Cursed Immortality

Jacob Steve, an Old Man, died at 116 after living a whole life. But Jacob always had a dark side, which he always suppressed and hid from others. However, in the later years of his life, when death was inevitable, he understood there wasn't any point in having wealth, knowledge, or desires if you couldn't have a life to enjoy them. He became obsessed with fabled immortality and devoted his reaming life to extending his fleeting lifespan, but just like any other, he failed. However, he mysteriously got another chance at life and found a way that led to fabled immortality. But he was also forewarned that the way led to it was filled with blood and darkness! In the end, Jacob chose it anyway with no way of going back, and it was also the start of his suffering and his icky, brutal journey toward the 'Immortality' he wanted so badly! ______ Discord Server: https://discord.gg/pSfrtf6b

Wahi · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
730 Chs

Identity Exposed?

In the inner dark city, the domain of dark nobles, Jacob was sitting in a luxurious room, and a goblin in a suit was going through a device. 

After dealing with Karim, he instantly came here to avoid any scrutiny as well as to begin the process of creating the Titan Tears for Autarch. He had already seen the commotion Karim's 'betrayal' had caused, which was quite larger than he had anticipated.

But he was extremely discreet and didn't leave any clues of his involvement behind, so there was nothing to worry about.