as she simultaneously utilized the nanobots in her armor to shield herself from Sora's intense gaze, refraining from sharing any information about her pregnancy.

In Sora's current state, with Eco merged into his Soulcode, he didn't feel entirely human. Judy wasn't afraid of him or his state, quite the opposite. She feared that if Sora found out about her pregnancy, he might become distracted at a moment when his life was in danger facing Smasher in his formidable armor.

Emerging from the flames unscathed, a robotic voice interjected, ["Let her run... let's see how long she can keep it up."]

At the sight of the imposing figure of Dai-Oni, Sora, a Mecha enthusiast, couldn't help but whistle in awe, ["You've packed on some weight, Smasher!"] Sounding disappointed, hands on hips, he added, ["I understand that you were depressed after I beat the shit out of you... but, you should know by now that the solution is never at the bottom of the plate, or in your case... toolbox."]

Aware of the movements of the first battalion and Yorinobu's intent, Smasher responded to his jokes, ["I wonder how long you'll be happily cracking jokes. By now, the soldiers ordered to capture your family should have arrived. Convenient that they live in the same building."]

As the Chevillon Emperor was starting up, Judy, upon hearing Smasher's threat, ordered, "Stop!" the vehicle. Internally debating whether she should separate from the group to quickly go protect her grandparents and Sora's family, while he dealt with Smasher.


In a zero district apartment building, Aoi was absorbed in the live images being broadcasted. She couldn't sit still as she yelled at the screen, feeling her mouth dry up every time Judy seemed to be in danger.

Not only was she worried about Judy and Sora, but also about Musashi, who, after the attack began at Sora's company, received a message that made him rush out, carrying his weapons.

Aoi thought her husband was heading to help their grandson, but his absence in the battle only reinforced the suspicions she already had about his strange behavior in recent weeks, leading her to believe he was hiding something important from her.

Still, her mind was focused on Sora and Judy, keeping her glued to the screen, just like Ainara and Peter in the adjacent apartment. Just as the battle reached its peak, with Sora and Smasher disappearing from the images due to the speed at which they moved... leaving only the traces of destruction from their fight.

[RING!] Someone knocked on the door.

Being the wife and mother of corporate agents, Aoi didn't open the door without first grabbing and hiding a small Tanto behind her hand. With no other choice, she opened the door after checking the hallway footage in front of her apartment and finding Peter and Ainara's disheveled and pale faces, surrounded by men in tactical armor and armed.

Aoi decided not to activate the apartment's defense system or the turrets installed by her husband and grandson in the hallway due to the corporation name displayed on the armed men's uniforms.

Without releasing her weapon, Aoi was greeted by a man with viper-like eyes and lime hair. "You must be Aoi Inazuka, a pleasure to meet you. My name is Ryuji, I've been ordered to escort you to a safe location."

Though polite, Aoi couldn't help but notice a certain disdain in his manner of speaking, as if he didn't agree with what he was doing or did it against his will.

"And if I refuse?" Aoi asked, with one hand behind the doorframe, ready to activate the turrets.

Before Ryuji could respond, Ainara intervened. "I said the same thing, and these guys don't joke around, Aoi..." displaying the handcuffs around her wrists, covered by a jacket.

With a smile on his lips and his eyes practically closed in a crescent shape, Ryuji replied, "As it's an emergency, I'm authorized to escort you even if I have to use force. But in your case, Aoi-San, I've also been warned about the turrets in the hallway, so if you would be so kind, could you move your hand away from the control?"

Ryuji's knowledge of the turret system prompted Aoi to ask, "Tell me something, who ordered you... to escort us?"

This time, without trying to hide his disgust, Ryuji responded, "Your grandson."

Upon hearing this, Aoi joined Peter and Ainara and was escorted by the Night Corp team. Once they took the elevator and arrived in the building lobby, they found a dozen Arasaka soldiers dead on the floor.

Before they could ask, Ryuji said, "We ran into each other in the elevator and things ended up like this... a pity." Aware of their scrutiny, Ryuji added, "As I said, it's an emergency..."

As they exited, three Night Corp vehicles awaited them. As they boarded, more unmarked black SUVs arrived.

"Train them enough, then avoid confrontation and withdraw," Ryuji ordered without waiting for his men's response, who opened fire on the SUVs, while he was the only one entering the vehicle with Peter, Ainara, and Aoi.

While the Night Corp soldiers covered their retreat, Ryuji smoothly drove away from the area, worrying Aoi and the rest when he led them to an old, rusty city maintenance warehouse. The eerie atmosphere emitted by the warehouse made Aoi consider using the Tanto to attack Ryuji.

But, against her worst expectations, upon entering, they found an empty warehouse, with a truck waiting for them inside.

As the door closed, Ryuji said, "I'll stay here, get on the truck. That thing... will be waiting to guide you to your... safe location," concluding with a certain reluctance that betrayed his displeasure with the implications of his words.

Confused, the three got out of the car and entered the waiting truck with the door open. Meanwhile, Ryuji inside the car asked aloud, "I've already done what you asked me to do, with this... will you destroy the sensitive information about Sienna...?"

The response came from the dashboard screen of the car, which wrote: "[You'll have to keep working on that 😉]."

The frivolous answer did not please Ryuji at all, prompting him to exclaim loudly. "Bastards!" loud enough for Aoi and the others to hear.

This triggered a display on the screen, showcasing information about Sienna's origin, her DNA, and her status as a "clone" or artificial human, serving as a silent threat about what would happen if Ryuji disobeyed. Meanwhile, the warehouse door opened, completing the first tug on Ryuji's new leash, compelling him to behave appropriately in front of the VIPs present and prompting him to leave.

