Cyberpunk: Arasaka Secret Son

It follows the story of Hanako Arasaka's secret child. That she had to hide from everyone including her family in order to protect him. For the sins of the father of her son. --- -- - For all those who like the story and want to support it I leave the link to my Patreon; patreon.com/user?u=8326781

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20 Minutes Later.



In the Toms Dinner restaurant, the sound of people eating and talking could be heard throughout the room, along with the sound of plates coming and going from the hands of the waiters/waitresses.

Chomp, chomp, chomp, chomp, Gulp. Someone was chewing noisily, which, thanks to the noise of the other customers, was not so noticeable.

Sllluurp, "I need another drink please!" Said Sora to Tom

"Another shake coming up!" replied Tom the restaurant owner behind the bar, although Sora didn't know if his name was really Tom. For Sora, the owner obviously had to be named Tom from Tom's dinner.

Cesar watched Sora with bewilderment as Sora continued to eat without worrying about his stares.

"Sora do you have a grudge against me? Did I do something to make you hate me?" Cesar said referring to the third plate of Pancakes that Sora was eating along with the half dozen shakes, waiting for Cesar to pay in some form of punishment.

"I don't know what you're talking about Cesar?.... but if I had to say one, how about, for your foolishness of gunning down Ishii, because the asshole was late, starting all that shit storm, how about that?"

"Hooo! So it's my fault that you ended up cutting off his hand?"

"EH? Of course it is, if it wasn't for your foolishness of gunning him down, THAT, it wouldn't have happened, what were you thinking?"

"Chico I did it for a reason, the only thing I didn't think completely was the place and the time, in that you're right I made a mistake, and that is why we are here to apologize for it."

"Huh? And what would be the ``reason´´ behind doing that foolish thing, even if Ishii had confessed in front of the whole class it was no use, with your gun pointed at him."

"I already know that, I'm not an idiot, I..... wanted him to confront me that he would feel insulted, knowing Ishii's personality, I was hoping he would confront me outside the Institute and hopefully while doing so he would brag about what he did to Daniel, and if he did I could record it with-"

"Your eyes" Sora interjected.

"YES!, have you noticed? Hehe, looks like they're not as 100% identical to my original eyes as they were sold to me, they're like the ones lawyers use"

As Sora listened to Cesar, he nodded his head as he continued eating, understanding why Cesar's eyes looked strange to him when he saw them upon returning to the high school, even though it was an was an identical replica of Cesar's eyes Sora only looked strange to them because it reminded him a bit of the feeling of being recorded.

"Well a shitty plan I have to say, but I guess not much better than your plan B either" Sora said, referring to the trunk full of weapons Cesar was hiding in his car.

"Yeah yeah like I care about a teenager's opinion about my plans..Ahmmm.....Chico don't think that, because I said I would invite you you can eat the restaurant, what do you think a damn supervisor earns?, Damn it!, as you keep ordering don't think, I'm not going to run out and leave you to see how you manage paying the bill chico" Said Cesar annoyed and wanting to change the subject.

Chomp, chomp "Actually I wouldn't mind that much" Sora said with a nonchalant tone as he continued eating. "I have more than enough money to pay this kind of bill and thousands more."

"Aren't you a Street Kid?" asked Cesar in disbelief. "I thought so since you were in Public High School, but one can't tell just by looking at the cover, huh!?

"Well the Eddis I'm talking about, it's mine, no one gave it to me, as for my family, yes, as you imply they have some money, but I guess my mother didn't want me to be raised in that kind of privileged environment, although I have to admit I really like my house!"

"Your mother wanted that?" asked Cesar with surprise. "That's crazy...I knew a mother who would have given anything to send her son to that kind of academy..."Caesar paused for a moment, remembering old times, before adding with some surprise. "Anyway... I'm surprised that you left Judy alone with the Minis?"

"Why do you say so?" said Sora as he continued eating "I think she's better off with them, if Ishii were to do something, I'd rather Judy not be present."

"Sora, haven't you heard about the rumor that has spread throughout the Institute? "Cesar said, surprising Sora and making what was bothering him since he was separated from Judy change to an uneasy feeling in Sora.

Seeing Sora's reaction Cesar continued" The minis contrary to what you told them, started to say that it had been them that had laughed at Ishii, ending up with their hand cutting off when he pulled out a gun in class.... I thought you knew."

Sora listening to Cesar without wasting time tried to communicate with Judy, without success, to know the place of the test and to be able to go to accompany her, making Sora's feeling of uneasiness grow until .....

Something changed. when Sora seemed to receive some kind of call or message to his IDn, it was from Eco, that when Sora saw it, he was frozen in his seat, making that without realizing it grab with force the table where they were sitting, and with every second that passed his expression was darkening and becoming colder, getting to disconcert and worry Cesar who was sitting in front of him witnessing all these changes in Sora's state, that did not stop there.


