3 Mister, Shall We Get Married?

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The man was tall with a chiseled face that appeared cold yet handsome. He had a prominent nose and deep, dark eyes that had an irresistible gaze. Although seemingly calm, it was evident that his eyes contained an eagle-like sharpness. His thick eyebrows and beautifully shaped lips gave him a sophisticated and elegant aura.

He...wasn't he Mu Beiting, Mu Rufeng's uncle who was six years older than Mu Rufeng and the current chairman of the Mu Corporation?

Mu Beiting was like a mystery to the outside world. Everyone knew that he had turned 30 years old this year. He hadn't been born from the official wife of Mu Huajian, the former head of the Mu family. As for who he had come from, no one knew. That was because Mu Huajian protected him very well. No matter how the outside world tried to check on his origins, they couldn't find any trace of his true roots. It was as if he had descended from the sky.

Ten years ago, he had taken over the Mu Corporation and become its president. He had revived the nearly bankrupt Mu Corporation and become one of the leading business magnates in Jin City.

According to legend, his methods were vicious and ruthless, and he would resort to any means to achieve his goals. All the legends about him are so numerous they could go on and on for ten days and ten nights and still not be finished. However, these were only legends. Ye Anxin didn't know what the facts were.

She'd only met this uncle once while she was dating Mu Rufeng. She'd always remembered that the first time she'd seen him was in July of last year, and it was a hot summer day. She'd sat across from him, and, even though they had been separated by a large dining room table, she had felt as if she was shivering in an ice cellar.

Since then, she had inexplicably developed a sense of fear of this man. Not only her, but everyone in the Mu family trembled whenever they saw him. From their cautious mannerisms, it seemed as if he was a king ruling over the world and looking down on them as lesser beings. They were reduced to mere lowly dust before him.

Ye Anxin hadn't expected to encounter Mu Beiting here. As she looked at him, an evil thought suddenly crossed her mind.

Standing at the door of the Civil Affairs Bureau, Mu Beiting felt Ye Anxin's gaze on him. He glanced at her nonchalantly, looked at the door for a bit, and then checked his watch. A slight impatience appeared in his eyes that were utterly devoid of warmth or emotions. He raised his foot as if he was ready to leave.

Ye Anxin didn't want him to leave, so she grabbed his arm and said without even thinking, "Uncle...no, excuse me, Mu Beiting...ah, no...uh..." Ye Anxin tried several titles to try and address him, but kept feeling that they were all wrong. If she called him Uncle, it would point out their age difference. If she called him Mu Beiting, it could appear rude. Ye Anxin thought about it, and finally blurted out something that wasn't wordy and was more appropriate, "Mister, shall we get married? I don't need anything. No wedding, no dowry, I just want to marry you."

Mu Beiting raised his eyebrows, and his thin lips slowly curled up in a beautiful smile as a trace of mockery flashed in his icy eyes. "Why should I marry you?"

Ye Anxin hadn't thought too deeply about why. So now, still without thinking, she stammered, "Just because I'm a woman, and you're a man. Who else besides women would men marry? What's more, we're suffering from the same kind of grievance today. Your woman has apparently stood you up, and my man has dumped me. Since we're already here anyway, why come here for nothing?"

While saying these things to Mu Beiting, all of Ye Anxin's thoughts were preoccupied with how to retaliate against Mu Rufeng and Xie Yunlu.

Since they didn't want her to be happy, she wouldn't let them be happy either. Besides, no matter who she married, it was all the same. She might as well marry Mu Rufeng's uncle. Living under the same roof as her and having to call her auntie would probably infuriate or at least disgust them.

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