Cyberpunk 2077- Trauma team

Author: Abi_Daulen
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What is Cyberpunk 2077- Trauma team

Read ‘Cyberpunk 2077- Trauma team’ Online for Free, written by the author Abi_Daulen, This book is a Video Games Fanfic, covering ACTION Fanfiction, R18 Fan Fiction, WEAKTOSTRONG Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: Welcome to Night City 2077! Amazing technological progress and horrible social inequality. Extreme wealth and astonishin...


Welcome to Night City 2077! Amazing technological progress and horrible social inequality. Extreme wealth and astonishing crime rates. Corporates, street gangs and runners. What they have in common? Violence. With violence come wounds and injuries. This is where you step in. Trauma Team. But remember we ain't saints we work for cash only. So check their balance and insurance first! Now turn on the music we got a job Trauma Team !

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MC somehow gets to Cyberpunk 2077 world or a few years before at least. Hasn’t gotten to “canon” but anyway he joins Trauma Team and we get to see the crazy stuffs Trauma Team gets to deal with every day. I love the situations and story. MC is slowly getting his “build” together and I can’t wait for more chapters!


I can't wait to see what you do with this considering there's not that many cyberpunk fanfics out there. keep up the amazing work I'm rooting for you all the way


The grammar makes me look twice every two seconds to see if I misread something. The story is forced bs, i'd rather he had transmigrated directly into a newbie of the trauma team. The mc's reactions are generic and cringy. Also the whole "I predicted that i'm in trouble cause of a bad feeling" trope is a bit overused, especially in non supernatural power worlds. It's like what, did you unlock ultra instinct or something?


Not bad. Hopefully we can see an end to this fanfic. [img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


Book is fine, author needs to touch up in grammar though, some characters speak like cavemen and the writing is inconsistent when it comes to proper grammar, punctuation and vocabulary, the author I also suggest should do some more research into firearms, the technical details of them, and weapons in general.. Writing quality is down to a 3 due to authors grammar inconsistentcy World background as well due to his clear lack of knowledge of military tactics and weapons and lack of research..


I don’t write many of these reviews but I have to say this is a great novel. The author brought the character into the world a little off, but the growth and struggle while having a dark sense of humor that you would hear in the field helps paint vivid and interesting characters.


The concept of the fanfic is good, but fix your grammar first, bye


Just writing this review because I've kind of lost interest because of the fact that he will probably leave trauma team. I'm not sure if he does because I've not read that far but its the main reason I liked this fanfic, it was cool and unique to see a trauma team members daily life and without that its not as unique.


Overall a good novel but the grammar is beyond awful


Reveal spoiler


love it. its a cool and unique read. quality: 5. really good no problems. development: 4 i only put 4 because it doesn't seem to have much of a story but that's actually preferable to me. I just wanted people to know that right now its not that story driven, more just daily life of a trauma team member. design: 5 no problems from me. it would be nice if you added a bit more to the other team members that didn't get much attention but apart from that great. stability: 5 I'm not really sure about this one, I'll pit 5 stars but we'll just have to wait and see. background: 5 quite fleshed out. it doesn't seem like you just skimmed over the wiki which is good and I can tell there's heart in it.


sorry for bad grammar english is not my first language. however i really like this story and wanted to say some nice words. i really like the characters and the fact that he went with trauma team, the main character isnt op and has a nice personality. the action scenes are good written and i am interestes in seeing how the author is going to expand the story and how it is going to progress.


I'll just let the ⭐ talk..................


I like this fanfic a lot. The writing and English have a few mistakes but it really is better than some fanfics I have read. The concept of the fanfic and the development of the story is good. In all this is my favorite CyberPunk fanfic.






Great story, not a lot of thing to say to be honest apart from the fact that if the author changed the title to "The Penguins Commando" i wouldn't be surprised XD. Writing Quality (5/5): Nothing to say since i didn't see any grammatical error (not that i could since English isn't my 1st language) and his writing is good enough to make you laugh easily. Even if, from my understanding, he write his story in his 1st language than translate it to English so it's good! Stability of Updates (4/5) : The only reason why i choose 4 and not 5 it's because it's not a lot more each week. But that's not really important since he add more chapter, once a week. Story Development (4/5) : Great beginning an interesting way to introduce the MC to his new reality and a realistic one in the Cyberpunk clusterf*ck. And as the story goes on, the veil of "innocence" is being pull away from you to look at the real face of the Corporation and to be fair i'm even impress that there is some "good" guy in there. Character Design (5/5) : One word, Simplicity. I will not spoil but when he arrive he is like a blank sheet, a really Pure one from Cyberpunk perspective. So No magic or anything like a perks from a ROB just straight in his "adventure". And for the last part... Cat. World background (4/5): Same as Stab of Update, the only reason i don't set it to MAX is because i don't know enough about Cyberpunk Lore to accurately say that there isn't any hole in there but since everything make sense and if you go on the wiki all the thing that are not explained in the story will be say there.


******************************** Good work! ****************************************** ***************************** And i need more! ***************************************


I love it. I enjoyed reading this fan fic even though I know next to nothing about cyberpunk. Hoping for more chapters keep up the good work author.


An amazing story that helps expand the worldbuilding done by the original creator of Cyberpunk 2077. Highly recommend this if you are thinking of checking this out.


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