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Read ‘Cxt x’ Online for Free, written by the author Muhammad_Ayoub_1997, This book is a Fantasy Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: SonajananfcsvjusEfubxsryii6432wXjl cdtvkjftygc5ibd5hxzehkkzJfd5vxthcdruide4tv9d5vi84tyf4yxtycrt


SonajananfcsvjusEfubxsryii6432wXjl cdtvkjftygc5ibd5hxzehkkzJfd5vxthcdruide4tv9d5vi84tyf4yxtycrt

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The Super–Elementals

Young 16 year old Li Jing moves to the Illustrious city of Cheng with her mum and step father. Apparently, she enrols into the prestigious college of Cheng, she meets all manners of people and discovers her true identity,She is an elemental. An elemental is a mythic being that is described in occult works as being a farce and an unproven myth only, it isn't a myth or theory, it actually exists! Li Jing meets the egoistic and "evil" Lu heir, Lu Chen. She discovers that although he is a jerk and has no respect for anyone, she actually feels an unexpected and unexplainable connection with the jerk. When they are transferred to the ultimate supernatural school with a bunch of others, Li Jing discovers that humans are not the only ones to walk on the face of the earth. Elementals, vampires, werewolves, faeries, witches and gods also walk on the face of the earth too!! When she discovers that an enemy is after her life and that of her friends, she will have to accept the mate bond with Lu Chen and join forces with other supernaturals to defeat the enemy. After all, there is the proverbial saying, "There is absolute strength in numbers...." Trillions of years ago, there existed a coven of witches". "And in every coven, there are twelve witches". "These witches were given an elemental power according to their zodiac or star sign but when the ice war came and a curse was placed on the illustrious city of Cheng, the twelve witches were forced to cast a spell on their selves". "This spell was a glamour spell and hence, they cast the spell to transport themselves to the future". "The condition of this spell was that they would have no recollection whatsoever of their past lives until their star came to save them"

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The Adventure of Lost Crown

What if a Queen can rule France? Queen Victorique De Blois is the greatest Queen of France because of her highly intellect and strategical method she is respected and highly adored by her people.The Queen suddenly throws a party after coming back from a diplomatic subject for 2 years and found dead in her bed early in the morning. The tragic event that happen to their Queen brought sorrow to her people but the most shocking part is the Queens crown have been missing just the same time she is killed? The mystery of the lost crown remains unsolved. In the present time, a 17-year-old teenage girl Lucy Maud Montgomery and her best friend Nathaniel Hawthorne will unfold the mystery behind the mysterious death of the queen and the missing crown. Will they unfold the mystery that happened hundred years ago? Discovering the truth behind the historical event the right thing to do? Or is it better to stay the things they believe forever? This my original work inspired from a bit in 2007 film Nancy Drew, in part when I describe that she throw a party after suddenly disappearing and found dead the next day. I associate it with the French Revolution time in late 1700 to early 1800. France doesn't have a Queen to rule them only England. But I choose to portray a Queen, after all I'm not good in choosing a male lead. I mean I don't hold much of their perspective. I really wanted to add some illustration. I plan to draw a blueprint of the castle but I have to study it first before adding some hidden passage. But it will take some time to do so and I'm super lazy. This is my second time writing a novel but I will try my best to improve and the update will also be minimal because I'm not a person who just write and do not reread her work . I reread my work for like 20 times but sometime often ignore the problem and also I'm still in University and my beloved companion, Calculus is making me busy. Forgive me if I have some grammatical errors, spelling, punctuation and the likes. After all English is not my first language but I will cope up with my lack and seek for improvement.

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Assassination of the President of the U.S.A.

This is an exciting and well written novel from an innovative and creative author. The narrative is a superb synthesis of fact and potential fiction. Mr. Wallace has used the information made public after the death of J.F.K. and integrated them with exciting fictional detail to flesh out this racy and original work. The author`s literary style is powerful and provocative, he writes with a confidence and verve that is refreshingly unnerving. This is certainly a work of unusual merit and potential. G.Hamlyn Editor Professional assassin Ernest Crump was one in the small group of known individual assassins who strove to be the best and complete his tasks no matter what the risks-without succumbing to defeat or danger. While obeying the many rules of professional assassins, Crump always managed to come out on top. But when Colombian narcomafia hire him to kill the president of the United States, Crump knows he must do extensive research in order to successfully complete the assassination-and not get caught. While in disguise, Crump befriends a White House gardener who reveals lesser-known secret of the White House and its itineraries. And when he meets the president`s mistress, Elizabeth Tribe, he realizes she is the key to gaining entrance into the White House inconspicuously. But how will Crump successfully pull off the assassination while, at the same time, attempt to keep his true identity hidden? IF THE IMPOSSIBLE CHALLENGES YOU IF ROUTINE BORES YOU IF COURAGE RUNS IN YOUR DNA THAN THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU ASSASSINATION OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE U.S.A. LEARN THE RULES OF THE MAN WHO ASSASSINATED THE PRESIDENT The many rules the assassin applies to his job, could be applied to the preparation of any task we set ourselves GOODREADS (Goodreads is the world`s largest site for readers and book recommendations) BUY THE BOOK TODAY

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