Cyberpunk 2077- Trauma team

Welcome to Night City 2077! Amazing technological progress and horrible social inequality. Extreme wealth and astonishing crime rates. Corporates, street gangs and runners. What they have in common? Violence. With violence come wounds and injuries. This is where you step in. Trauma Team. But remember we ain't saints we work for cash only. So check their balance and insurance first! Now turn on the music we got a job Trauma Team !

Abi_Daulen · Video Games
Not enough ratings
74 Chs


Hey guys. Long story short. I am stopping writing for now. Maybe forever. Why? First. I am tired of getting bad reviews due to language and etc. don't like it ? Well. Good luck. I will use MTL in future. Second. I am just tired. Got other things to do. So see you once things sort out.