607 Mysteries of Soul

Jacob's mind reeled when he heard Nyx's statement, 'If she can place nightmare conqueror seeds in this place, doesn't this mean I can kill anyone as I wish? But if someone lost their dreamscape realm, then they won't be able to enter this place, right? This would naturally draw the attention of the entity that placed this whole setup here. Furthermore, I can't act recklessly until I find the true reason behind this place.'

"Nyx, I want you to pay attention and tell me what is happening. We might be able to discover something. Other than that, do not interfere recklessly. Even I don't know what would happen if we truly draw this person's attention." Jacob sternly commanded. 

Nyx also had the same thought, and she quickly agreed. 

"Tsk, what a damn luck. I just had to encounter a freaking giant. These battles are always unfair." War Hammer mumbled with a bitter look as he looked at the towering giant. 


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