With the sound of a part of the table where they were, being crushed by Sora's hands, altered by whatever he was seeing, shocked Cesar who had gone from bewildered to surprised by what he just saw, unable to understand how a 14 year old boy had just smashed a part of the table with his hand in front of him.

While Cesar was surprised and frightened. Sora's mind was in chaos because of Eco's last video, after watching it, Sora was in a state similar to a shock, with a mixture of fear because of the sudden memories that assaulted his mind about the nightmares he had been having, and with a feeling of hatred so big that he was starting to find it hard to breathe almost feeling like it was strangling his neck.

While Sora's brain was processing all this, he couldn't hear Cesar who was talking to him with a worried expression asking him what was happening and if it was right.

But Sora couldn't hear anything, he was in a mute world as if everything around him was under water, the only thing Sora could think of was the last fragment of the video Eco had sent him before was abruptly cut off. On Judy's desperate, fear-filled face while ..... Ishii grabbed her by the hair and dragged her away.

Inside Sora's head something changed again, filtering the ambient noise and in turn boosting it so that Sora could hear something specific happening near the restaurant.

"Remember leave the boy alive, we can beat the shit out of him according to Ishii, but let him be alive, the old man is the one we have to catch if he resists we can kill him"(Japanese) Said the voice of a man young, but over-age. who seemed to be the leader of the group of 3 men who were speaking Japanese outside the restaurant

"W-What do we do with the people inside? We can hurt someone, if.... things go wrong" (Japones) Said the one who looked the youngest of the 3 and with a still teenage voice.

"Don't be a pussy, if so better, more will be said of the Tygers about this day from now on in the city" (Jap) said the third man who from his voice sounded the same age as the first one.

"Okay, the two of us in front, you for the back, we give you 8s and we go in, raining bullets ,understood?" (Jap) said the one who looked like the leader of the 3

"Yes-yes" (Jap) answered again the youngest and the one who seemed to have more reluctance to what they were going to do.

When Sora finished listening, his muted world returned to normal and he could think clearly again, as if something had ordered his mind in chaos, Sora centered his gaze on Cesar, who just realized that Sora had recovered and was now staring at him... allowing Cesar to see how little by little Sora's eyes changed, being able to see in front of him how a ring formed around Sora's iris, and when it finished forming, the circle began to glow with a bright light. The circle began to glow with an intimidating light blue, adding to the current expression that Sora was making, were beginning to leak such hatred and murderous intent that made Cesar in front of Sora to be now the one who was paralyzed, having tremors being unable to move.

Moments before, when Sora's world returned to normal, he felt as if something inside him had broken, as if the hatred he was feeling towards Ishii and the tygers, had broken the little that was left inside Sora that prevented him from killing someone, but now. Sora came to the realization.... That today, it would be the first time in his two lives that he was going to kill someone and not only was he going to kill Ishii, Sora.... wanted to `KILL THEM ALL!'

But first Sora had to take care of something.

"Caesar, the gun" spoke Sora with a cold tone, to a Caesar who was still paralyzed by Sora's stare.

"What!" replied Caesar without knowing what was going on.

"Give me the gun you carry on your right hip."

"How do you know-"

"THE WEAPON!" shouted Sora angrily.

Alarming and silencing all the customers in the restaurant, who stared at Sora and Caesar, who didn't argue anymore and unwillingly followed Sora's instructions, handing him his gun a customized Tsunami Nue with muzzle brake on the barrel and lasar under it, when Sora took the gun, he got up from the table raised his scarf saying "active set 1" lighting up some maw on his scarf, he raised the gun towards the entrance of the restaurant and just when he did.


"ALL FUCKING! hands in the-"

Which they didn't get to finish before Sora interrupted them by.... opening fire.




Shooting at the two guns that had just entered the restaurant causing them to slip out of the hands of the two Tygers who had stood in the doorway of the restaurant surprised and without their guns.

Sora did not stop there


"AAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhh "x2, When without blinking he opened fire again twice, one in the knee of one of them and the other in the elbow of the other, almost blowing it off. hoping to do as much pain as possible

Sora before the two Tygers fell to the ground he turned to the other door of the restaurant without pointing his gun at the Tyger Kuvx who looked to be about Sora's age who was shivering in the door frame after witnessing what had happened to his older companions.

"Grab one of them and follow me" said Sora still with an arctic tone in his voice, turning around and grabbing by the shoulder the Tyger who had almost blown off his elbow, the Tyger Kuv boy who was with his gun in his hands did not dare to disobey the current Sora for fear of ending up like his companions, he entered the restaurant and as he had been ordered grabbed the other of his companions and following Sora behind him.

