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What is Cursed

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18+ audience This book contains strong language and violence. Might contain mature content. Growing up we were all taught that demons were evil. Well this story is more complicated. Besides there is always two sides to a story. But ofcourse they lurk in the shadows,watching as humans go about their daily lives. But this wasn't sufficient proof to plea them guilty. Michael was a young and mysterious individual who endured a rough past. Within him lives darkness, waiting to be released, like a time ticking bomb waiting for the right moment to strike. He battles with his demons that condemned him. When he was to be crowned the new king of Prussia he refused to take the crown. He saw himself unfit to rule. What he desired most was his freedom, it was granted by his father but at what cost? If he didn't find love he would have to return and marry off a woman chosen by his father. But what woman would dear fall for a demon? He thought all hope was gone until he sets eyes upon an amazing girl that light up his world. But she wasn't the person he thought she was. Little did they know what fate awaited them. If only he was aware of the fact that he was being played like a video game. But by who? Read this mystery novel to discover the truth behind Michael's darkness and the real identity of Zamora. Book one- their cursed fates (unedited). Cover not owned by writer.

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