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Touma saw a white sphere with several cards rotating around it.

He was trembling internally in anticipation, both in fear and anticipation. And finally, destiny showed what it awaited to him.

[Character Card: Lancer Servant Percival (FATE)]

[Perfected Sacred Gear Stealer (DxD)]

[Weakness Removal Card]

[Power Boost Card]

[Archangel Gabriel's Favorite Underwear (DxD)]

[World Travel Ticket: Campione]

[Power Boost Card]

[Dull Blade (Genshin Impact)]

[Senzu Beans (5) (Dragon Ball)]

[Azazel's Gender Bender Gun (DxD)]

Touma had mixed feelings about this. At one side, he got really good rolls, such as the Percival card, which he would assimilate and even world travel tickets! But…

"…What the hell is this roll?"

What would he do with Gabriel's underwear and the gun? Make a shrine like Rudeus and genderbend his enemies?

While the first didn't sound as bad as the last one, Touma couldn't see himself doing it. It was a question of dignity and sanity.


"I just have to keep moving forward…" Then Touma rolled again.

[Character Card: Flerken (Marvel)]

[Fountain of Youth (NNT)]

[Absolute Fire Retardant Towel]

[Stand Arrow (JoJo)]

[Devil Summoning Circle: Phenex (DxD)]

[An Inextinguishable Flame Hat]

[Character Card: Masayuki Honjou (Tensura)]

[Clark Kent's Disguise Glasses (DC)]

[Item Fusion Card]

[Indestructible Brick]

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Touma immediately summoned the Fountain of Youth. A silver cup appeared with a pink liquid contained in it and without hesitation, Touma drank it in one gulp.

"It tastes like cherry, but sweeter." Touma said and he…didn't feel any change.

Touma took a Black Key and made a small cut on his hand, but the wound immediately disappeared alongside the pain.

"I just gained a form of immortality, but even then an immortal can die." He said that, but he wasn't sad at all. On the contrary, Touma was really happy with the results.

And now…Percival and Masayuki. Two characters he just got which Touma planned to assimilate.

Percival possessed a powerful Noble Phantasm, The Spear of Longinus, which not only could rival Rhongomyniad in terms of firepower, but it also has the ability to heal others.

And Masayuki, he would be considered a brave yet cowardly hero. His situation was almost the same as Ainz, except that everyone misunderstood him because his skill [Chosen One] made Masayuki viewed as a hero, even if he didn't want to.

If the skill was used properly, it would become quite an addition to the arsenal.

Assimilating both of them, this time Touma could tell the change. All his physical capabilities made a significant leap forwards and reached the realm of 'super human'.

Maybe it will take him months or even years, but he didn't plan to sit and wait that much until it completes the assimilation. No, he will try to find a way to find a way to speed up the process.

"And finally…" Touma stared at the arrow with a golden head. "My dream has finally come true!"

With a swift motion, Touma pierced the arrowhead in his hand.

ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ

"So…this is my stand." Touma couldn't stop grinning because one of his dreams came to reality! And it was to get his own Stand!

Looking properly at his Stand, Touma chuckled because it looked bizarre, exactly as he wanted.

It had a white humanoid figure, wearing black tuxedo and had number 7 between each knuckle in its hand. Not only that, it has tubes that connect its mouth to a couple of cylinders on its back, somewhat similar to Dio's The World.

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"A name…I need a name…!" Touma muttered as he thought of several names in his head, until it finally came to him. "I know!"

"Let's call you 'Laplace's Unicorn'!" Touma pointed at his stand, which simply nodded. "I knew you would like it!"

'Not that it could object anyways.' Touma thought internally, but he just shook his head.

"Let's see…" Touma commanded Laplace to walk as much distance as possible.

"Range about 20M."

"And its ability is…" Touma frowned and sighed. "Of course it has to be it, for an avid gacha player like me, this ability is perfect for me."

What was his Stand ability? That's right, probability manipulation inside the range of 50M with the Laplace as the center.

"But nevertheless, it's a powerful ability. I wonder if this also affects the Essence?" Touma rubbed my chin, but he only had one multi left and he has no intention to waste it over curiosity.

Shaking his head, Touma called Laplace back and went to have dinner before going to hunt Stay Devils around Kuoh…


"I sense disturbance in the city."

It's been a few days since then and Touma was back to school, precisely at lunch break on the rooftop.

"...What are you talking about?" Saji asked looking weirdly at Touma while munching on a yakisoba sandwich.

"The camera I set up around the Church caught the arrival of fallen angels."

"Oh I se–What!?" Saji was almost caught by how casually Touma answered him. "How did yo–I mean, a-are you in your chuunibyou phase?"

Touma looked at Saji for a second and sighed.

"You don't need to pretend, I know about the supernatural and you guys being devils."

"..." Saji was speechless at him, but thinking back again, it may be natural seeing how skilled Touma was, even if the student council had a physical advantage over him.

"So…Should I tell the president?" Saji asked, but Touma shook his head.

"You can tell her if you want, but she probably will tell you to do nothing."

"Why? They are fallen angels, aren't they? They can't just enter the devil's territory without any notice."

"It's precisely because of them being fallen angels that Sona is afraid of confronting them directly. She doesn't want to cause a conflict that may lead to war." Touma said as he looked at the church's direction. "While it's not the worst decision, it also isn't the wisest decision to do either."

"But still…I will talk to the president about this."

"Sure, suit yourself."




"We do nothing." Sona said to Saji, who had a disappointed expression.

Touma looked at Saji with a 'I told you' expression.

Then Sona looked at Touma with a raised eyebrow. "I never knew you were aware of the supernatural, Kamiya-kun."

"It's just that I never talked to anyone about it and nobody asked me either, president." Touma replied honestly.

"I see." Sona nodded and brought a chess board from under the desk."How about a friendly chess game?"

"Sorry, but I have to decline." Touma instantly rejected it and turned around. "And since Saji already has done what he came here for, I will take my leave."

"Just one moment, Kamiya-kun." Sona said and Touma stopped at the doorway. "Have you thought about joining a peerage?"

"No… I don't think I will."

"I understand. Then have a good day, Kamiya-kun."

"For you too then." Touma said and left the student council room.

In the hallway, Touma heard some screams from outside and he peeked up out of curiosity. There was the pervert trio being chased by the kendo club girls.

"Laplace." Touma muttered and his stand manifested behind him.

Then he took out the Sacred Gear Stealer, which had a form of a small white cross and gave it to Laplace.

His Stand left from the window and went behind Issei. In a single movement, Laplace put the Sacred Gear Stealer on his chest zone and a red orb came out of it, which was caught by Laplace and returned to Touma.

"Ugr." Issei touched his chest with a frown.

"What happened, Issei? Did you get a heart attack from being beaten up by the girls?" His friend asked jokingly as all of the trio had bruises everywhere.

"Of course not, idiot! it's just I feel strange for some reason…" Issei said with evident discomfort in his voice.

"Issei, you…don't tell me you got turned on from being beaten by them?"


Meanwhile, Touma looked at the red orb in his hand and grinned.

"Nice to meet you, Red Dragon Emperor. And don't worry, I will soon find a new host for you."

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