432 Almost Filial

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After obtaining the wind magic circuit from Beelzebub's shell, Roy had been thinking about how to use wind magic in battle.

There were only a few more destructive moves such as wind blades, vacuum fields, tornadoes, and so on, but Roy had created a new skill for himself and used wind magic in close combat.

The inspiration for the skill naturally came from the King of Fighters' Goenitz. Whether someone was strong or not was a matter of version, but whether they were cool or not was a matter of a lifetime. Without a doubt, Roy had used the True Eighth Maiden: Cruelties of True Reality and took the cool route.

Of course, with a divine artifact like the Red Dragon Emperor's Gauntlet, Roy's new move was not only cool but also very powerful. Moreover, this move not only could use his wind power but also his lightning power and ice power. It was a versatile move…


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