447 Statue

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"What a pretentious fellow!" Roy snorted coldly in his heart. With his ability, he could naturally detect that the three electric eyes in the sky were not his main body at all but an illusion formed by a magic power projection.

Sparda had said before that Mundus was a very ugly demon. Roy now vaguely understood that this guy seemed to be trying his best to hide his original appearance and was unwilling to reveal it to the world. This gave Roy the feeling that Mundus had an… inferiority complex?

Roy did not know what the situation was, but Mundus's three eyes in the sky had already seen Sparda on the battlefield.

"Hahaha, Sparda! You damn traitor, have you finally shown yourself?" Mundus's voice came from the distant sky and echoed throughout the entire battlefield. He said in an ecstatic tone, "Ohoho, look at what this is? There are two… no, three little fellows with the same bloodline as you. Why, are they your seed, Sparda?!"


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