1 Chapter1 Happiness

Sara was excited! She was looking forward to her best friends wedding. She had helped plan every detail for the past 18 months and now the time had arrived.

She packed her bags and said her goodbyes to her family. Her mother was worried letting Sara drive 3 hours down the coast to the extravagant hotel, White Pearl. Her father was confident but gave her strict instructions to be careful and not to pick up any strangers on the way. She was kind hearted and always wanted to help when she could. Her younger sister and brother ran to hug her and gave a piece of paper and winked. Sara knew it would be some sort of a list to bring back gifts for them! She didn't mind she loved buying things for them.

Sara's family were ideal. They were loving, supporting and kind toward each other. Her father, Kay Black was extremely successful business man and mother Natalie Black was a highly skilful doctor. They were always so busy but always made time for each other. Yes they had some bad days but always managed to get through them.

Charlie and Ruby were twins aged 9 got into loads of mischief but were very lovable. The adored Sara and she doted on them.

Sara was in her final year of medical school she only had few months left to qualify. She had passed her exams but had a few placements to complete her degree. She couldn't decide to be a family doctor or go further into education to be a surgeon. She was a big squeamish about cutting up people but her mum really encouraged her.

This family was also the live and soul of the community they had many friends everyone had no bad word against them.

Then in one night it all changed!

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