With no alternative, Ryuji stepped out of the warehouse. As he did so, the ground around the truck they were on began to descend underground. Simultaneously, a lively hologram miniature of Richard Night appeared on the truck's dashboard.

["You have no idea how long I've waited to meet you. I am an AI created by Sora from the memories of the late creator of Night City, Richard Night. You can call me Jarvis. Pleasure to meet you!"]

His unexpected appearance and revelation about being created from the memories of the city's creator elicited varied reactions. Ainara shook her head incredulously, Peter showed some excitement and interest in Jarvis, while Aoi reacted by slapping her own face, exasperated upon learning about her grandson's "creation."

Misinterpreting their silence, Jarvis added, "I understand you must be concerned about your grandchildren. For now, there's no need to worry; Judy is currently at the Glenn, shaking off her pursuers, and Sora is deeply engaged in his confrontation with Smasher. I'll take you to a facility where you'll be completely safe and able to keep track of what's happening."

"Tch, fine," Ainara responded, concealing her deep concern for her 'Ranita' and 'that annoying boy.'

In contrast to his wife's distrust, Peter responded enthusiastically, "Alright!" Jarvis had piqued the engineer's curiosity, and he was eager to find out where they were heading underground and what kind of facility Sora had secured.

Seizing the moment, Aoi said, "Jarvis, right? If you're one of Sora's AIs, then you surely know where Musashi is."

"That's correct, I'm aware of his location," replied the small Jarvis from the truck's dashboard. Following his creator's example, he quickly changed the subject, "I'll tell you everything you want to know when we arrive at the bunker, so don't worry."

After Smasher had issued his futile threat, Sora, understanding what was going through Judy's mind, having experienced the same, felt grateful to "him," before saying, ["Perhaps it's in the blood... But... do you truly believe it's been difficult for me to imagine how your boss, fearing Daddy's punishment after your tantrum, firing prohibited weapons in the middle of the city, killing civilians, would react? Ordering to increase the number of hostages that he could use?"

Never finding him so attractive before, Judy exclaimed, surprised, "Really?!"

Sora simply affirmed, hiding the truth, which even he found hard to believe. Despite how he made it seem, he had not anticipated Yorinobu's state and orders.

Referring to the blood, not his own as Arasaka's, but Tashin's as Hayate/Inuzuka, as he learned about the danger their grandparents were in from the nanobots he injected into his uncle/brother's body when he spat on him at the Gala, which should have been deactivated after so long being out of range.

Sora could only theorize how Tashin or the fragments of his brothers' Soulkiller had somehow consciously or unconsciously manipulated the empty nanobots within him/them to slip a photo of a much younger Aoi into his cyberspace.

Despite its poor quality and blurriness, as if it had come from a damaged memory/file, when Sora saw it, it was enough to raise his suspicions and act accordingly.

Unable to fight until she left, Sora, without taking his eyes off Smasher, said, ["Get out of here and don't worry about our grandparents. I've ordered Jarvis to take care of them."]

"Alright," she replied, quickly adding Pilar at the wheel, "Let's go!"

As the Chevillon Emperor passed through the gap in the barricade destroyed by the PEF, Smasher, content with him staying, did not object. Still not needing them, he ordered the thirty SUVs detained behind him, ["Capture her, kill the rest."]

When the first SUVs passed Smasher, Sora asked confusedly, ["Who said you could move?"]

Raising his right arm and extending two parallel rectangular plates on his forearm, which began to discharge, he then released a silver projectile in between.

After an electric hum as it was electromagnetically launched, the projectile extended in mid-air into a silver spear that easily pierced through the hood of one of the SUVs, impaling its engine to the ground, with the same type of retractable diamond-tipped lance as the Fools' ravens.

Without stopping, Sora fired four more projectiles one after another, consecutively destroying an SUV with each shot. Sure that he wanted one too, Sora fired an extra one for Smasher.

Who paid it no mind and raised his arm, thinking erroneously that he would deflect it easily or stop it without penetrating his armor until his armor was damaged for the first time when the silver lance pierced through it, embedding a few cm into his gigantic arm.

When they were gone and Judy couldn't hear them, Sora spoke in a cold tone, amplified by the distortion of his voice, though it was the same distortion and voice, both sounded light-years away from what he used when addressing Judy.

["You've misunderstood me, Smasher... I'm not cracking jokes because I'm not happy at all... after you stormed my company, tried to end my girlfriend, and killed two of my employees..."] He had only been acting as usual, joking to not worry Judy; now that they were gone, he stopped. ["it's quite the opposite"] Proving it with the snap of his fingers after he finished speaking.

Which activated the explosive heads of the lances. In Smasher's case, only partially destroying his forearm armor, but in the case of the SUVs... it was much worse.

Triggering multiple chain explosions in the engines impaled by the lances. Forcing the cameras broadcasting the situation to cut the audio, due to the agonizing screams of the occupants as the flames consumed them.

When the screams subsided, Sora concluded ["Actually, I'm pretty pissed off"] at the same time as violent blue flames escaped from his jump kit reactors.

When most of the SUVs turned around, after receiving the order from the operations center to move through an alternative route, Smasher completely cut off communication from his armor, abandoning his mission altogether.

Activating the 27 thrusters distributed around his armor, while an orange glow spread from his chest, Smasher responded disdainfully ["I expected nothing less. Your father had the same weakness for his fuckable meat."]

["Son of a-"] Sora couldn't finish as he experienced a déjà vu that interrupted him. In an instant, Smasher appeared in front of him, his fist cutting through the air inches from his head...

But as it happened the first time, at the gala... just before Smasher's gigantic fist made contact with his helmet, Sora's entire body disappeared leaving a blue blaze in its place.

Wich was completely destroyed, with the asphalt rising and tearing only from the wind pressure and the accompanying force of Smasher's blow, who was using 100% of his armor's power.