Just as Sora was about to leave he turned to the people in the restaurant and looking at each of them, saying. "Nobody follow me, stay calm in your seats, this includes you too Cesar" with those words, Sora walked out while taking out one of the Tygers that had tried to storm the restaurant.

After Sora left, the rest of the people in the restaurant remained in complete silence without moving, not wanting to disobey the boy who, although he had just saved them from an armed assault, also made them feel oppressed by the sharp look, without human empathy in his bright eyes as they rested on each of them, and intimidated by all the hatred he tried to contain, with no success, in his cold voice. Making everyone who would hear him and look into his eyes, listen to their instincts screaming that it would be better to follow the boy's words.

All the customers along with the restaurant staff, a few seconds after they left, began to share glances among them and especially to Cesar, who had been accompanying the crazy boy who had just left, looking for an explanation for what had just happened., but all that was interrupted when they began to hear screams of pain, outside the restaurant and they were not just screams.

BAM, BAM, BAM, BAM, BAM, BAM, hearing half a dozen shots and two loud screams later, leaving the people with a pale face, imagining what the boy who had saved them, would be doing to the assailants, from what they were hearing.

Meanwhile Cesar was still trying to make sense of what had just happened, he had recognized two of the three assailants, one a former student of the Institute and the youngest a current one, giving him the feeling that the second before Sora opened fire taking away their weapons, they were looking at him, as if he was their target.

After hearing the screams and gunshots, they made Cesar focus, he got up and prepared to go towards the screams. When he arrived, Cesar was speechless at what he saw, Sora was gone, but, the 3 Tygers were, or what was left of them.

"What happened?" Cesar said altered, to the only conscious one of the 3 Tygers, the youngest.

"He-he-he asked us where Ishii was.... he-he said that if we didn't answer, we would end up worse than the guy from robocop, I-I didn't understand what he was referring to but.....

(Seconds before)

Sora threw roughly the Tyger, he was holding by the shoulder against an old garbage container in one of the alleys near Tom's dinner.

Causing the Tyger Kuv who was carrying his other injured companion to also carefully set him down on the ground leaning against the same dumpster.

"I don't have time to waste, so tell me quickly where Ishii is or I swear you'll end up worse than the guy from robocop the original not the crap remake.... I promise!" Said Sora making a reference that he knew they wouldn't catch but it was the one that best described what Sora had in mind for them.

"Fuck off you bastard! Do you know what Ishii or his father would do to us if we tell you something, do you know what Ishii has become this week? HHAHAHAHA I know what you did to him, but I'll tell you whatever you can-



"I repeat where is Ishiii or that won't be the only limb you lose" Said Sora who shot again at the same already injured knee of the team leader, now blowing it off.

"Tch, at this rate you're not going to last" Said Sora annoyed by the speed at which he was losing blood the Tyger who just blew his leg from the knee down.

Sora walked over to the dumpster they were leaning against and gave a hard kick to one of the Rusty parts of the dumpster, breaking it and causing several trash bags to fall out "You, open them" Sora pointed at the Tyger Kid who had turned pale and shivering in fear at what he was seeing and afraid of ending up like this.

"DO IT!" Sora said making the boy react with a scream.

Who crouched down and quickly starting to dig through the garbage bags, not wanting to get shot like his companions, not knowing what to look for either, when he opened one and rummaged around a bit, Sora said "Next" and the boy opened another bag and repeated the process, until....

"Jackpot" Said Sora as he pulled down his mask that was still lit up demonstrating a wild grin when he saw a few..... used syringes. Most likely from some Junkie.

"Hehehehe Aoi-Obasan only told me about the theory of acupuncture, the pressure points and puncturing veins to cut bleeding, I've never tried it!!!, so this might hurt, but, the important thing is the practice, right!!!? Huh?! How nice of you Arc, Tch you guys are lucky!" Sora said as he grabbed the syringes and in his vision a holographic acupuncture map was displayed.

Approaching the two injured tygers as he smiled, who when they saw Sora's expression, were starting to underestimate Ishii's insanity, seeing and hearing the blue eyed boy in front of them.

This all ended when Sora got his answer, after 5 more shots....


When the boy of the same age as Sora, who was without any wounds only scared, seriously rethinking his life as a Tyger after what he had seen, finished telling barely what had happened.

Cesar was still in disbelief, looking with incredulity in his eyes at what was left of the two Tygers who were barely breathing and how the boy he knew called Sora, had been able to torture them, blowing off both legs of one and both arms of the other while he was sticking syringes in their arms and thighs to cut the bleeding so they wouldn't bleed to death. .....

`Where the hell are you, Sora?' As Cesar thought that, he suddenly heard a car alarm, which sounded familiar, although he had only heard it once, when he bought his car.


Reacting again when he realized it, Cesar took off running, following the sound of the alarm blaring nearby. He arrived in front of a reddish brown Thorton Galena G240, with the trunk open.

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